THE PSALMES OF DAVID IN English Meeter, set forth by FRAN­CIS Rous.

Psal. 47. Ver. 7.


IT is this day ordered by the Com­mittee of the House of Commons in Parliament for printing, that [...] Book, entituled, The Psalmes of Da­vid, & (according to the desires of many reverend Ministers) be publi­shed for the generall use: And for the true correcting of it, be printed by those the Author shall appoint.

Iohn White.

I do appoint Philip N [...]ill and Pe­ter [...] to print these Psalmes.

Francis Rous.


Printed by Ia [...] [...], for Philip [...], [...] [...] sign [...] of [...] [...] [...] [...] 164 [...].


THe excellent uses of the Psalmes are manifold, yea uni­versall; for they are good for all spirituall uses and advantages. They have in them Instruction, to increase our knowledge; Spirituall Fervour, to inflame our zeale; Consolati­on, to refresh & revive our faint­ing soules; Praiers, to fetch bles­sings from God; and Praises, to returne to God for his blessings. Yea, the very afflictions of the Saints therein expressed (even their outward sufferings, and in­ward dejections and desertions) are no small consolations to us. For, by them wee see that fiery Tryalls are no strange matters to Saints, and Saints wee may bee amid all these fiery Tryalls. But [Page] withall, if wee marke the issue of th [...]se Tryalls (often set forth in these Psalmes) then wee cannot but see strong and vehement in­couragements of Faith, and of that praier of Faith, which saveth the sick, even those that are sick at h [...]art: yea, sick at the very soule. For how often doe wee see a sick soule to begin a Psalme, even in the belly of Hell, and yet end it in Heaven? So that a Saints soul being as it were in Hell, yet is neare unto Heaven, if it can be earnest with God in these melo­dious Praiers of Faith. For God, being thus called on, turnes in to the soule; and when God comes into a soule, hee makes a Heaven there, though a Hell were there before. And then naturally (I speak of a godly nature) do arise in the soule high Jubilations and Extasies, and not these onely, but glorious Thanksgivings to God; to whom alone must be ascribed the bringing of light out of dark­nesse: [Page] and that voice of joy and gladnesse, which the Saints doe heare even at the same time, when their bones are broken with hu­miliation.

Briefly, the Psalmes are chara­cters and representations of the thoughts, meditations, and affe­ctions of a sanctified soule, throughout all the changes of her pilgrimage; so that a good man can be in no kind of estate, but he shall find his owne estate in a Psalme: and in a Psalme, he may find thoughts and expressions which doe well agree with that estate, and make it good unto him.

Thus, while the Psalmes are [...]itted to all the members of the Catholike Church in all their e­states, they may be truly called Catholike Songs, and accordingly should be ever ready for the use of the truly Catholike members of the Church, in all the changes of their severall estates. And to­ward [Page] this universall use of them, divers well-affected persons have turned them into their own lan­guages; and not onely so, but they have turned them also into har­monious Measures, that they may be still used as Psalmes, that is, as spirituall and heavenly Songs.

For the advancement of this profitable use, apprehending many years past (which experience hath shewed to be a true conjecture) that a forme wholly new would not please many, who are fastned to things usuall and accustomed (though if Psalms of a new form be read before they be sung, there is no hinderance, but that they may be presently used; and after a little use will grow familiar, as the former) I assaied onely to change some pieces of the usuall version, even such as seemed to call aloud, and, as it were, unde­niably for a change.

These being seen, it was desired that they should bee increased; [Page] which being done, they are here subjoyned. I doubt not but the reasons of the changes will most­ly appeare in the changes them­selves; and the Reader may easily find, that the places changed might well receive a change, for their Cadence or Currence, or for some old and abolished words; or, which is more, for agreeing lesse with the new Translation, yea, with the Originall it selfe.

If hereby any Saint shal receive an increase of light in his under­standing, or of fervour in his will and affections, I shall desire, first, that God may have the glory, who is the giver of every good gift; an [...] then, that he will requite the messenger by whom God hath sent him a blessing, with this praier (wherein hee may joyne himselfe as a Partner;) That, be­ing freed from the guilt, spot, and power of sin, and daily renewed in the inner man, amid the de­cayes of the outward, by the free [Page] mercy of a most gracious Father, and the precious Merits of a most sufficient Saviour, and the com­munion of a most holy and hal­lowing Spirit, hee may be admit­ted into the heavenly Quire of glorified Saints and Angels, and with them sing everlasting Halle­lujahs, to the most glorious Trinitie, in eternall felicity.

To the READER, for his more full and easie satis­faction.

IF it bee too much to compare all the follow­ing Psalmes with the old, and both with the new Translation or Originall, the Reader may take a taste of what hath been done by comparing onely these Psalmes (or some of them) whose numbers here im­mediately follow:

2. 7. 10. 17. 18. 22. 27. 29. 31. 35. 36. 37. 42. 46. 49. 55. 57. 58. 62. 63. 71. 73. 74. 78. 80. 83. 89. 90. 91. 92. 104. 107. 119. 135. 137. 143.

[Page] Or if hee desire to see some paternes of places, that seem to call aloud for amendment (among di­vers) these are presented to him:

Psal. 24. 6.
This is the Bro [...]d of Travellers in seeking of his grace,
As Iacob did the Israelites in that time of his race.
Psal. 35. 8.
Lord, when will thou amend this geare? why dost thou stay and pause?
O rid my soule, my onely deare, out of these Lions clawes.
Psal. 58. 6.
O God, breake thou their teeth at once, within their mouthes throughout:
The tuskes, that in their great jaw-bones, like Lions whelps hang out.
Psal. 74. 12.
Why dost thou draw thy hand a-backe, and hide it in thy lap?
[Page] O plucke it out; and be not slacke to give thy soes a rap.
Psal. 91. 10.
Thou shalt not need none ill to feare, with thee it shall not [...]ell.
Psal. 92. 6.
The man unwise hath not the wit this geare to passe to bring.
Psal. 119 110.
In wisdome I do passe also the ancient men indeed;
And all because to keep thy Lawes I held it aye best reed.
Verse 120.
My fl [...]sh, alas, is taken with feare, as though it were benum'd:
For when I see thy judgements, straight I am as one aston'd.
Psal. 135. 9.
Hee hath in thee shew'd wonders great, O Egypt, void of vaunts,
On Pharaoh thy cursed King, [...]nd his severe servants.

These, and the like pla­ces, [Page] may the Reader find amended; and some Psalms set to harder Tunes, (and not easily sung by the un­skilfull, nor done without roughnesse) changed: and the whole body of the Psalmes not much short of a tolerable smoothnesse.



THe man is blessed, that to walk in wicked waies doth feare;
And stands not in the sinners path▪ nor sits in scomers chair.
verse 2 But in the perfect Law of God he greatly doth delight;
And on that Law doth meditate with pleasure, day and night.
verse 3 He shall be like a tree by streames of waters planted neare,
Which in his season doth no [...] [...]aile his pleasant fruit to bea [...]e.
Whose leaf shall never fade nor fall, but flourish still and stand:
Even so all things shall prosper well that this man takes in hand.
verse 4 So shall not the ungodly men, they shall be nothing so;
[Page 2] But as the dust, which from the earth the wind drives to and fro.
verse 5 Therefore shall not the wicked men in judgement stand approv' [...]
But sinners from the just shall divided, and remov'd.
verse 6 Because the way of righteous men God doth with favour know,
Whereas the way of wicked men ends in their overthrow.


WHy did the Gentiles madly rage against the worlds great King?
Why did the people of the Jewes imagine a vain thing?
verse 2 The Kings and Rulers of the earth together joyned were,
And counsell took against the Lord, and Christ his Son most deare.
verse 3 They said, Let us reject their lawes, and break their bonds asunder,
And cast away their cords from us, they shall not keep us under.
verse 4 But he that in the heavens hie most glorious doth abide,
With scorn shall at their folly laugh, the Lord shall them deride.
verse 5 Then vexing them in fury great, thus speak to them he will;
verse 6 Yet have I set my King upon [...], my holy hill.
verse 7 Unto the world I will declare and publish Gods decree,
[Page 3] He said to me, Thou art my Son, this day begat I thee.
verse 8 Aske me, and for an heritage all [...]tions give I thee:
The utmost ends of all the earth shall thy possession be.
verse 9 And thou shalt break them mightily, as with an iron rod;
And, like a potters vessell, them in pieces dash abroad.
verse 10 Now therefore, O ye Kings, be wise, the highest Ruler know;
And be ye well instructed all that judge the earth below.
verse 11 Serve ye the Lord with holy fear, before him lowly be;
And when in him ye doe rejoyce, withall yet tremble ye.
verse 12 O kisse ye the beloved Son, and him in love obey;
Lest angry he become, and so ye perish from the way.
verse 13 If but a little shall his wrath be kindled in his brest;
Oh then all they that trust in Christ shall happy be, and blest.


O Lord, how much do they increase which hate and trouble me!
Many say of my soule, For him in God no help shall be.
verse 2 [Page 4] But, Lord, thou art a shield for me, in thee my help doth lie;
Thou art my glory, and my head thou liftest up on hie.
verse 3 My voice in cries unto the Lord I caused to ascend:
He heard me from his holy hill, and help to me did send.
verse 4 I laid me downe, and quietly I slept, and rose againe;
Because I knew assuredly the Lord did me sustaine.
verse 5 If I ten thousand men did see, affraid I would not be;
Though they themselves against me se [...], and round incompast me.
verse 6 Arise, O Lord, save me my God, for thou hast laid thy stroke
On all my foes; the cheeks and teeth of sinners thou hast broke.
verse 7 Salvation only doth belong to thee, O Lord, above;
And on thy chosen people is thy blessing, and thy love.


O God, that art my righteousnesse, Lord, heare me when I call;
Thou hast set me at libertie, when I was bound and thrall.
verse 2 Have mercy, Lord, therefore on me, and grant me my request:
For unto thee uncessantly to cry I will not rest.
verse 3 O mortall men, how long will ye my glory thus despise?
Why wander ye in vanitie, and follow after lies?
verse 4 Know tha [...] God for himselfe apart sets those that godly be;
And when unto him I do call, the Lord then heareth me.
verse 5 Sin not, but stand in awe therefore, examine well your heart;
And in your chamber quietly see you your selves convert.
verse 6 The sacrifice of righteousnesse with pure hearts offer ye;
And ever in the living Lord let your trust fixed be.
verse 7 The greater sort crave worldly goods, and riches do imbrace;
But, Lord, grant us thy countenance, thy favour, and thy grace.
verse 8 For thou thereby shalt make my heart more joyfull and more glad,
Then they that of their corne and wine full great increase have had.
verse 9 I will both lay me down in peace, and quiet sleep will take,
Because thou only me to dwell in safety, Lord, dost make.


GIve eare unto my words, O Lord, consider what I say:
verse 2 Hear my loud cry, my King, my God, for I to thee will pray.
verse 3 [Page 6] Lord, in the morning shalt thou hear my voice, that calls on thee:
For in the morning shall my praier to thee directed be.
verse 4 And, Lord, to thee will I look up, who wilt not pleased be
With wickednesse of sinfull men, none evill shall dwell with thee.
verse 5 And in thy glorious sight to stand the foolish shall not dare;
The workers of iniquity to thee all hatefull are.
verse 6 For ever those thou wilt destroy who love to utter lies;
And thou dost hate the man of bloud, and wicked policies.
verse 7 But I into thine house will come, still trusting in thy grace;
And reverently will worship thee toward thine holy place.
verse 8 Lord, lead me in thy righteousnesse for to confound my soes;
And thine own way which I should walk before my face disclose.
verse 9 For in their mouth there is no truth, their heart is foule and vaine;
Their throat an open sepulchre, their tongue doth glose and faine.
verse 10 Destroy them, Lord, and let their fall by their owne counsells be:
For much sin cast them out, who have rebellious been to thee.
verse 11 [Page 7] But still make glad by thy defence all those that trust in thee;
And let them all that love thy Name, in thee right joyfull be.
verse 12 For thou, Lord, on the righteous man wilt send thy blessing downe;
With favour him, as with a shield, thou compasse wilt, and crowne.


LOr [...], though thine anger I deserve, in wrath rebuke me not;
Nor on me lay thy chastening hand in thy displeasure hot.
verse 2 Lord, I am weak, therefore on me have mercy, and me spare;
And heal me, Lord, because thou know'st my bones much vexed are.
verse 3 My soule is troubled very sore, and vexed vehemently;
But, Lord, how long wilt thou delay to cure my misery?
verse 4 Lord, turne thee to thy wonted grace, my soule from griefe set free;
And for thy boundlesse mercies sake save, and deliver mee.
verse 5 For of thee in the house of death they no remembrance have:
Who with his tongue shall give thee thanks that sleepeth in the grave?
verse 6 I with my groaning wearied am, while no release appeares;
Each night I cause my bed to swim, and wash it with my teares.
verse 7 Mine eyeconsumed is with griefe, dim now, and old it growes;
Because I many troubles beare from all my cruell foes.
verse 8 But now away from me all ye that work iniquity,
Because the Lord hath heard the voice of my complaint and cry.
verse 9 He heard not only the request, and praier of my heart,
But it received at my hands, and took it in good part.
verse 10 Let them be sham'd and vexed sore that enemies are to me;
Let them returne, and suddenly ashamed let them be.


OLord my God, I put my trust and confidence in thee:
From all that do me persecute save, and deliver me.
verse 2 Lest like a Lion he me teare, and rend in pieces small,
Whil'st there is none to succour me, and rid me out of thrall.
verse 3 O Lord my God, if I have done the thing that is not right:
Or else if I be found in fault, or guilty in thy sight:
verse 4 If evill I unto my friend for good rewarded have;
(Yea even the man that caussesse was mine enemy, I did save.)
verse 5 Let foes pursue, and take my soule, and tread downe violently
My life on earth, and in the dust mine honour make to lye.
verse 6 Arise, O Lord, in wrath arise, mine enemies rage restra [...]ne;
Awake, according to thy word, my judgement to maintaine.
verse 7 The people in the assembly then about shall compasse thee;
Thou therefore for their sakes returne, and high exalted be.
verse 8 And thou that art of all men Judge, now, Lord, me judge, and trie;
According to my righteousnesse, and mine integritie.

