The humble Petition of the Knights, Gentlemen, Ministers, Freeholders, and other Inhabitants of the County of Dorset.


THat notwithstanding the indefatigable pains of this Honourable House, for the redresse of all the Grievances of this Kingdom (which your Petitioners do with all humble and possible thankful­nesse acknowledge) they do to their grief observe by your late Remonstrance, that by reason of the obstructions of your proceedings in the House of Peers by the Popish Lords and Prelates, your godly endeavours want their desired effect: Distractions and fears encrease amongst us more and more; the Kingdom is not yet put into such a Posture of defence, as these dangerous times require; the Rebels in Ireland prevail to the extream hazard of that Kingdom, for want of speedy supplyes; the very Priviledges of Parlia­ment (our dear and undoubted right) have been very much impeached. And besides these common evills, your Petitioners conceive themselves above others in other Counties, in speciall, endangered. First, By fear of forraign invasion, which we ground upon continuall rumours, tending to that purpose, and upon the situation of this County in a sort inviting, it being Champion, and bordering on the Sea. Secondly, By the now more then usuall flocking together, and posting up and down of Papists, especially by night, together with their contemp­tuous and insolent carriage. Thirdly, By the dangerous consequences that may result from the present decay of the Trade of Clothing (the main support of the poor of these Parts.) And lastly, After all these imminent dangers, by being lest almost wholly destitute of means to prevent them; for since the late removall of the last Lievtenant, we have no Captains appointed over our Trained Bands to draw them together upon occas­ion, or to discipline them in the mean time.

All these weighty considerations enforce us to make our instant addresse to this honourable House, humbly craving the continuance of your uttermost endeavours for the removall of that obstructive party from the House of Peers; and that our poor distressed brethren in Ireland may be forthwith assisted, and the whole Kingdom (especially this County speedily put into a Posture of defence, by setting fit and able Captains over the Trained Bands, and furnishing them with lawfull power to exercise and train their Companies; As also by appointing the leavying of more Arms in supply of those many that were carried away and lost in the Northern expedition.

Which shall engage and enable your humble Petitioners (as our Duty and your Deserts obliege us) for the defence of His Majesties Royall Person and Dignity, and the Persons and Privi­ledges of this great Councell of Parliament, with our dearest lives and estates.

And move us to pray, &c.

Febr. 21. London, Printed 1641.

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