To his Highnesse Oliver Cromwell, Lord High Protector of England, Scotland, and Ireland.

THou Lord of Hosts, that guidest Sea and Land,
Out of thy love direct my heart and hand,
His Theam to write, that Englands Helm doth steer,
In thought, in word, and deed keep him sincere:
Such honor as thou giv'st him here in love;
His glory let it far exceed above,
In Paradise, where true joys ever dwell,
Give him that Crown, that earthly Crowns excel.
His place is very high, his thoughts keep low,
None but his Maker let him truly know;
Ev'n all but Christ, let him count dross and dung,
So fix his mind, his faith may grow more strong;
Send Angels blest, to fetch him to his friend,
Even when his daies by natures course shall end.
O English hearts, advance your thoughts on high,
Land now express to him that rules the Sky,
In that he doth all errors foul dispel,
Vile horrid devillish Tenents (broacht) from hell:
Each one extol and praise the living Lord,
Rightly ruling all Nations by his Word.
Call friend to mind the danger we were in,
Raised by some, who lately did begin
Out of Sauls zeal, the Clergy to expel,
Mingling the Gospels truth, with Doctrines fell.
Well may the Tribe of Levi now rejoyce,
Even from the heart, that God hath made a choice,
Lifting up one, a Nehemiah stout,
Lewd projects of Sanballats crew to rout.
Lord of thy self, (its not of our desert)
Out of me [...]r lover to take poor Englands part,
Raising a Cromwell, Gods cause to defend,
Dreadful to those who would Christs Church still rend.
His happy entrance I do remember,
In the tenth moneth it was, cold December;
God gave him power in zeal our hearts to warm,
Himself with Councel, us to save from harm.
Protect Lord, (protect) our Lord Protector,
Raise his thoughts, t' affront the slie projector:
On Sions good, let him still set his joy,
Their downfal seek, who seek her to destroy:
Even as King David still had help from God,
Contrive so (Lord,) to settle his abode,
That Sacred truth may flourish, errors fly
Out of this Commonwealth perpetually.
Right so Amen, Amen from heart say I.
Of mercy Lord, bless Englands Commonwealth,
Fence it from Forreign and Domestick foes;
Even to all in it give soul-saving health,
Nor ever let them cast of endless woes:
Give Ʋrim and Thummim to the Clergy,
Like Trumpets shrill, to sound aloud thy praise:
Also us joyn in holy Unity,
Not only now, but 'during all our daies.
Death will approach, there's none that knows how soon;
Shall we then trifle out our precious time?
Call'd many be (by death) e're it be noon,
O Jacobs ladder let's begin to clime;
That so our souls the Heavens may ascend,
Like Christ our Saviour, who is gone before;
As soon as death our fleeting daies shall end,
None may us stay from joys for evermore.
Deal gently (Lord God) with thy people all,
As suffer bondage under Turk or Pope;
None can them free but thou, from careful thrall
Deliver those, who on thee fix their hope.
I notice give to all of Levies Tribe,
Right to us now, stands our Lord Protector;
Else we might droop, for some both scoff and gibe.
Laugh at us too, ah! poor soul neglector;
And thankless shall we be unto our God:
No; who of all should praise him more then we?
Doth he not mind to settle our abode?
Decree (though) some would all our miserie.

Postscript. Ergo,

Cantemus Deo canticum,
Quòd nos non sumus miseri,
Cantemus Deo canticum,
Quòd omnes sumus liberi.
Quòd omnes sumus liberi,
Cantemus Deo canticum,
Quòd nos non sumus miseri,
Cantemus Deo canticum.
And that ye may this understand,
And with me all in joy accord,
The Lord hath by his mighty hand,
Quite overthrown the threatning Sword.
Clean overthrown the furbusht Sword,
The Lord hath by his mighty hand,
Then in a Psalm let us accord,
For saving us, and eke our Land.
Your Highnesse in all dutiful observancy, and Christian-like humility, John Lineall, Minister and Preacher of Gods Word, yet now hath nei­ther place nor maintenance, being aged 66. years.

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