The second part.

verse 9 O let the sinners mischiefe end, but stablish stedfastly
The righteous man, O righteous God, who reines and hearts dost try.
verse 10 God is the shield on which I trust, from him defence I have;
For those that are upright in heart he mightily doth save.
verse 11 God doth the righteous judge, on him in love he stripes doth lay;
But he with him that wi [...]ed is is angry every day.
verse 12 Except the sinner do repent, God, even as he would smite,
Doth whet his sword, and bend his bow, and will against him fight.
verse 13 He sits the instruments of death, sharp arrowes forth he drawes,
For those that do me persecute, and hate without a cause.
verse 14 Mine enemy in travell is of some ungodly thought;
And mischiefe he conceived hath, and forth a lie hath brought.
verse 15 He made a ditch, and digg'd it deep, another there to take;
But he is fall'n into the ditch, which he himselfe did make.
verse 16 Thus wrong returneth to the hurt of him in whom it bred:
And all the mischiefe that he wrought, shall fall upon his head.
verse 17 For this will I give thanks to God that judgeth righteously;
And with my song will praise the Name of him that is most Hie.


O God our Lord, how wonderfull are thy works every where!
Which hast thy glory set on high, above the heavens cleare.
verse 2 Even by the mouths of sucking babes thou wilt confound thy foes:
For in those babes thy might is se [...]n, thy graces they disclose.
verse 3 When I behold the heavens [...]igh, the works of thine owne hand;
[Page 11] The Sun, the Moon, and all the Stars in order as they stand:
verse 4 What thing is man, Lord, think I then, that thou dost him remember?
Or, what the son of mortall man, that thou dost him consider?
verse 5 For thou hast made him little lesse then Angels in degree;
With glory and with honour great he crowned was by thee.
verse 6 Thou hast preferr'd him to be lord of all thy workes of wonder;
And at his feet hast all things set, that he should keep them under.
verse 7 All sheep and oxen, yea the beasts that wild in fields do seed;
Fowles of the aire, fish in the sea, and all that therein breed.
verse 8 O Lord our God, who mighty works thus with thy hand didst frame,
How excellent in all the earth is thy most glorious Name?


WIth my whole heart to thee, O Lord, will I give praises due;
And I thy great and mighty works of wonder forth will shew.
verse 2 Now will I be right glad in thee, in thee rejoyce will I:
I will sing praise unto thy Name, O thou that are most H [...].
verse 3 When back mine enemies turned are, then surely shall they fall;
Even at thy glorious presence, Lord, they fall, and perish shall.
verse 4 For thou maintained hast my right, my cause made good thou hast;
Thou sittest in the throne, and there right judgement thou hast past.
verse 5 Thou dost rebuke the heathen folk, and sinners so confound,
That afterward the memorie of them cannot be found.
verse 6 My foes thou hast destroied quite, and spoil'd their cities all;
And with them wholly perished is their memoriall.
verse 7 But the great Lord, which is above, for evermore shall raigne;
And he prepared hath his throne true judgement to maintaine.
verse 8 For he with perfect righteousnesse the world shall judge and trie;
And all the people shall be judge with right and equitie.
verse 9 He also will a refuge be for those that are opprest.
In times of trouble will he be their refuge and their rest.
verse 10 The trust of all that know thy Name, O Lord, in thee shall be:
Because thou never failedst them, that truly sought for thee.

The second part.

verse 11 Sing Psalms therfore unto the Lord, that dwells in Sion hill;
Among all nations shew abroad his noble acts and will.
verse 12 For he is mindfull of the bloud of those that be opprest,
Forgetting not th' afflicted heart, that seeks to him for rest.
verse 13 Pity me, Lord, the trouble weigh which I from foes sustaine;
Who from the gates of death art wont to raise me up againe.
verse 14 In Sion that I may set forth thy praise with heart and voice;
And that in thy salvation, Lord, my soule may still rejoyce.
verse 15 Down sink the heathen in the pit, that they themselves prepar'd;
And in the net that they did set their owne feet fast are shar'd.
verse 16 God by his judgments wel is known, which he hath plainly wrought,
When sinners hands do make the snares wherewith themselves are caught.
verse 17 The wicked shall be sent to hell, to darknesse shall they passe;
And all the nations that forget God, who their maker was.
verse 18 Because the needy shall not still forgotten be of thee;
Not shall the waiting of the poore in vaine for ever be.
verse 19 O Lord, arise, and let not men prevaile by worldly might;
But let the heathen folk receive their judgement in thy sight.
verse 20 Lord, with the terrors of thy wrath let them affrighted be,
That so themselves to be but men, the nations well may see.


O Lord, why from thy servants sight now standest thou so farre?
Why hidest thou thy face from us, when times of trouble are?
verse 2 The wicked persecute the poore, his hurt they proudly sought;
But in the plots which they have fram'd, let their owne solves be caught.
verse 3 The wicked of his hearts desire doth boast, and thinks him blest,
Who is inrich't by covetousnesse, whom yet God doth detest.
verse 4 The thoughts & looks of wicked men are listed up with pride:
So that they seek not God, but all their thoughts have God denide.
verse 5 His waies still grievous are, thy waies are farre above his sight;
And at his enemies all in scorne he puffs, and sets them light.
verse 6 And in his heart he thus doth say, I shall not moved be;
And no adversity or griefe for ever shall I see.
verse 7 Cursing, deceit, and crafty fraud his mouth and talk do sill;
Under his tongue iniquitie and mischiefe harbour still.
verse 8 In secret places close he sits, to slay the innocent:
Against the poore that by him passe, his cruell eies are bent.
verse 9 And, like a Lion in his den, he lies the poore to take;
And when he drawes him to his net, the poore his prey doth make.
verse 10 In craft he humbly coucheth downe, and seems to lie full low,
That so more easily his strength the poore may overthrow.

The second part.

verse 11 He in his heart of God hath said, Forgotten this hath he:
The Lord doth closely hide his face, he will it never see.
verse 12 Arise, O Lord, O God, in whom the poore mans hope doth rest,
Lift up thy hand, forget not, Lord, the poore that be opprest.
verse 13 Wherefore doth thus the wicked man the highest God despise?
Thou wilt not, in his heart he saies, avenge his injuries.
verse 14 Thou dost their spight and mischiefe see, by thee to be repaid:
The poore do hide themselves by thee, the orp [...]aus thou dost aid.
verse 15 Break thou the arme of wicked men, the sinners strength confound;
Seek out, and judge his wickednesse, till none by thee be found.
verse 16 The Lord is King for evermore, and by his mighty hand
The heathen quite are perished, and driven from his land.
verse 17 By thee the humble mans desires heard, Lord, and granted were;
Thou wilt prepare their hearts, and thou wilt cause thine eate to heare.
verse 18 To judge the poore and fatherlesse, and help them to their right,
That they may be no more opprest by men of worldly might.


I Trust in God, then to my soule how dare ye thus to say,
Unto your mountain as a bird escape, and flie away?
verse 2 For lo, the wicked bend their bow, and do their arrowes sit,
To shoot at the upright in heart, and closely him to hit.
verse 3 If the foundations be destroi'd, and might, right overturne;
Herein what can the righteous doe, but humbly pray and mourne?
verse 4 God in his holy Temple [...], in heaven is his Throne;
[Page 17] His eies see all men, his eye-lids doe trie them every one.
verse 5 The Lord the righteous man doth trie, but those that wicked be,
And those that violence do love, in his soule hateth he.
verse 6 Snares, fire, and brimstone, furious stormes, on sinners he shall rain:
This is the portion of their cup of sin, this is the gaine.
verse 7 Because the Lord most righteous, doth in righteousnesse delight;
And with a pleased countenance beholdeth the upright.


HElp, Lord, for good and godly men do perish and decay;
And faith and truth from worldly men are parted clean away.
verse 2 Whoso doth with his neighbour talk, his talk is all but vain:
For every man bethinketh how to flatter, lie, and fain.
verse 3 But slattering, and deceitfull lips, and tongues that be so stout,
To speak proud words, and make great brags, the Lord shall cut them out.
verse 4 For they say still, We will prevaile, our tongues shall us extoll:
Our tongues are ours, we ought to speak, what Lord shall us controll?
verse 5 But for the great complaint and crie of poore, and men opprest;
Arise will I now, saith the Lord, and them restore to rest.
verse 6 Gods word is like to silver pure, that from the earth is tri'd,
And hath no lesse then seven times in sire been purisi'd.
verse 7 Now, since thy promise is to help, Lord, keep thy promise then,
And save us now and evermore from this ill kind of men.
verse 8 The wicked walk on every side, and bold in sin they be;
The vilest of the sons of men when they exalted see.


HOw long, Lord, shall I ever thus of thee forgotten be?
How long thy favour and thy face wilt thou thus hide from me?
verse 2 In heart and mind how long shall I with care tonnented be?
How long yet shall mine enemy thus triumph over me?
verse 3 Behold me now, my Lord, my God, and heare me sore opprest;
Lighten mine eies, lest that I sleep as one by death possest.
verse 4 Lest that mine enemy boast, that he prevaileth over me:
And those that trouble me rejoyce, when me they moved see.
verse 5 But from thy mercy and thy grace my hope shall not depart?
In thy reliefe and saving health right glad shall be my heart.
verse 6 A song of praise unto the Lord sing cheerfully will I:
For hearing my request, with me he hath dealt bounteously.


THe foolish man within his heart hath said, God there is none:
Corrupt are they, their deeds are vile, and good not one hath done.
verse 2 The Lord beheld from heaven hi [...] the whole race of mankind;
To see if any one were wise, and sought his God to find.
verse 3 They went all wide, and were corrupt, and truly there was none
That in the world did any good, I say, there was not one.
verse 4 These workers of iniquity are they so blinded all?
That they my people eate like bread? on God they do not call.
verse 5 But while they rage, there suddenly great feare upon them fell;
For in the generation of just men God doth dwell.
verse 6 Ye mock the wisdome of the poore, and would his counsell shame;
Because he puts his trust in God, and calls upon his name.
verse 7 But who shall give the people health? and when wilt thou fulfill
Thy promise made to Israel from out of Sion Hill?
verse 8 When back the Lord his people brings, and sets his captives free;
Then Jacob greatly shall rejoyce, and Israel glad shall be.


OLord, within thy Tabernacle, who shall inhabit still?
Or whom wilt thou receive to dwell in thy most holy Hill?
verse 2 The man, whose life is uncorrupt, whose works are just and straight,
Whose heart doth think the very truth, whose tongue speaks no deceit.
verse 3 Who to his neighbour doth none ill in body, goods, or name;
Nor willingly doth move false tales, which might impaire the same.
verse 4 And in whose eies vile persons be contemned, and abhorr'd:
But he doth greatly honour those who love and feare the Lord.
verse 5 His oath, and all his promises that keepeth faithfully;
Although he make his covenant so, that he doth lose thereby.
verse 6 And who to hurtfull usury His mony hath not lent;
Nor hath received a reward against the innocent.
verse 7 [Page 21] He that doth these things faithfully, which here approv'd we see,
Shall from the state of blessednesse removed [...]ever be.


LOrd, keep me, for I trust in thee: my soule thus speaks in me,
verse 2 Thou art my Lord, and no way can my goodnesse profit thee.
verse 3 My goodnesse reacheth to the Saint's that here on earth do dwell:
In those men only I delight in vertue that excell.
verse 4 Into a multitude of grieses themselves those sinners cast,
Who in their blind and carnall zeale to Idols do make haste.
verse 5 As for the bloudy sacrifice, and offerings of that sort,
I will not touch, nor yet thereof my lips shall make report.
verse 6 The Lord my part and portion is, and me he doth sustaine:
He hath appointed me my lot, and it he will maintaine.
verse 7 The place wherein my lot did fall, in beauty did excell:
Mine heritage assign'd to me doth please me very well.
verse 8 God will I blesse, who secretly gives counsell unto mee;
[Page 22] So that by night my inward thoughts do good instructions see.
verse 9 I set the Lord still in my sight, and trust him over all:
For he doth stand at my right hand, I therefore shall not fall.
verse 10 Wherefore my heart is glad, and joy is by my tongue exprest;
My flesh, though sleeping in the grave, yet there in hope shall rest.
verse 11 Because my soule in hell to dwell shall not be left by thee;
Nor wilt thou leave thine holy One corruption for to see.
verse 12 Thou wilt me shew the way of life, for in thy presence is
Fulnesse of joy, at thy right hand there is eternall blisse.


OLord, give eare to my just cause, attend when I complaine;
And hear my praier that cometh forth from lips that do not faine.
verse 2 And from thy gracious presence send my sentence and decree;
With favour let thine eies behold the things that equall be.
verse 3 Thou hast me prov'd & tri'd by night, and, yet shalt nothing find:
For that my mouth shall not transgresse, I purpos'd in my mind.
verse 4 [Page 23] As for the works of wicked men, and paths perverse and ill;
Instructed by thy holy Word, from them I kept me still.
verse 5 Then in thy paths that be most pur [...] stay me, Lord, and preserve:
That from thy undefiled way my steps may never swerve.
verse 6 Because thou wilt me heare, O Lord, I called have on thee;
Now therefore heare my speech and sute, incline thine care to me.
verse 7 Thy loving kindnesse wonderfull, Lord, shew me, whose right hand
Doth save all them that trust in thee, from those which them withstand.
verse 8 O keep me safe, as thou wouldst keep the apple of thine eye;
And under covert of thy wings desend me secretly.
verse 9 From wicked men that trouble me, and daily me annoy;
And from my foes that go about my soule for to destroy.
verse 10 With ease and plenty in their fat they do inclosed lie;
And with their mouthes they do delight to talk presumptuously.

The second part.

verse 11 They lie in wait, where I should pass, with craft me to confound;
And bowing down, they mischiefe muse, [Page 24] their eies look to the ground.
verse 12 Much like a Lion, greedily that would his prey imbrace;
Or like a Lions whelp, that lurkes within some secret place.
verse 13 Arise, and disappoint my foe, and cast him downe, O Lord;
And save me from the wicked man, which is thy cutting sword.
From men which are thy hand, O Lord, men of this world they be;
Which have their portion in this lift, beyond they do not see.
verse 14 Their belly with thy hidden store, thou fillest to their mind:
Their children have enough, and leave to theirs the rest behind.
verse 15 But I arrai'd in righteousnesse, thy glorious face will see;
And with thy likenesse, when I wake, I satisfi'd shall be.


OGod, which art my rock & strength, thee dearly love will I:
Thou art my castle and defence in my necessity.
verse 2 My God, my rock, in whom I trust, the worker of my wealth;
My refuge, buckler, and my shield, the horne of all my health.
verse 3 I on the Lord of hosts will call, who doth all praise deserve;
[Page 53] So from my cruell enemies all, he will me safe preserve.
verse 4 Sorrowes of death did compasse me, with them I was dismaid:
The violent flouds of wicked men did make me much affraid.
verse 5 The slie and subtle snares of hell were round about me set;
And for my death there was prepar'd a deadly trapping net.
verse 6 In this distresse I call'd on God, and to my God did crie;
He from his Temple heard my voice, which came to him on hie.
verse 7 The earth then trembled, & did quake, then mov'd and shaken were
The strong foundations of the hills: for they his wrath did feare.
verse 8 His mighty wrath, in which a smoak up from his nostrils came:
His mouth breath'd wasting fire, & coals were kindled by the same.
verse 9 The Lord descended from above, and bow'd the heavens hie;
And underneath his feet he cast the darknesse of the skie.
verse 10 Upon a Cherub did he ride in royall majestie;
And he did flie, yea on the wings of winds did swiftly flie.

The second part.

verse 11 Darknesse he made his secret' place, is with a tent on hie:
[Page 26] He compast is with waters dark, and thick clouds of the skie.
verse 12 But when before him brightness was then his thick clouds did passe;
And then of haile, and coales of fire a fearfull storme there was.
verse 13 And God did thunder in tho skie, his voice the Highest sent;
Therewith abroad hot coales of fire, and battering hail-stones went.
verse 14 He shot his arrowes, and my foes did feather and affright:
He shot his fearfull lightnings out, and them did put to flight.
verse 15 At thy rebuke, the channels, Lord, of rivers were made d [...];
And at thy blasting breath the worlds foundations open lye.
verse 16 And from above the Lord sent do [...] to fetch me from below;
And pluck me out of waters great, that would me overflow.
verse 17 And from my mighty enemie he then did set me free;
From those that hated me, for they were much too strong for mee.
verse 18 They did prevent me cruelly, even in the wofull day
Of my calamitie and griefe; yet was the Lord my stay.

The third part.

verse 19 He also brought me forth, that I in a large place might be:
[Page 27] He did deliver me, because he did delight in me.
verse 20 According to my righteousnesse, so did he me regard;
After the cleannesse of my hands he gave me my reward.
verse 21 For that I walked in his waies, and in his pathes have trod;
And have not with a wicked heart departed from my God.
verse 22 For all his judgements constantly I did before me lay:
From me his statutes out of mind I did not put away.
verse 23 But when before him I did walk, with him upright was I;
And watchfully I kept my selfe from mine iniquity.
verse 24 After my righteousnesse the Lord hath recompensed mee;
After the cleannesse of my hands, which his pure eies did see.
verse 25 For, Lord, unto the mercifull thou full of mercie art;
And thou wilt shew thy selfe upright to the upright in heart.
verse 26 Thou wilt be pure unto the pure, and those that sin eschew:
But thou to those that froward are thy selfe wilt froward shew.
verse 27 For thou wilt the afflicted save, in griefe that low do lie;
[Page 28] And wilt bring down the countenance of them, whose lookes are hie.
verse 28 The Lord will light my candle so, that it shall shine full bright:
The Lord my God will also make my darknesse to be light.

The fourth part.

verse 29 By thee through troups of men I break, and do escape them all;
And by my God, assisting me, I over-leap a wall.
verse 30 Unspotted are the waies of God, his word is purely tri'd:
He is a sure defence to such as in his faith abide.
verse 31 For who is God, except the Lord? besides him there is none;
And to his Church, who is a rocke, except our Lord alone?
verse 32 It is the mighty Lord of hosts with strength that girdeth me;
And he it is that makes my way perfect, and right to be.
verse 33 Like to the seet of nimble Hind [...] my feet he maketh swift;
And then upon my places high he me aloft doth lift.
verse 34 He doth instruct my hands to war, he gives them strength to fight;
So that to break a bow of steele mine armes from him have might.
verse 35 The shield of thy salvation receiv'd I have from thee:
[Page 29] Thy right hand holds me up, thy love greatly exalteth me:
verse 36 And when I walk, my steps thou hast inlarged under me.
That I go safely, and my feet are kept from sliding free.

The fifth part.

verse 37 Mine enemies I pursu'd have, and did them overtake:
Nor did I turne againe, till I an end of them did make.
verse 38 I have them wounded, so that they could never rise againe:
Under my feet my foes are cast, and there downe fall they slaine.
verse 39 For to the battell with great strength me girded so hast thou,
That under me mine enemies thou hast enforc't to bow.
verse 40 And thou hast given me the necks of those that with me fight;
That such as hate me causlesly slay and destroy I might.
verse 41 They cried out, but none there was that would, and could them save:
Yea, they did crie unto the Lord, but he no answer gave.
verse 42 Then did I beat them small as dust before the wind that flies;
And I did cast them out as dirt upon the street that lies.

The sixth part.

verse 43 Thou safely from the peoples strife hast me delivered;
And to the heathen me hast made a ruler, and a head.
verse 44 A people that I have not known to me shall servants be:
As soon as they of me do heare, they shall submit to me.
verse 45 The strangers shall submit to me, and they shall fade away;
And from those places be affraid, wherein they closely lay.
verse 46 But blessed be the living Lord, most worthy of all praise;
That is my rocke and saving health, praised be he alwaies.
verse 47 For it is God that on my foes doth vengeance take for me;
The people under me that bow, by him subdued b [...].
verse 48 He saves me from mine enemies all, yea thou hast lifted me
Above my foes; and from the man of violence set me free.
verse 49 Therefore among the nations, Lord, I will give praise to thee:
By me before them in a song thy Name shall praised be.
verse 50 He greatly his anointed King, and often doth deliver:
To David he doth mercy shew, and to his seed for ever.

PSAL. [...].

THe glory of Almighty God the heav'ns do speak and shew;
The firmament his handy-worke presenteth to our view.
verse 2 Day unto day doth speak and tell his wisdome, and his might;
And a true knowledge of the same night sheweth unto night.
verse 3 Each tongue and language heares the voice which they abroad do send;
Their speech through all the earth, their words go to the wide worlds end.
verse 4 A Tabernacle for the Sun in them prepar'd hath he,
Whom, as a bridegroom coming forth, we from his chamber see.
verse 5 In glorious brightness forth he comes from his appointed place;
As a strong man he doth rejoyce, swiftly to run his race.
verse 6 And all the skie from end to end he compasseth about:
Nothing can hide it from his heat, but he will find it out.
verse 7 Gods Law is perfect, and converts the soule in sin that lies;
His Testimony is most sure, and makes the simple wise.
verse 8 Just are the Lords Commandements, and glad both heart and mind;
Pure are his Precepts, and give light to eies that be full blind.
verse 9 The feare of God is excellent, and doth endure for ever;
The judgements of the Lord are true, and righteous altogether.
verse 10 And more then gold, then much fine gold to be desir'd alway:
The hony, and the hony-combe are not so sweet as they.
verse 11 By them thy servant is fore-warn'd to have God in regard;
And in performance of the same there shall be great reward.
verse 12 But who the errors of his life can understand and see?
Then, Lord, from all my secret faults cleanse, and deliver mee.
verse 13 And keep me, that presumptuous sins prevaile not over me:
So I upright and innocent from the great sin shall be.
verse 14 The words which from my mouth proceed, the thoughts sent from my heart,
Accept, O Lord, for thou my strength, and my redeemer art.


IN trouble and adversitie the Lord God heare thee still;
The majestie of Jacobs God defend thee from all ill.
verse 2 And let him from his Sanctuary thy mighty helpe [...] [...]e;
And let him out of Sion hill support and strengthen thee.
verse 3 Let all thine offerings graciously by him remembred be;
With favour thy burnt sacrifice let him receive from thee.
verse 4 According to thy hearts desire the Lord grant unto thee;
And all thy counsell and intents full well performe may he.
verse 5 In thy salvation we will joy, and in thy name we will
Display our banners; and the Lord thy praiers all fulfill.
verse 6 Now know I, God his King doth save, and from his holy seat
Will answer him, by sending down salvation strong and great.
verse 7 In charets some put confidence, and some in horses trust:
But we remember God our Lord, that keepeth promise just.
verse 8 They stoop and fall, but we arise, yea stand upright do we.
verse 9 Save us, O Lord, heare us, O King, when we do call on thee.


O Lord, how joyfull is the King in thy strength and thy power!
How vehemently doth he rejoyce in thee his Saviour!
verse 2 For thou hast given unto him even his owne hearts desire;
[Page 34] To him thou nothing hast deni'd of that he did require.
verse 3 Thou didst prevent him with thy gifts and blessings manifold;
And thou hast set upon his head a crowne of perfect gold.
verse 4 And when he asked life of thee, thereof thou mad'st him sure;
To have long life, yea such a life as ever should endure.
verse 5 Great is his glory by thine help, thy benefit and aid;
Bright honour and great majestie thou hast upon him laid.
verse 6 For thou hast given him blessednesse, that never shall decay;
And with thy cheerfull countenance wilt comfort him alway.
verse 7 For in the Lord the King doth trust, he is his rocke and stay;
His mercy will not suffer him to be remov'd away.
verse 8 But let thine enemies feele thy force, and those that thee withstand:
Find out thy foes, and let them feele the power of thy right hand.
verse 9 Like fiery ovens shall they be in thy wraths burning heat:
God shall them swallow in his wrath, his fire them up shall eat.
verse 10 And thou shalt root out of the ear [...]h their fruit that should increase;
[Page 35] And from among the sons of men their seed shall end and cease.
verse 11 Because they evill did intend against thy holy Name;
Yet did they faile, and had no power for to performe the same.
verse 12 For as a mark thou shalt them set in a most open place;
And charge thy bow-strings readily against thine enemies face.
verse 13 But in thine own almighty strength thou, Lord, exalted be;
So will we greatly praise thy power, and gladly sing to thee.


MY God, my God, what is the cause that thou dost me forsake?
And dost not help me when my words a loud complaint do make?
verse 2 In the day-time to thee, my God, in prai'r I crie and call:
I cease not in the night, and yet thou hearest not at all.
verse 3 Yet art thou holy still and good, and for thy graciousnesse,
The praises of thine Israel thou justly dost possesse.
verse 4 Our fathers in the times fore-past did put their trust in thee,
They trusted, and from their distresse then didst thou set them free.
verse 5 They were delivered ever when they called on thy Name;
And for the faith they had in thee, they were not put to shame.
verse 6 But I a worme, and not a man, do seem in most mens eies;
I am a vile reproach of men, the people me despise.
verse 7 They laugh at me, when me they see in passing on their way;
They shoot the lip, and shake the head, and thus in scorne they say,
verse 8 This man did trust upon the Lord that he would set him free;
Now let him help him, if his love so great unto him be.
verse 9 But thou out from my mothers womb art he that did me take:
When I was on my mothers breasts, thou me to hope didst make.
verse 10 And I was cast on thee, when first I from the womb did part;
And from my mothers belly thou my God most gracious art.

The second part.

verse 11 Then, Lord, depart not now from me in this my present griefe:
Since I have none to be my help, my succour, and reliefe.
verse 12 For many Buls do compasse me, heaven strong and cruell foes:
The chiefest B [...]ls of Basan hill [...]e round about enclose.
verse 13 They gape upon me greedily, as though they would me slay;
Much like a Lion roaring out, and ramping for his prey.
verse 14 But I drop down like water shed, my joynts in sunder break:
My heart doth in my body melt, like waxe against the heat.
verse 15 My strength is like a potsheard dry, my tongue it cleaveth falt
Unto my jawes, and I am brought to dust of death at last.
verse 16 And many dogs do compasse me; the wicked when they meet
Conspire against me cursedly, they pierce my hands and feet.
verse 17 I was tormented so, that I might all my bones have told;
Yet still upon me they do look, and still they me behold.
verse 18 And they my garments did divide in parts among them all;
And they by casting lots did trie to whom my coat would fall.
verse 19 Therefore, I pray thee, be not far from me at my great need:
But rather, [...]ith thou art my strength, to help me, Lord, make speed.
verse 20 And from the sword, Lord, save my soul, by thy great might and power;
And keep my soule, my darling deare, from dogs that would devoure.
verse 21 And save me from the Lions mouth, as thou hast saved me
From the sharp hornes of Unicornes, when I was heard of thee.
verse 22 Then I unto my brethren will thy Name declare and shew;
And in th' assembly of the Saints will give thee praises due.

The third part.

verse 23 Praise ye the Lord who do him feare, him glorifie all ye
The seed of Jacob, feare him all that Israels children be.
verse 24 For he doth not despise, nor loath the poore mans povertie;
Nor from him hath he hid his face, but heard when he did crie.
verse 25 And in the congregation great my praise shall be of thee;
And in their sight that do him feare, my vowes perform'd shall be.
verse 26 The meek shall eat, and shalbe fill'd, and those that do endevor
To know the Lord, shal praise his Name, their hearts shall live for ever.
verse 27 All the worlds ends remember shall, and turne to God for grace:
The nations and their kin [...]eds all, shall bow before his face.
verse 28 Because the kingdome of the world doth to the Lord pertaine;
And as their highest governour he over them shall raigne.
verse 29 He seeds the great ones of the earth, and they him worship must:
Yea, all shall bow before his face, which goe downe to the dust.
verse 30 For none can keep his soule alive, nor give himselfe salvation;
Yet shall a seed him serve, which shall be call'd Gods generation.
verse 31 And when they come, his righteousnes by them declar'd shall be
Unto a people yet unborne, and that this done hath he.


MY shepheard is the living Lord, and he that doth eo feed;
How can I then lack any thing whereof I stand in need?
verse 2 In pastures green and flourishing he makes me downe to lye:
And after drives me to the streames which run most pleasantly.
verse 3 And when I feele my selfe neere lost, then home he me doth take;
Conducting me in his right paths, even for his owne Names sake.
verse 4 And though I were even at deaths doore, yet would I feare none ill;
Thy rod, thy staffe do comfort me, and thou art with me still.
verse 5 Thou hast my table richly stor'd in presence of my foe;
[Page 40] My head with oile thou dost anoint, my cup doth overflow.
verse 6 Thy grace and mercy all my daies shall surely follow me;
And ever in the house of God my dwelling place shall be.


THe earth is Gods, and wholly his the fulnesse of it is:
The world, and those that dwell therein he made, and they are his.
verse 2 For firmly he hath founded it above the sea to stand;
And laid below the liquid flouds, to flow beneath the land.
verse 3 Who is the man, O Lord, that shall ascend into thy hill?
Or passe into thy holy place, there to continue still?
verse 4 Whose hands are harmless, and whose heart no spot there doth desile:
His soule not set on vanitie, who hath not sworne to guile.
verse 5 That man the blessing from the Lord assuredly shall have;
And he shall righteousnesse receive from God, that doth him save.
verse 6 This is the generation of them that seek him right;
Jacobs true seed, that of thy face doth seek the blessed fight.
verse 7 Ye gates, lift up your heads, & doors, which everlasting be:
Then entring in by you ye shall the King of glory see.
verse 8 But who of glory is the King? the Lord of strength and might:
The mighty Lord, that conquers all in war, that with him fight.
verse 9 Ye gates, and everlasting doores, your selves wide open ye;
And for the King of glory great an entrance there shallbe.
verse 10 But who of glory is the King? the Lord of hosts is he:
He is the King, to whom most due all praise, and glory be.


I List mine heart to thee, my God, and guide most just;
Now suffer me to take no shame: for in thee do I trust.
verse 2 Let not my foes rejoyce, nor make a scorne of mee;
And let them not be overthrowne that put their trust in thee.
verse 3 But shame shall them befall, which harme them wrongfully:
Therefore thy pathes, and thy right waies unto me, Lord, descry.
verse 4 Direct me in thy truth, and teach me, I thee pray:
Thou art my God and Saviour, on thee I wait alway [...]
verse 5 Thy mercies manifold, I pray thee, Lord, remember,
Think on thy loving kindnesses; for they have been for ever.
verse 6 My sins and faults of youth forgive, Lord, and forget
In mercy free, remember me, and for thy goodnesse great.
His mercie is full sweet, his truth a perfect guide:
Therefore the Lord will sinners teach, and such as go aside.
verse 8 The humble he will teach his precepts for to keep;
He will direct in all his waies the lowly and the meek.
verse 9 And all the pathes of God are truth and mercy still,
To those that do his covenant keep, and do obey his will.

The second part.

verse 10 Now for thy holy Name, O Lord, I thee intreat,
To grant me pardon for my sin: for it is wondrous great.
verse 11 Whoso doth feare the Lord, the Lord doth him direct,
To lead his life in such a way as he doth best accept.
verse 12 His soule shall evermore in goodnesse dwell and stand:
His seed and his posteritie [Page 43] inherit shall the land.
verse 13 All those that feare the Lord, his secret well do know;
[...]nd unto them his covenant, he by his spirit doth show.
verse 14 Toward my gracious God mine eies are ever set:
[...]e is my Saviour, and shall pluck my feet out of the net.
verse 15 With mercy me behold, to thee I make my moane:
For I am poore and desolate, and comfordesse alone.
verse 16 The troubles of my heart are multipli'd indeed:
Bring me out of this miserie, necessity, and need.
verse 17 Behold my povertie, mine anguish, and my paine:
Remit my sin, and mine offence, and make me clean againe.
O Lord, behold my foes how they do still increase;
Pursuing me with deadly hate, that faine would live in peace.
verse 19 Preserve and keep my soule, save and deliver me;
And let me not be overthrowne, because I trust in thee.
verse 20 And let found uprightnesse in safety me preserve;
For on thee do I wait, whose love [Page 44] keeps those that do thee serve.
verse 21 Deliver, Lord, thy Saints, which on thy Name do call:
Redeem, O God, thine Israel out of his troubles all.


LOrd, be my Judge, and thou shalt [...] my pathes be right and plaine:
I trust in God, and therefore hope still stedfast to remaine.
verse 2 Prove me, my God, I thee desire, my waies search out and trie;
As men do prove their gold with fire, my reines and heart espie.
verse 3 For I thy loving kindnesse great before mine eies do lay;
And I have walked in thy truth, and kept that holy way.
verse 4 I do not love to stay and sit with them whose deeds are vaine;
To come in house I do refuse with the deceitfull traine.
verse 5 The congregation I do hate of sinners vehemently:
I will not sit with wicked men, their company I flye.
verse 6 Mine hands in innocence I wash, and do my sins forsake:
Then I thine altar compasse, Lord, mine offering there to make.
verse 7 And there to spread abroad thy praise with words of thankfulnesse▪
[Page 45] And solemnly thy mighty workes of wonder to expresse.
verse 8 The habitation of thy house, Lord, I have loved well;
And in that place I do delight where doth thine honour dwell.
verse 9 Oh shut not up my soule with them in sin that take their fill;
Nor yet my life among those men; that seek much bloud to spill.
verse 10 Who do imploy their hands & might to practise mischiefe still,
And whiles of justice sale they make, bribes their right hands do fill.
verse 11 But I in my integritie still walking will abide:
Redeem me, and thy mercy grant, when I through frailty slide.
verse 12 My foot stands in an even place, thy grace doth set it right:
I therefore will thee praise, O Lord, in all the peoples sight.


THe Lord is both my health & light, shall man make me dismaid?
Sith God doth giveme strength & might, why should I be affraid?
verse 2 My wicked enemies, and my foes drew neere me to devoure;
But when against me they arose, they fell with all their power.
verse 3 Although an host the field doth fill, my heart yet fearlesse is:
Though warre against me rise, I will be confident in this.
verse 4 One thing I of the Lord desire, and beg it vehemently;
The same of him I will require, and seek it instantly:
That while I live, my dwelling place may in Gods house be still;
To see the beauty of his face, and to inquire his will.
verse 5 In troublous times he shall me hide within his place most pure;
And keep me secret by his side, as on a rocke most sure.
verse 6 And now I know I shall arise, mine head shall lifted be
On high above mine enemies, that did encompasse me.
Therefore within his house will I give sacrifice of praise;
With Psalmes, and Songs I will apply, to land the Lord alwaies.
verse 7 Heare me, O Lord, when I do cry with earnest voice to thee;
Have mercie on me graciously, and do thou answer mee.
verse 8 When thou, O Lord, didst say to me, Seek thou my face and grace;
My heart did answer unto thee, Lord, I will seek thy face.

The second part.

verse 9 In wrath turne not thy face away, nor suffer me to slide;
My help thou hast been to this day, be still my God and guide.
verse 10 When both my parents do me leave, and their owne son forsake;
Yet then the Lord will me receive, and up he will me take.
verse 11 Teach me, O Lord, the way to thee, in a plaine path me guide:
Because mine enemies watch for me, to cause my steps to slide.
verse 12 To wishes of mine enemies leave me not, O most Hie;
Because false witnesses do rise, that breathe out crueltie.
verse 13 My heart would faint, but that in me this hope is fixed fast:
The goodnesse of the Lord to see in life that still shall last.
verse 14 Wait on the Lord, whose whole thou art, with courage wait thou must:
And then he strengthen shall thy heart; upon him wait and trust.


O Lord my rock, to thee I crie, to me an answer send;
Lest by thy silence I be like those that to grave descend.
verse 2 The voice of thy suppliant heare; [Page 48] that unto thee doth crie:
When to thine holy Oracle I lift mine hands on [...]ie.
verse 3 With wicked men that sin do work, O draw me not away;
Whose hearts doe wish their neighbours hurt, when words of peace they say.
verse 4 Give them according to their deeds, and as they mischiefe meant;
And wrought that mischiefe with their hands, give them due punishment.
verse 5 God shall not build, but them destroy, because they have not thought
Of Gods great workes, nor did regard that which his hands have wrought.
verse 6 To render thankes unto the Lord how great a cause have I?
My voice, my praier, and my complaint that heard so willingly.
verse 7 He is my shield, my heart did trust in him, a helper strong;
And by his help my heart made glad shall praise him in a song.
verse 8 God is a fort of strong defence to every Saint of his;
And he alone the saving strength of his anointed is.
verse 9 Thy people and thine heritage, Lord, blesse, guide, and preserve;
Increase them, Lord, & rule their hearts, that they may never swerve.


GIve, O ye mighty to the Lord, with hearts most willing give
All strength and glory to the Lord, by whom you move and live.
verse 2 Give to Gods name his glory due with humble cheerfulnesse;
Worship the Lord that sits on high in beauteous holinesse.
verse 3 Gods voice upon the waters is, the glorious God doth thunder;
On many waters doth the Lord send forth his voice of wonder.
verse 4 The voice of God is full of power, and worketh mightily:
The voice of God right glorious is, and full of majesty.
verse 5 The voice of God doth break & teare the Cedar trees asunder:
C [...]lars of Lebanon he doth break in pieces with his thunder,
verse 6 He makes hills like a [...]alfe to skip, even the great Lebanon;
And like to a young [...]corne, the mountaine Syrion.
verse 7 His voice divides the flames of fire, the desart it doth shake:
verse 8 His voice doth make the wildernesse of Kadesh for to quake.
verse 9 His voice doth make the Hinds to calve, it makes the forrests bare;
And in his Temple shew'd by all his glorious praises are,
verse 10 The Lord doth sit upon the floud, and ever ruleth it,
Yea, as the King of all the world the Lord shall ever sit.
verse 11 The Lord will give his people power in vertue to increase:
The Lord will blesse his chosen flocke with everlasting peace.


ALl laud & praise with heart & voice, O Lord, I give to thee;
Who didst not make my foes rejoyce, but hast exalted me.
verse 2 O Lord my God, to thee I cri'd in all my paine and griefe;
Thou ga [...]'st an eare, and didst provide to ease me with reliefe.
Lord, thou hast caused from the graw my soule up to ascend;
And from the pit thou didst me save, life thou to me didst send.
verse 4 Sing to the Lord, ye Saints of his, with thankfulnesse him blesse:
Still praise him, when remembred is his glorious holinesse.
verse 5 His wrath is in a moment past, life in his favour lies;
Though weeping for a night may last, the morning joy supplies.
verse 6 When I enjoy'd the world at will, thus would I boast and say:
[Page 51] Tush, I am sure to feele none ill, this wealth shall not decay.
verse 7 For thou, O Lord, of thy good grace hadst sent me strength and aid;
But when thou turnd'st away thy face, my mind was much dismaid.
verse 8 Wherefore unto the Lord my cry I caused to ascend:
My humble supplication I up to the Lord did send.
verse 9 What gaine is in my bloud, if I unto the pit go downe?
For, shall the dust thee glorifie? shall dust thy truth make knowne?
verse 10 Then hear the praiers which I make, have mercy, Lord, on me:
Do not my troubled soule forsake, but, Lord, mine helper be.
verse 11 My mourning then was turn'd by thee into a cheerfull voice;
My sackcloth thou didst take from me, and mad'st me to rejoyce.
verse 12 Wherefore my soule uncessantly shall sing unto thee praise:
My Lord my God, to thee will I give laud and thanks alwaies.


LOrd, let me never be asham'd, because I trust in thee;
But in thy righteousnesse and truth, save and deliver me.
verse 2 To me bow downe thy gracious eare, [Page 52] and quickly set me free:
A rocke of strength, a mighty fort of safety be to mee.
verse 3 For, Lord, thou art my only rock, my strong defence and tower:
For thy Names sake me therefore lead, and guide me in thy power.
verse 4 Pull me out of the net, which they for me have closely laid:
Because thou only art my strength, I flie to thee for aid.
verse 5 Into thy hands, Lord, I commit my spirit, which came from thee:
Of thy free grace, Lord God of truth, thou hast redeemed me.
verse 6 Them do I hate that set their heart on lying vanities:
But on the Lord I put my trust, my heart on him relies.
verse 7 I in thy mercie will rejoyce, because my miseries
Thou weighest, and dost know my soule in her adversities.
verse 8 And me into the enemies hand not closed up thou hast;
But thou my feet at libertie in a large room hast plac't.

The second part.

verse 9 I am in trouble, Lord, to me grant mercy and reliefe:
My soule, my belly, and mine eye consume away with griefe.
verse 10 [Page 53] My life is spent with griefe, my years in sighes away do flie:
My strength doth faile, my bones con­sume for mine iniquitie.
verse 11 A scorne to foes, and most to those which here are dwelling nie:
A feare unto my friends am I, who see me from me flie.
verse 12 I am forgotten, like a man that now hath long been dead;
I like a broken vessell am that quite is perished.
verse 13 For many slanders I have heard, and feare was every way;
While they against me did conspire to take my life away.
verse 14 But yet when I was thus affraid my trust was, Lord, in thee;
And then thou art my God, I said, a gracious God to mee.
verse 15 My times are in thy mighty hand, then do thou set me free
From bloudy hands of all my foes, that follow after mee.
verse 16 Upon thy servant make thy face to shine forth graciously:
O save me for thy mercies sake, I to thy mercy flye.

The third part.

verse 17 Lord, let not me ashamed be, for on thee call'd I have;
But let the wicked be asham'd, [Page 54] and silent in the grave.
verse 18 To silence put the lying lips, that grievous things do say;
And hard reports in pride and scorne on righteous men do lay.
verse 19 O how great good hast thou laid up for those that do thee feare;
Whose trust before the sons of men fixt on thee doth appeare!
verse 20 In secret of thy presence thou shalt hide them from mans pride:
From strife of tongues thou closely shalt as in a tent them hide.
verse 21 For ever blessed be the Lord, for plainly shew'd hath he
In a strong city kindnesse great, and marvellous to me.
verse 22 I in my haste did say, I am cut off before thine eies;
But even then thou heard'st the voice of my requests and cries.
verse 23 O love the Lord, all ye his Saints, the faithfull he preserves;
And plentifully doth reward the proud, as he deserves.
verse 24 Be of good courage, and the Lord strength to your heart shall send;
He shall you strengthen all, whose hope doth on the Lord depend.


THe man is blessed, all whose sins are graciously remitted;
[Page 55] And whose transgressions by the Lord are cover'd, and acquitted.
verse 2 And blest is he to whom the Lord imputeth not his sin;
Which in his heart hath hid no guile, nor fraud is found therein.
verse 3 When I in silence kept my sin, my bones then waved old;
With plaint and [...]oaring all the day through torments manifold.
verse 4 Because both day and night thy hand lay heavily on me;
Which made into the Summers drought my moisture turn'd to be.
verse 5 Then I declar'd my sin to thee, I did not cover it;
I said, My sins I will confesse, then didst thou them remit.
verse 6 For this each Saint shall in a time of finding thee intreat:
Surely to him shall not come neere the flouds of waters great.
verse 7 Thou art my hiding place, and thou from trouble dost set me free:
With songs of my deliverance thou dost encompasse me.
verse 8 Come hither, and I shall thee teach how thou shalt walk aright;
And will thee guide as I my selfe have learn'd by proofe and sight,
verse 9 Be not so rude and ignorant, as is the horse or muse;
[Page 56] Whose mouth without a reine or bit from harme thou canst not rule.
verse 10 Unto the wicked shall be store of sorrowes, and of woes:
But mercy him that trusts in God shall round about inclose.
verse 11 Be glad, ye righteous in the Lord, greatly in him rejoyce:
Let the upright of heart for joy in shouts lift up their voice.


YE righteous in the Lord rejoyce, it comely is and right,
That upright men with thankfull voice should praise the Lord of might.
verse 2 Praise God with Harp, with Psaltery unto him praises sing:
Sing to him with an Instrument that hath a ten-fold string.
verse 3 Sing to the Lord a song most new, aloud with skill him praise:
Because right are his words, and true are all his workes and waies.
verse 4 The righteous Lord loves righteousnes, and judgement doth him please;
verse 5 And the wide earth to fill and blesse, his mercy doth not cease.
verse 6 The heavens by his mighty word did their beginning take;
And the great hosts of them the Lord all by his breath did make.
verse 7 As in an heap the waters great [Page 57] he of the seas doth gather:
As in a store-house he doth set, and lay the depth together.
verse 8 The Lord in might doth all excell, let all the earth him feare:
Let all that in the world do dwell an awe unto him beare.
verse 9 For what this high Creatour spake was done, and his command
So stable this whole world did make, that it doth stedfast stand.
verse 10 The counsells of the nations rude the Lord doth bring to nought;
He doth defeat the multitude of their device, and thought.
verse 11 But the Lords counsells, just & wise, do stand for ever sure:
The thoughts which in his heart arise, from age to age indure.

The second part.

verse 12 O Nation blest, to whom the Lord as their owne God is knowne:
verse 13 And whom he of his owne accord did chuse to make his owne.
verse 14 The Lord from heaven casts his sight, thence all men vieweth he;
And from his place of glorious light all here on earth doth see.
verse 15 For all mens hearts he with his hand alike did frame and make:
And he their works doth understand, and of them notice take.
verse 16 [Page 58] By greatnesse of an host no King assure his safety can;
Great strength doth not deliverance bring unto a mighty man.
verse 17 A horse is vaine, and never can give safety in the fight;
Nor shall deliver any man by his exceeding might.
verse 18 Behold, the Lord doth set his eye with favour on the just;
Ev'n those that feare him reverently, and on his mercy trust.
verse 19 That he from death and dangers deep their soules may safely free;
And them alive in famine keep, when others pined be.
verse 20 Our soule on God doth still depend; who saveth us from wrong:
He is our shield us to defend, he is our helper strong.
verse 21 Surely in God our heart is glad, in him it doth delight:
For in his holy Name we had our trust, and in his might.
verse 22 Then let thy grace and mercy, Lord, upon us ever be;
As w [...] alwaies with one accord do only trust in th [...].


I Will at all times blesse the Lord, who still preserveth me;
His praises in my thankfull mouth [Page 59] continually shall be.
verse 2 My soul shall make her boast in God, of whom reliefe she had;
The humble men shall heare thereof, and hearing shall be glad.
verse 3 O magnifie the Lord with me, and spread abroad his fame:
Together with one heart and voice, let us exalt his Name.
verse 4 I in my praier sought the Lord, he did my praier heare;
And graciously delivered me from all that I did feare.
verse 5 His Saints look to him in distresse, and by him lightned be;
Their faces not ashamed are when they his light do see.
verse 6 This poore man to the Lord did cry, who to him hearing gave;
And him did in his mercy great from all his troubles save.
verse 7 Gods Angel doth encamp about▪ all those that do him feare;
And safely doth deliver them from dangers that are neere.
verse 8 O taste, and by your tasting see that God is good and kind:
Blest is the man, that trusts in him with all his heart and mind.
verse 9 O all ye Saints, feare ye the Lord, who of the world is King;
For those that feare him never shall [Page 60] want any needfull thing.
verse 10 The Lions young may hungry be, and sometimes lack their food;
But they that truly seek the Lord shall not want any good.

The second part.

verse 11 Come neere therefore my children deare, and to my words give eare;
I shall you teach the perfect way how ye the Lord should feare.
verse 12 Who is that man that would live long, and lead a blessed life:
verse 13 See thou refraine thy tongue and lips from all deceit and strife.
verse 14 Turn back thy face from doing ill, and do the godly deed:
Enquire for peace and quietnesse, and follow it with speed.
verse 15 Because upon the righteous men the Lord doth set his eies;
His eares he opens to receive their just complaints and cries.
verse 16 But he doth frown, & bend his brows upon the wicked traine;
And cuts away the memory that should of them remaine.
verse 17 But God doth hear the righteous men when they do cry and call;
And graciously delivers them out of their troubles all.
verse 18 The Lord is kind, & straight at hand to such as be contrite;
[Page 61] He saves also the sorrowfull, the poore, and meek in spirit.
verse 19 Full many be the miseries that righteous men do suffer;
But out of all adversities the Lord doth them deliver.
verse 20 And by his speciall providence keep all his bones doth he,
That by the most enraged foes not one shall broken be.
verse 21 But evill shall the sinner slay, for evill he hath wrought;
And those that hate the Saints, shall be to desolation brought.
verse 22 Whereas the Lord his servants soules redeemeth, and sets free;
And of all them that trust in him, none desolate shall be.


LOrd, plead my cause against my foes, confound their force and might;
Fight on my part against all those that seek with me to fight.
verse 2 Lay hand upon the speare and shield, thy selfe in armour dresse;
Stand up for me, and fight the field, to help me from distresse.
verse 3 Gird on thy sword, and stop the way of those that follow me;
And to my soule in mercy say, Thy Saviour I will be.
verse 4 Confound them with rebuke & blame [Page 62] that seek my soule to spill:
Let them turn back, and flie with shame, that think to work me ill.
verse 5 As chaffe before the wind apace doth flie, and will not stay;
So these men let Gods anger chase, and make them flie away.
verse 6 Let their way dark and slippery be, that they may surely fall;
And let an Angel come from thee, and persecute them all.
verse 7 For without cause their net have they hid from me in a pit;
And without cause they in my way for my soule digged it.
verse 8 When they think least, and careless are, O Lord, destroy them all;
Let them be trapt in their own snare, and in their mischiefe fall.
verse 9 And then my soul, my heart, and voice in God shall joyfull be:
In him my soule shall much rejoyce, because he sayeth me.
verse 10 My body also greatly shall with joy possessed be;
My bones shall say, rejoycing all, Lord, who is like to thee▪
verse 11 For thou the poore from him dost save, that was for him too strong;
The poore and needy safety have by thee from spoile and wrong.
verse 12 My cruell foes against me rise [Page 63] to witnesse things untrue
And to accuse me they devise of that I never knew.

The second part.

verse 13 Though I to them did shew good will, they hate to me returne:
When thus they pay my good with ill, my spoiled soule doth mourne.
verse 14 But as [...]or me, when sick were they, in sackeloth sad I mourn'd:
My humble soule did fast and pray, which prai'r to me return'd.
verse 15 To him much kindnesse I have done, as to a friend or brother;
I sadly bowed downe, as one that mourneth for his mother.
verse 16 But they at my great sorrow glad, against me gathered were:
Abjects their secret meetings had, and ceast not me to teare.
verse 17 With sco [...]ing hypocrites in feasts these men combined be;
Who mock me with their bitter jests, and gnash their teeth on me.
verse 18 These things how long, Lord, wilt thou see? from their spoiles rescue mee;
And let my soule, my darling be from Lions kept by thee.
verse 19 Then in the congregation great I will give thankes to thee;
And where the mighty throngs are met, thou shalt be prais'd by mee.
verse 20 [Page 64] O do not glad mine enemy, which hates me wrongfully;
Nor let him winking with his eye enjoy my misery.
verse 21 For they of peace no word do say, but plots do take in hand;
That craftily destroy they may the quiet of the land,
verse 22 And now their mouths they open lay in scorne and spite at me;
So, so, our hearts desire, they say, on him our eie doth see.
verse 23 This thou, O Lord, dost plainly see, no longer silent stand;
O Lord, be thou not far from me, withholding still thine hand.
verse 24 Stirre up thy selfe, and now awake to give me judgement right:
Awake, my cause in hand to take, my God, my Lord of might.

The third part.

verse 25 According to thy righteousnesse, my Lord God, judge thou me;
And let them not for my distresse on me triumphing be.
verse 26 Let them not in their hearts thus say, So would we have it be;
Let them not boast, O Lord, that they have wholly swallowed me.
verse 27 Confounded be they all with shame, which at my hurt are glad;
Those that against me swell, their name [Page 65] in great contempt be had.
verse 28 But let thy Saints with shouts rejoyce, that love my righteous way;
And let them still with heart and voice thus praise the Lord, and say:
verse 29 For ever magnified be the Lord of grace and might;
His servants prosperousnesse to see, who greatly doth delight.
verse 30 And I will gladly with my tongue speak of thy righteousnesse;
My thankfull tongue all the day long thy praises shall expresse.


WHen I consider in mine heart the [...] wicked way,
Gods feare is not before his eies, it to mine heart doth say.
verse 2 But yet he flattereth himselfe in his owne blinded eies;
Untill the hatefulnesse be sound of his iniquities.
verse 3 His mouth speakes words of wickednesse, words framed to deceive;
And he refuseth to be wise, and to do good doth leave.
verse 4 And mischiefe, lying in his bed, he doth devise and plot;
He sets himselfe in waies not good, ill he abhorreth not.
verse 5 But, Lord, thy goodnesse doth ascend above the heavens hie;
[Page 66] So doth thy truth it selfe extend unto the cloudy skie.
verse 6 Thy righteousne [...] like mountains h [...] and thy wise judgements be
Like a great deep; Lord, man and beast preserved are by thee.
verse 7 How precious is thy kindnes, Lord! how excellent thy grace!
Therefore in shadow of thy wings mens sons their trust shall place.
verse 8 They with the fatnesse of thy house▪ well satisfi'd shall be;
And with thy river of delight they shall be fill'd by thee.
verse 9 Because of life the fountaine pure doth ever flow from thee,
And in thy light we are full sure eternall light to see.
verse 10 From such as thee desire to know, let not thy grace depart;
Thy righteousnes declare and shew to men upright in heart.
verse 11 Let not the lofty foot of pride against me conquering go;
Let not the hand of wicked men me shake, and overthrow.
verse 12 But now behold, there are they fall'n that work iniquities:
Downe are they cast, and never shall have power againe to rise.


FRet not thy selfe at wicked men, when great in power they be;
[Page 67] [...]vie those that sin commit, [...]en thou their wealth dost see.
[...]or as green grasse, and flourishing herbs [...]re cut and wither away;
[...]hall their great prosperity soon passe, fade, and decay.
Trust thou therefore in God alone, to do well give thy mind;
[...] thou have the land as thine, and there sure [...]ood shalt find.
And in the Lord delight thy selfe; love him with all thy heart;
[...] then what shall thy heart desire, [...]e will to thee impart.
Commit thy way unto the Lord, On him by faith depend;
[...]d he shall bring thine enterprise unto a blessed end.
He shall bring forth thy righteousnes cleare like the shining light:
[...] judgement that approves thy cause, as noon day shall be bright.
Rest in the Lord, and wait on him, within thee do not fret;
Or him who prospering in his way, successe in sin doth get.
Take heed that thou from anger cease, and causlesse wrath forsake;
[...]et not thy selfe in any wise, [...]est evill waies thou take.
For evill doers shall the Lord cut off with his own hand;
[Page 68] But those that wait upon the Lord, inherit shall the land.
verse 10 For yet a little while, and then the wicked shall not be;
Though thou his place consider well, there him thou shalt not see.

The second part.

verse 11 But yet the meek inherit shall the earth, when sinners fall;
And in great peace abundantly delight themselves they shall.
verse 12 The wicked man against the just his crafty plots doth lay;
He g [...]sheth on him with his teeth, as if he would him slay.
verse 13 The Lord shall laugh at him, when thus his plots prepared be:
For that his day, his day of griefe is coming he doth see.
verse 14 The wicked man hath drawne his sword, and he hath bent his bow;
The man upright in life to kill; the poore to overthrow.
verse 15 But their own swords through their own hearts the Lord shal make to pass;
And every bow shall broken be, which thus ill bended was.
verse 16 A little that one righteous man enjoyes, is better farre,
Then unto many wicked men their plenteous riches are.
verse 17 For God shall into pieces break the sinners armes and might:
[Page 69] But he in safety shall preserve, and stablish the upright.
verse 18 The blessed daies of righteous men the Lord doth-know and see;
He knowes that their inheritance shall everlasting be.
verse 19 And they shall not in evill times ashamed be for need:
For in the daies of famine them the Lord shall fill and feed.
verse 20 The wicked, and Gods enemies all shall utterly decay;
They shall consume as fat of lambs, and like smoak passe away.

The third part.

verse 21 The wicked borroweth, but the same againe he doth not pay;
Whereas the righteous mercy shewes, and gives his owne away.
verse 22 For such as blessed be of God inherit shall the land;
But they that cursed be of him shall perish by his hand.
verse 23 By the great Lord the good mans steps are ordered, and set right:
For in the path of righteous men he greatly doth delight.
verse 24 And though he fall, yet utterly cast downe he shall not lye;
Because the Lord with his right hand upholds him graciously.
verse 25 I have been young, and now am old, yet never seen I have
[Page 70] The just forsaken, nor his seed like beggers bread to crave.
verse 26 But he is ever mercifull, and lends to those that need;
And after him a blessing leaves unto his blessed seed.
verse 27 Therefore from evill for depart, do righteously and well;
And through Gods mercy then be sure for evermore to dwell.
verse 28 For God loves judgement, and [...] Sain [...] no time forsaketh he;
Preserv'd still are they, but cut off the sinners race shall be.

The fourth part.

verse 29 The man that righteous is and just, inherit shall the land;
And in the same his dwelling place shall ever stedfast stand.
verse 30 The righteous with his mouth to speal of wisdome doth delight:
His tongue of judgment doth discourse, he loves to speak the right.
verse 31 The holy Law of his great God is written in his heart;
So that his goings do not slide, nor steps away depart.
verse 32 The wicked for the righteous man doth watch as for a prey:
He hates him so, that cruelly he seeketh him to slay.
verse 33 But the good Lord will never leave the just man in his hands;
[Page 71] The righteous will he not condemne, when he in judgement stands.
verse 34 Wait thou on God, & keep his way, thou shalt exalted be
The earth t' inherit, and the fall of wicked men shalt see.
verse 35 The wicked very great in power, and dreadfull I have seen;
I saw him spreading out himselfe, like to a Laurell green.
verse 36 But suddenly he past away, and him could no man see:
Yea, though I sought him narrowly, yet found he could not be.
verse 37 But mark the perfect, and behold the man that righteous is:
For thou shalt see that this mans end is surely peace and blisse.
verse 38 But the transgressors wofully shall be destroi'd together:
This is the end of wicked men, to be cut off for ever.
verse 39 But the salvation of the just doth come from God above;
Who in their troubles sends them aid, of his meere grace and love.
verse 40 God shall them help, & set them free from lewd men and unjust;
The righteous he shall surely save, because in him they trust.


LOrd, though thine anger I deserve, in wrath rebuke me not;
[Page 72] Nor lay on me thy chastning hard in thy displeasure hot.
verse 2 Thine arrowes do stick fast in me, thy hand doth presse me sore:
verse 3 And in my flesh no health at all appeareth any more.
This griefe I have, because thy wrath is forth against me gone;
And in my bones there is no rest, for sin that I have done.
verse 4 Because gone up above mine head my great transgressions be;
And, as a weighty burden, they too heavie are for me.
verse 5 My wounds do stink, and are corrupt, they very loathsome be;
Because my foolishnesse and sin have loathsome been to thee.
verse 6 I troubled and tormented am, and much how'd downe am I;
And in great paine I all the day go mourning heavily.
verse 7 A loathsome sickness sills my loines, my flesh hath no whole part:
verse 8 I feeble am, and broken sore, I roare for griefe of heart.
verse 9 Thou know'st, Lord, my desire, my groans, are open in thy sight:
verse 10 My heart doth pant, my strength doth faile, mine eies have lost their light.

The second part.

verse 11 My friends and lovers from my sore aloofe off standing are:
[Page 73] Those that to me before were neere, now stand from the afarre.
verse 12 They that did seek my life, laid snares, and they that sought the way
To do me hurt, spake lies, and thought on treason all the day.
verse 13 But as one deaf, that heard it not, I suffered all to passe;
As a dumb man I did become, whose mouth not opened was.
verse 14 As one that heares not, in whose mouth reproofes not framed be:
verse 15 For, Lord, I wait on thee, and thou my God wilt answer me.
verse 16 For I have prayed that my foes rejoyce not over mee;
Nor magnifie themselves, when they my foot to slip do see.
verse 17 For by the greatnesse of my griefe ready to halt am I;
My vexing sorrow in my sight appeares continually.
verse 18 For I will my transgression shew, and for it I will mourne:
I will be sorry for my sin, and from it I will turne,
verse 19 But yet mine enemies lively are, and strong their power growes,
The number of them doth increase that causlesse are my foes.
verse 20 They also that most wickedly for good do ill reward;
[Page 74] Mine adversaries are, because what's good I sollow hard.
verse 21 Forsake me not, my Lord, my God, far from me never be;
O Lord, thou my salvation art, haste to give help to me.


I Said, that I would carefully take heed unto my way;
Lest with my tongue I should offend and it should go astray.
verse 2 As with a bit I will keep fast my mouth with force and might;
Not once to whisper all the while the wicked are in sight.
verse 3 I held my tongue, and spake no wo [...] but kept me close and still:
Yea, from good talk I did refraine, but sore against my will.
verse 4 My heart grew hot within my brest while I was musing long;
At length the fire kindled was, then spake I with my tongue.
verse 5 The end and measure of my daies to know, Lord, teach me so
That I may know how fraile I am, and herce must shortly go.
verse 6 My daies thou hast a hand-bread m [...] mine age is in thin: eie
As nothing, surely, in his strength man is but vanitie.
verse 7 Man walketh like a shade, and doth in vaine himselfe annoy,
In getting goods, and cannot tell who shall the same enjoy.
verse 8 And, Lord, for what now do I wait, what here can profit me?
Surely on thee my soule doth wait, my hope is all in thee.

The second part.

verse 9 Then, Lord, from my transgressions all do thou deliver me;
And to the foolish a reproach, O let me never be.
verse 10 I was as dumb, and to complaine no trouble might me move;
Because I knew it was thy work, who dost afflict in love.
verse 11 Lord, take from me thy scourge and plague, I can them not withstand;
I am consumed by the blow of thy correcting hand.
verse 12 When with rebukes thou dost correct man for iniquity,
Thou fret'st his beauty like a moth, all men are vanity.
verse 13 Lord, heare my suit, and give good heed, regard my teares that fall:
I sojourne like a stranger here, as did my fathersall
verse 14 Oh spare a little, give me space my strength for to restore;
Before I go away from hence, and shall be seen no more.


I Waited long, and sought the Lord, and patiently did beare;
At length to me he did accord, my voice and cry to heare.
verse 2 He took me from a fearfull pit, and from the miery clay;
And on a rock he set my feet, and he did guide my way.
verse 3 To me he taught a Psalm of praise, which I must shew abroad;
And sing new songs of thanks alwaies unto the Lord our God.
verse 4 These things a multitude shall see, and seeing be affraid;
And fearing, to the Lord shall flee, and trust in him for aid.
O blest is he, whose hope and heart fixt in the Lord remaine;
That with the proud doth take no part, nor such as lie and faine.
verse 5 O Lord my God, full many are the wonders thou hast done;
Thy gracious thoughts to us-ward far beyond mans thoughts have gone.
So that when I to thee intend their number to expresse,
Of them then can I find no end, for they are numberlesse.
verse 6 Yet sacrifice not to require, nor offrings pleas'd thou wist;
No not for sin, or made by fire, but pierc't mine eares thou hast.
verse 7 And then I said, Behold, and look, O Lord, I come to thee:
For in the volume of thy book thus it is said of mee:
verse 8 Thy will and pleasure to fulfill, my God, I do delight;
Thy Law is in my heart and will, thy spirit there did it write.
verse 9 Thy justice, and thy righteousnes, in great resorts I tell;
Behold, my tongue no time doth cease, O Lord, thou know'st full well.
verse 10 Within my heart I have not hid thy perfect righteousnesse;
But thy salvation shew I did, and constant faithfulnesse.

The second part.

I kept not close thy loving mind, that no man should it know;
The trust that in thy truth I find, to all the Church I shew.
verse 11 Thy tender mercy, Lord, from me withhold not, nor remove;
But let my safety come from thee, and from thy truth and love.
verse 12 For evils numberlesse enfold, and round encompasse mee;
My sins on me do take such hold, that up I cannot see.
And surely, many more they be then haires upon my head:
Therefore my heart forsaketh me, and is discouraged.
verse 13 But of thy mercy, gracious Lord, be pleas'd to set me free:
O Lord, with speed do thou afford thy saving help to me.
verse 14 Let them sustain rebuke and shame, that seek my soule to spill;
Drive back my foes, and them defame that work or wish me ill.
verse 15 And to reward their shame againe, confounded let them be;
Ev'n those that joying in my paine do say, Aha to me.
verse 16 Let them in thee have joy & wealth, who thee do seek alwaies;
Let such as love thy saving health still say, To God be praise.
But as for me, right poore am I, and lie in need full low;
Yet God in this my poverty doth think on me, I know.
verse 17 Thou only my deliverer art, my help, and all my stay:
Therefore thy succour to impart, my God, do not delay.


THe man is blest that carefull is the needy to consider:
For when the time of trouble comes, the Lord will him deliver.
verse 2 The Lord will him preserve alive, and blesse him in the land;
And he will not deliver him into his enemies hand.
God will him strengthen on the bed, where he doth faint and mourne;
[...]nd in his sicknesse thou, O Lord, his bed shalt make and turne.
I being pained, thus did say, Have mercy, Lord, on me;
[...]nd heale my soule, for by my sins I have offended thee.
Of me mine enemies evill speak, When shall he die, they say;
[...] so his name from off the earth may vanish quite away.
verse 6 To see me when he comes, he speakes vaine words, but then his [...]
[...]oth heap up mischief, which he tel [...] when forth he doth depart.
verse 7 My foes against me do conspire, and whisper secretly;
[...]gainst me to procure my hurt they plot maliciously.
verse 8 Some foule disease to him doth cleave, they say, and some strange paine;
And surely now he lieth downe, he shall not rise againe.
verse 9 Yea ev'n mine owne familiar friend, that trusted w [...] by me;
Though he did eat my bread, his heele against me lifted he.
verse 10 But, Lord, be mercifull to me, and up againe me raise;
[...]hat I may justly them requite, according to their waies.
verse 11 By this I know, that certainly I favour'd am by thee:
Because mine enemy hath no cause to triumph over mee.
verse 13 But I in mine integrity am stablish't by thy grace;
And thou for ever dost me set before thy glorious face.
verse 13 The Lord the God of Israel, blest from everlasting be
To everlasting, and Amen, Amen, say gladly we.


LIke as tho Hart doth pant and bray the well-springs to obtaine;
So doth my soule desire alway with thee, Lord, to remaine.
verse 2 My soule doth thirst, and would draw neer the living God of might:
Oh when shall I come and appeare in presence of his sight?
verse 3 My teares of sorrow are become my meat both night and day;
While unto me continually, Where is thy God, they say?
verse 4 My soule is powred out in me, when this I think upon;
That I with the great multitude into Gods house had gone.
With them into Gods house I went, with voice of joy and praise:
Yea with the multitude that kept the solemne holy-daies.
verse 5 [Page 81] O why art thou cast down, my soul? what doth disquiet thee?
Still hope in God, for him shall I yet praise for helping mee.
verse 6 My God, my soul is much cast down, but on thee think I will:
From Hermonites, and Jordans land, and from the little hill.
verse 7 At thy great water-spouts loud noise, deep unto deep doth call;
And over me run furiously thy waves and billowes all.
verse 8 Yet God by day shall mercy send, by night give songs shall he;
And to the God, by whom I live, my praier yet shall be.
verse 9 And I will say to God my rock, Why me forget'st thou so?
And why do I thus mourning go, oppressed with my foe?
verse 10 Like to a sword among my bones their sharp reproaches be;
While daily say my foes to me Thy God, now where is he?
verse 11 O why art thou cast down, my soule▪ why thus with griefe opprest?
Art thou disquieted in me? in God still hope and rest.
For yet I know I shall him praise, who graciously to me,
The health is of my countenance, yea mine owne God is he.


O Lord, against ungodly men me judge, and plea [...] for me;
And from the man of fraud and wrong, O s [...]t me safe and free:
verse 3 God of my strength thou art, why then thus cast me off dost thou?
Why for th' oppression of my foe thus mourning walk I now?
verse 3 O send to me thy light and truth, and lead me with thy grace;
Which may conduct me to thy h [...]l, and to thy dwelling place.
verse 4 Then to Gods altar, yea to God my chiefe joy go will I;
And on the Harp, O God, my God, will praise thee thankfully.
verse 5 Why art thou then cast down, my soul? what [...]hould discourage thee?
And why with vexing thoughts art thou disquieted in me?
verse 6 Still trust in God, for him to praise good [...]use I yet shall have;
He of my countenance is the health, my God that doth me save.


O God, we with our ears have heard, our fathers have us told,
What workes thou in their daies hast done, and in the times of old.
verse 2 How thou didst cast the Gentiles out, by thy owne mighty hand:
Planting our fathers in their place, and gav'st to them their land.
Not by their sword, or arme, the land of promise they possest:
But by thy hand, thy arme, and grace, because thou lov'st them best.
O God, who art my King, command for Jacob victories:
Through thee we shall beat downe our foes, which do against us rise.
For neither shall my sword me save, nor trust I in my bow:
But thou dost save us from our foes, and them dost overthrow.
In God we all the day do boast, and ever praise his Name:
But, Lord, now thou hast cast us off, and hast us put to shame.
[...] Thou with our armies goest not forth, but us thou now dost make
[...]o turne our backs before our foes, and they our spoiles do take.
[...] Thou hast us given up like sheep for meat that slain must be:
[...]mong the Heathen far and wide we scattered are by thee.
[...] Thou sell'st thy people, yet to thee no riches do arise:
[...]hou sell'st them, yet no wealth to thee is added by their price.
[...] Unto our neighbours a reproach thou hast us made to be:
[...]hey mock us that dwell round about, [...]o them a scorne are we.

The second part.

verse 14 Yea, thou among the heathen now a by-word us dost make:
The Nations proudly in contempt at us their heads do shake.
verse 15 Thus my confusion hast thou made before me still to be;
Thus comes it that the shame of face doth daily cover me.
verse 16 Ev'n for his voice that doth reproach and speaketh blasphemy;
By reason of th' avenging man, and cruell enemy.
verse 17 For all this we forgot not thee, nor yet thy covenant brake:
verse 18 We turn not back our hearts from thee, nor yet thy paths forsake.
verse 19 Though in the place of Dragons we sore broken are by thee;
And though with dreadful shade of death by thee we covered be.
verse 20 If our Gods Name we had forgot, and help of Idols sought:
verse 21 Shall not God search this out, who knows the hearts most secret thought?
verse 22 Yea, all the day most cruelly slaine for thy Name are we;
As sheep that are for slaughter kept, so we accounted be.
verse 23 But, Lord, awake, why sleepest thou? awoke, and us deliver:
verse 24 Arise, and do not us forsale, nor cast us off for ever.
verse 25 Why dost thou hide thy face, and us in griefes and wrongs dost leave?
To dust our soule stoops down, to earth our belly fast doth [...]leave.
verse 26 Arise, O thou most gracious God, a helper to us be;
We pray thee for thy mercies sake redeem and set us free.


MY heart doth utter forth good matter in a song;
I speak the things that I have made, which to the King belong.
verse 2 My tongue shall be as quick his honour to indite,
As is the pen of any Scribe, that useth fast to write.
verse 3 O fairest of all men, grace in thy lips doth flow;
And therefore blessings evermore on thee doth God bestow.
verse 4 Thy sword gird on thy thigh, thou that art most of might;
Appeare in dreadfull majesty, and in thy glory bright.
verse 5 Prosper and ride in state, for meeknesse, truth, and right;
And thy right hand shall dreadful things bring forth before thy sight.
verse 6 In the Kings enemies heart sharp shall thine arrowes be;
[Page 86] Whereby the people shall be forc't to fall downe under thee.
verse 7 Thy royall seat, O Lord, for ever shall remaine;
Because the scepter of thy raigne doth righteousnesse maintaine.
verse 8 Because thou lov'st the right, and dost the ill detest;
Thy Lord God hath anointed thee with joy above the rest.
verse 9 Of myrrhe and savours sweet, a smell thy garments had;
Out of the Ivory palaces, whereby they made thee glad.
verse 10 And in thy glorious traine Kings daughters waiting stand;
And thy faire Queen in precious gold doth stand at thy right hand.

The second part.

verse 11 O daughter, take good heed, incline and give good eare;
Thou must forget thy kindred all, and fathers house most deare.
verse 12 Thy beauty to the King shall then delightfull be;
And do thou humbly worship him, because thy Lord is he.
verse 13 The daughters then of Tyre there with a gift shall be;
And all the wealthy of the land shall make their suit to thee.
verse 14 The daughter of the King [Page 87] is glorious all within;
Her outward garments which she weares made of wrought gold have bin.
verse 15 She cometh to the King in robes with needle wrought;
The Virgins that do follow her shall unto thee be brought.
verse 16 They shall be brought with joy, and mirth on every side,
Into the palace of the King, and there they shall abide.
verse 17 In stead of parents deare, whom now thou dost forsake,
Shall be thy sons, whom Princes thou in all the earth maist make.
verse 18 I will shew forth thy Name to generations all.
Therefore the people evermore to thee give praises shall.


GOd is our strength, to whom we flie, when dangers do abound;
A present help, and very nie in troubles he is found.
verse 2 Therefore we will not be affraid, though th' earth removed be;
Though mountaines lifted up, and laid within the seas we see.
verse 3 No, though the troubled waves do roare, and fearfull thunders make;
Nor though the hills within the shoare do at their swelling shake.
verse 4 [Page 88] A river with his streames makes glad the city of our God;
The holy place, wherein he had his dwelling, and abode.
verse 5 God doth in midst of her remaine, nothing can her remove;
Right early God shall her sustaine, and help her in his love.
verse 6 The Heathen raged suriously, the Kingdomes moved were:
His voice he uttered from on high, the earth did melt for feare.
verse 7 The Lord of hosts with us remaines, and safe by him are we;
The God of Jacob us sustaines, our refuge strong is he.
verse 8 Come, and the works of God behold, and weigh them in your thought;
What desolations manifold he in the earth hath wrought.
verse 9 To the earths end, when once he speaks, wars he to peace doth turne;
The speare he cuts, the bow he breaks, the chariots he doth burne.
verse 10 Be still, and know, that God am I, I will exalted be;
The Heathen me shall magnifie, the earth shall honour me.
verse 11 The Lord of hosts doth us defend, he is our strength and tower;
On Jacobs God we do depend, and on his mighty power.


OClap your hands with one accord, all people, and rejoyce;
Be glad, and shout unto the Lord with a triumphing voice.
verse 2 For God most high right dreadfull is, all men his subjects be;
A great and universall King through all the earth is he.
verse 3 And under us he shall bring downe the people mightily:
And he the Nations shall constraine under our feet to lye.
verse 4 That heritage for us he chose, which he did best approve;
A glorious lot for Israel, whom he did dearly love.
verse 5 Our God ascended up on h [...]e with joy and pleasant noise,
The Lord go'th up above the skie with trumpets royall voice.
verse 6 Sing praises unto God sing praise, sing praises to our King:
verse 7 The praise of God, the earths great King, with understanding sing.
verse 8 God on the Heathen reignes, and sits upon his holy Throne:
The Princes of the people are made with Gods people one.
verse 9 They gathered are to Abrahams God, who dwelling up on hye:
The Shields of all the earth doth keep, and rules it mightily.


GReat is the Lord, & with great praise to be advanced still:
[...]thin the City of our God upon his holy hill.
verse 2 Mount Sion is a pleasant place, it gladdeth all the land;
The City of the mighty King on her North-side doth stand.
verse 3 A refuge in her palaces, well knowne is God most Hye:
verse 4 For lo, the Kings assembled were, together past they by.
verse 5 They viewed it, and having view'd, they wondring would not stay:
But being troubled at the sight, they thence did haste away.
verse 6 Great terror there took hold on them, they were possest with feare.
Their griese was like a womans paine, when she a child doth beare.
verse 7 Tempestuous winds the ships doe break, if once thou [...]o but speak.
The strongest ships of Tarshish thou with an Fast wind dost break.
verse 8 In the Lords City we have seen, as we have heard before:
Ev'n in Gods City, which he will establish evermore.
verse 9 Within thy Temple, gracious Lord, with comfort we have thought
Of thy great kindnesse, and thy love, which humbly there we sought.
verse 10 Lord, as thy Name, even so thy praise runs to the utmost land;
And with abundant righteousnes thou sillest thy right hand.
verse 11 Let Sion Mount rejoyce, because thy judgements it doth see;
Of Judah let the daughters all with gladnesse filled be.
verse 12 Go walk about all Sion hill, yea round about her go;
And tell the towers that thereupon are builded on a row.
verse 13 Consider her faire palaces, her bulwarks mark ye well;
That to the following age ye may her strength and beauty tell.
verse 14 Because this God is ours, our God for evermore is he▪
He will not leave us, but ourguide ev'n unto death will be.


HEare this all people, all give eare that in the world do dwell:
verse 2 Both high and low, both rich & poor, together mark it well.
verse 3 Because my mouth the weighty words of wisdome shall impart;
Of understanding are the thoughts, which iss [...]e from my heart.
verse 4 Unto an hidden parable I will encline mine eare;
[...]nd then will open on the Harp [Page 92] the secret which I heare.
verse 5 Why should I, that redeemed am, in ill daies feare or doubt:
When close my sins do follow me, and compasse me about?
verse 6 The rich indeed, who in their wealth do only put their trust;
And boast themselves in the great store of riches that do rust.
verse 7 None of these can their brothers soule redeem by any way;
Nor can he for him unto God an equall ransome pay.
verse 8 Their soules redemption pretious is, and left it still must be;
Wealth cannot make him ever live, and no corruption see.
verse 9 Por that wise men and brutish sooles die all, they well perceive;
verse 10 And being dead, to other men their wealth behind do leave.
verse 11 Yet their deep thought is, that their house continue ever shall;
And their faire dwellings, for their lands by their owne names they call.
verse 12 But yet in honour shall not man abide continually;
But passing hence may be compar'd unto the beasts that dye.

The second part.

verse 13 Thus a great folly plainly is their wisdome, and their way;
[Page 93] Yet their posterity approves what they do fondly say.
verse 14 Like sheep they in the grave are laid, and death doth them devoure;
And in the morning shall the just on them have rule and power.
Their beauty shall consume away, and perish in the grave;
When for a dwelling in the dust their house they changed baye.
verse 15 But God will surely me redeem from hands of grave and hell:
For he at last will me receive with him in blisse to dwell.
verse 16 Then if a man grow very rich, affraid thou must not be;
Nor when the glory of his house thou dost increased see.
verse 17 For he shall carry nothing hence, when death his daies doth end;
Nor shall his glory after him into the grave descend.
verse 18 Though he his soul did seem to bless whiles he on earth did live:
(For when thou to thy self dost well, men will thee praises giv [...].)
verse 19 Yet shall he to his fathers go, which have been dead before;
Ev'n to their generation, who light shall see no more.
verse 20 Thus man in honour is, yet whiles he understands not right
[Page 94] His true felicity, is like the beasts that perish quite.


THe mighty God the Lord spake, and the earth did call,
From the Sun-rising to the place where he doth set and fall.
verse 2 And out of Sion hill, which by the Grace divine
Of beauty the perfection is, he gloriously doth [...]hine.
verse 3 Our God shall come and speak, yea, speak with power shall he:
Before him sire shall waste, and stormes shall round about him be.
verse 4 And to the heavens cleere he from above shall call:
He to the earth shall call, that he may judge his people all.
verse 5 Together let my Saints unto me gathered be;
Those that by sacrifice have made a covenant sirme with me.
verse 6 And then the heavens shall his righteousnes declare:
For God himself is Judge of all, whose judgements righteous are.
verse 7 My people Israel heare speak will I from on hie;
Against thee testifie I will: God, even thy God am I.
verse 8 For sacrifices few [Page 95] thee blame I never will,
Nor for burnt-offerings; for the same appeare before me still.
verse 9 Think'st thou that I do need thy cattell young or old?
Or else so much desire to seed on goats out of thy fold?
verse 10 The beasts are all mine owne which in the world abound;
And all the cattell which upon a thousand hills are found.
verse 11 The fowles of mountaines hie are all to me well knowne:
Wild beasts which in the fields do lie, ev'n they are all mine owne.
verse 12 Then need I not to thee for hunger to complaine;
Because the world belongs to me, and what it doth containe.

The second part.

verse 13 That I the flesh of Bulls will eat once canst thou think?
Or else that I to quench my thirst the bloud of goats would drink.
verse 14 But rather to the Lord thanksgiving offer thou;
To the most High performe thy word, and fully pay thy vow.
verse 15 And do thou call on me in all thy troublous daies;
And then I will deliver thee, [...]nd thou shalt give me praise.
verse 16 [Page 96] But to the wicked traine, which talk of God each day;
And yet their works are soule and vaine, to them the Lord will say:
verse 17 With what a face dar'st thou my word once speak, or name?
Why doth thy talk my Law allow, thy deeds deny the same?
verse 18 Whereas for to amend thy life thou art so slack:
My word, which thou dost thus pretend, is cast behind thy back.
verse 19 If thou a th [...]fe dost see, thou joyn'st with him in sin;
And with unclean adulterers thou hast partaker bin.
verse 20 Thy mouth maliciously to evill thou dost give:
verse 21 Thy tongue thy neighbour to deceive by crafty words doth strive.
verse 22 Against thy brother neere thou sitting downe dost speak;
Thy tongue against thy mothers son in slanders forth doth break.
verse 23 These things thus hast thou done, and I have silent bin;
Thou thought'st that I was like to thee, who dost delight in sin.
verse 24 But I will thee reprove for thine iniquities;
And I will them in order set plainly before thine eies.
verse 25 [Page 97] Consider this with feare, ye that forget the Lord;
Lest into pieces you he teare, when none can help afford.
verse 26 Whoso doth offer praise, he glorifieth me;
And he that doth uprightly walk, shall Gods salvation see.


ACcording tothy goodnesse great have mercy, Lord, on me;
Blot out my sins, for numberlesse thy tender mercies be.
verse 2 From mine iniquity and sin, Lord, throughly wash thou mee:
For my transgressions, I consesse, my sin I ever see.
verse 3 Against thee, thee alone have I sin'd, and transgrest thy Law;
Before thee evill have I done, thy glorious eies it saw.
verse 4 That when thou sentence dost pro­nounce, thou justifi'd maist be;
And wholly cleere, when thou for sin dost judge and chasten me.
B [...]hold, in wickednesse my shape and being I receiv'd;
[...]infull of sin, and flesh of flesh my mother me conceiv'd.
But [...]o, the truth in inward parts [...] pleasant unto thee;
[Page 98] And secrets of thy wisdome thou revealed hast to mee.
verse 7 With hysope (Lord) besprinkle me I shall be cleansed so:
Yea, wash thou me, and so I shall be whiter then the snow.
verse 8 Of joy and gladnesse make thou mee to heare the pleasant voice;
That so the bruised bones, which thou hast broken, may rejoyce.
verse 9 From the beholding of my sins, Lord, turne away thy face;
And all my deeds of wickednesse do utterly deface.
verse 10 O God, create in me a heart unspotted in thy sight;
Within my bowels, Lord, renew a spirit sound and right.

The second part.

verse 11 Cast me not from thy sight, nor t [...] thy holy spirit away;
The joy of thy salvation give me againe I pray.
verse 12 With thy free spirit me still up [...] transgressors then of mee
Shall learn thy waies, and sinners sh [...] be turned unto thee.
verse 13 O God, that art my Saviour, from bloud deliver mee;
That praises of thy righteousnesse my tongue may sing to thee.
verse 14 The lips which sin fast close [...] [Page 99] Lord, open and untie;
My mouth shall freely speak thy praise, thus set at libertie.
verse 15 I would have offered sacrifice, if that had pleased thee;
But pleased with burnt-offering I know thou wilt not be.
verse 16 A broken spirit is to God a pleasant sacrifice:
A broken and a contrite heart, God, thou wilt not despise.
verse 17 Do good to Sion in thy love, and ever her sust [...]ine:
Th walls of thy Jerusalem build thou, and still maintaine,
verse 18 The sacrifice of righteousnesse, and off [...]ings then to thee
S [...]ll pleasing be, then bullocks shall laid on thine altar be.


O Mighty man, in wickednesse why dost thou b [...]ast with pride?
[...] [...] thou sure, Gods graciousnesse for ever shall [...]ide.
verse 2 T [...]y tong [...] doth utter what thy thought [...] c [...]tily:
Like a sharp rasor it hath wrought [...]hiefe deceitfully.
verse 3 To [...]vill more then good thy love is carried vehemently;
And lying thou dost more approve t [...]en to speak righteously.
verse 4 [Page 100] Those deadly words thou lovest wel [...] that may destroy and kill;
And thy deceitfull tongue doth tell the tales that bloud may spill.
verse 5 Thou likewise battered by Gods han [...] and snatch't away shalt be:
Thee from thy house, and from the la [...] of life root out shall he.
verse 6 The just with feare shall plainly see Gods judgement in thy fall;
Yet for thy folly, thus of thee with laughter say they shall:
verse 7 Behold the man that would not ta [...] the Lord for his defence:
But of his goods his God did make, and sin his confidence.
verse 8 But like to a green olive-tree within Gods house am I:
For in Gods mercy great shall be my trust continually.
verse 9 And I, because thou this hast done, to praise thee will not cease:
And I will wait thy Name upon, for this thy Saints doth please.


THe foolish man within his heart hath said, God there is none:
verse 2 Corrupt are they, their deeds are v [...] and good not one hath done.
verse 3 The Lord upon the sons of men from heav'n did cast his eye;
[Page 101] To see if any one were wise, and sought God faithfully.
verse 4 But they together filthy are, and back they all are gone;
And there is none that good doth work, surely there is not one.
verse 5 These workers of iniquity are they so blinded all,
That they my people eat like bread? on God they do not call.
verse 6 Even there they were affraid, & stood with trembling all dismaid;
Whereas there was no cause at all, why they should be affraid.
verse 7 For God his bones that thee besieg'd, hath scattered all abroad:
Thou hast confounded them, for they rejected are of God.
verse 8 O Lord, give thou thy people health, and thou, O Lord, fulfill
Thy promise made to Israel, from out of Sion hill.
verse 9 When God from sad captivity his people shall set free;
Then Jacob greatly shall rejoyce, and Israel glad shall be.


LOrd, by thy Name deliver me, and judge me by thy might;
Against those that mine enemies be keep, and maintaine my right.
Regard, O Lord, and give an eare [Page 102] to me when I do pray;
Bow downe thy selfe to me, and heare the words that I do say.
verse 3 For strangers up against me rise, and tyrants vexe me still;
Which have not God before their eies, they seek my soule to spill.
verse 4 But lo, my God doth give me aid, the Lord is straight at hand:
With them, by whom my soule is stai'd, the Lord doth ever stand.
verse 5 He shal with plagues reward my foes, for me in wait that lye:
Yea, in thy truth cut off all those that watch me spitefully.
verse 6 An offring of free heart and will, then I to thee shall make;
And praise thy Name, for therein still great comfort I do take.
verse 7 The Lord hath cleerly set me free out of my troubles all;
And now mine eye doth plainly see my soes expected fall.


O God, give eare, and do apply to heare me when I pray;
And when to thee I call and cry, hide not thy selfe away.
verse 2 Take heed to me, grant my request, and answer me againe:
With plaints I pray full sore opprest, great griefe doth me constraine.
Mine enemies words affrighting be, the wicked me oppresse:
They cast iniquity on me in wrath and spitefulnesse.
Great paine my heart disquieteth, it vexed is in me:
[...] terrours of untimely death upon me sallen be.
A trembling great, with fearfulnesse do come and seize on me;
[...]onour doth me so much oppresse, I no way out can see.
Then did I say thus O that I the wings had of a Dove!
[...]m wrong then I away would fly [...], and me to rest remove.
Lo, then I would go far away, to [...]ee I would not cease;
[...]ll with safety I might stay in some great wildernesse.
And my escape more sure to make, I would be gone in [...]aste;
[...] me the tempest do not take, nor the fierce stormy blast,
Destroy, O Lord, and do consound their tongues, and them divide:
Or in their city strife I found, and violence I [...]spi'd.
These on the walls both night & day do go about it round;
[...]d in the midst doth mischiefe stay, and sorrow doth abound.
verse 12 In midst thereof is wickednesse, ev'n in the very heart;
And from her streets deceitfulnesse and guile do not depart.
verse 13 If enemies had reproached me, it well en [...]ure I could;
If open foes my scorner [...] be, from such me hide I would.
verse 14 But it was thou, who for a friend and fellow lately past;
And who to guide me didst pretend, and my acquaintance wast.
verse 15 With whom I had delight to talk in secret, and abroad;
And we together oft did walk within the house of God.

The second part.

verse 16 Let death in baste upon them fall, and send them quick to hell:
For mischiefe is among them all, and dwelleth where they dwell:
verse 17 But I upon my God will call, of him I help will crave;
And me the Lord deliver shall, he surely shall me save.
verse 18 At morning noon, and evening I will pray in all my feare:
Yea, I to him aloud will cry, and he my voice shall [...]eare.
verse 19 My soule in peace he hath made si [...] from warre against me set;
Because of those that were with me, the multitude was great.
verse 20 The Lord shall heare when I complaine, even he that is of old;
And them he shall afflict with paine, and judgements manifold.
verse 21 Because they have no changes seen, but still at rest they were:
Therefore presumptuous they have been, and God they do not feare.
verse 22 Upon his friend he laid his hand, with whom he peace did make:
Of friendship thus the solemne band and covenant he brake.
verse 23 Whiles in his heart he [...]arbours war, like butter are his words:
Whiles smooth as oile his speeches are; yet be they sharp dr [...]wn swords.
verse 24 Upon the Lord thy burthen lay, and thee sustaine shall he;
His Saints he doth so strongly stay, that mov'd they shall not be.
verse 25 But, Lord, thou to the pit shalt drive men bloudy and unjust:
For halfe their daies such shall not live, but I in thee will trust.


HAve mercy, Lord, on me, I pray, for man would me devoure;
He sighteth with me day by day, and troubleth me each houre.
verse 2 Mine enemies in their rage and spight would daily swallow me:
For those, O thou most High, that sight against me, many be.
verse 3 But when their multitude and power most terrour strike on mee;
I even in that time and houre will put my trust in thee.
verse 4 Gods promise surely praise I shall, my trust is, Lord, in thee:
I therefore will not feare at all what flesh can do to mee.
verse 5 What things I either did or spake, they wrest them at their will;
And all the counsell that they take, is how to work me ill.
verse 6 They all consent themselves to hide, close watch for me to lay;
They spie my paths, and snares have ti'd to take my life away.
verse 7 Shall they by their iniquity escape from judgement free?
Lord, let the people searfully cast downe in fury be.
verse 8 Thou seest how oft they made me flee, and on my teares dost look:
Them in a bottle keep by thee; are they not in thy book?
verse 9 My foes shall turn their backs, when I send up my cry to thee;
This do I know assuredly, for God doth sta [...]d for mee.
verse 10 In God, performing what he spake, I now will praise his word:
His word which thus he good dot [...] mak [...] praise will I in the Lord.
verse 11 On God alone my trust is stai'd, my rock and rest is he:
Therefore I will not be affraid what man can do to me.
verse 12 Thy vowes, O Lord, upon me be, and them I shall fulfill;
And hearty praises unto thee I gladly render will.
verse 13 For thou, my soul, from deaths dark night, my feet from falls dost free;
To walk before thee in the light of those that living be.


BF mercifull to me, O Lord, be mercifull to me;
Because according to thy word my so [...]le doth trust in thee.
verse 2 Yea, she unto the shadow [...] of thy wings, her to cover;
Untill these sa [...] calamities be wholly passed over.
verse 3 To God most High my earnest [...]ry in praier sent shall be;
Even to that God, who graciou [...]ly performeth all for me.
verse 4 From heaven shall his power descend, to save me from their spight
That would [...]voure me, God shall send his mercy, truth, and might.
verse 5 With Lionsf [...]ll of cruelty my troubl [...]d soule doth dwell:
[Page 108] Their fury amongst whom I lye, is set on fire of hell.
verse 6 These sons of men are very sie [...]ce, which seek to do me wrong.
Their teeth like speare [...] & arrows pierce a sharp sword is their tongue.
verse 7 Above the heavens thou, O God, exalted be in praise:
Let men on all the earth abroad aloft thy glory raise.
verse 8 They for my steps a net did sit, my soule did faint in me;
Before me they have digg'd a pit, but fall'n therein they be.
verse 9 My heart is fixed stedfastly to praise thy works and waies;
My heart is fixed Lord, and I will sing, and give thee praise.
verse 10 Aw [...]ke my tongue, harp, psaltery, no longer silence keep:
For early God to magnifie I will break off my sleep.
verse 11 Among the people I will tell the goodnesse of my God;
And shew his praise that doth excell, in heathen lands abroad.
verse 12 Because unto the heavens high thy mercy doth ascend:
Thy truth doth also gloriously unto the clouds extend.
verse 13 Above the heavens thou, O God, exalted be in praise:
[Page 109] Let men on all the earth abroad alost thy glory raise.


YE Rulers, that are put in trust, to judge of wrong and right:
Be all your judgements true and just, not knowing gift, or might?
verse 2 Nay, in your hearts you plot & muse to work unrighteousnesse;
And violence in the earth you use, you with your hands oppresse.
verse 3 The wicked from the very womb thus e [...]e out of the way;
As soon as to the world they come, in lies they go astray.
verse 4 In them the po [...]son we may see of Serpents to appeare;
And like the Adder deafe they be, which fast doth stop his eare.
verse 5 That so th [...] vo [...]ce he may not heare of one that charme him would;
No▪ not though he most cunning were, and cha [...]me most wisely could.
verse 6 Lord, let their teeth by thy great might in their mouth broken be:
Let the young Lions jawes be quite asunder [...]orne by thee.
verse 7 Let them as streames, that running are away, so melt and slide;
And when their arrowes they prepare, in pieces them divide.
verse 8 As Snailes do melt and waste away, consum'd so let them be;
[Page 110] That, as a birth untimely, they the Sun may never see.
verse 9 Ere to their pots thorns heat can give▪ he takes them hence in haste;
His whirlwind takes them hence alive, and his wraths dreadfull blast.
verse 10 The righteous shall be joyfull then, when he doth vengeance see;
And in the bloud of wicked men his feet shall washed be.
verse 11 Then shall men s [...], that verily the Saints reward shall find;
And that a God is certainly the Judge of all mankind.


FRom all my cruell enemies, my God, deliver me;
From all that do against me rise, let me be kept by thee.
verse 2 From those that work iniquity in mercy set me free:
From men of bloud and cruelty, save and deliver mee.
verse 3 For [...]o, in wait for me they lye, the mighty do combine;
Against me [...]deservedly, and for no fault of mine.
verse 4 The [...] [...]un, and do prepare for war, when I give no offence;
Awake, and from me be not far, look out for my defence.
verse 5 Most mighty God of Israel, to judge the world awake;
Spare none that wilfully rebell, but on them vengeance take.
verse 6 At evening they returne againe, as dogs a no [...]se they make;
About the city food to gaine, their hungry walk they take.
verse 7 Behold, their mouths belch cruelty, and in their lips are swords;
For who, say they, is here so nigh, that he can heare our words?
verse 8 But laugh at them they wisdome shall, while thus their sins they hide:
The unbeleeving [...] all, O Lord, thou shalt de [...]ide.
verse 9 Because mine enemies mighty be, therefore with confidence
I will depend, and wait on thee, for God is my defence.
verse 10 The God of all my mercy me with favour shall prevent;
That I upon my soes may see deserved punishment.

The seco [...]d part.

verse 11 Slay them not, lest from mind it slide, disperse them by thy power;
And bring them down in all their pride, O Lord our shield and tower.
verse 12 For wicked words, for their mouthes sin, let their owne pride them take:
Their lips to cursing us'd have bin, and their mouth lies to make.
verse 13 Consume them wholly in thy wrath, and cause them not to be;
That God all rule in Jacob hath, so let them plainly see.
verse 14 At evening they returne againe, like dogs a noise they make;
About the City food to gaine, their hungry walk they take.
verse 15 And let them wander to and fro, and seek for food to eat:
And grudge when they do hungry grow, and be not fill'd with meat.
verse 16 But I thy power, I early will aloud thy mercy praise:
For thou hast been my refuge still, and help in troublous daies.
verse 17 Thou art my strength, thou hast mee sta [...]'d, and I will sing to thee:
For God is my defence and aid, a gracious God to me.


LOrd, thou of late us off [...]ast cast, and scattered us abroad:
For thou with us displeased wast, returne to us, O God.
verse 2 Thy wrath did make the earth to quake, and it thine angerbrake;
Yet whole the breaches of it make, for it doth greatly shake.
verse 3 Thou with hard things affrightest thus the people that are thine;
And thou hast given unto us [Page 113] a drink of deadly wine.
verse 4 But yet to those that do thee feare, a banner thou didst send;
That it displaid might witnesse beare, thou dost the truth defend.
verse 5 That so those who to thee are deare delivered may be:
O save with thy right hand, and heare when I do pray to thee.
verse 6 God spake thus from his holy hill, my joy shall now be great;
Sichem in parts divide I will; and Succoths valley mete.
verse 7 Gilead I claime as mine by right, Manass [...]h mine shall be:
Ephraim is of my hea [...] the might, Judah gives lawes for me.
verse 8 Moab I for my wash-pot take, and Edom over thee
I cast my shoe, Philistia make a shout because of me.
verse 9 Into the City fortisi'd who will me safely bring?
Who into Edom will me guide, to enter conquering?
verse 10 Wilt not thou, Lord which heretofore hast seemed us to late.
Thou, Lord, who with our hosts no more hast marched forth of late.
verse 11 O give us help, most gracious Lord, from trouble set us free;
Because the help which men afford [Page 114] we find most vaine to be.
verse 12 And now through God incouraged we shall do valiantly:
For he our enemies down shall tread, and make them low to lye.


REgard (O Lord) for I complaine, and make my suit to thee;
Let not my praier ascend in vaine, but give an eare to me.
verse 2 From the earths end, and utmost part, cry will I unto thee;
When with the weight of grief my heart is overwhelm'd in me.
verse 3 Unto that [...]ock conduct me now, that higher is then I:
For my strong tower and fort wast thou against mine enemy.
verse 4 And in thy tabernacle still I gladly will abide:
Under thy wings I ever will my selfe in safety hide.
verse 5 For thou, O God, my vows didst hear, and of thy bounty free;
Thou giv'st with those thy Name that fear, an heritage to me.
verse 6 Daies added unto daies to see, thou to the King shalt give;
Like many generations be the yeares which he shall live.
verse 7 Before the Lord a dwelling place for ever he shall have:
[Page 115] Prepare thy mercy, truth, and grace, him to preserve and save.
So ever thankfully I will sing praises to thy Name;
[...]at all my vowes I may fulfill, and daily pay the same.


TRuly my soule doth wait upon the high and holy One;
[...]ecause all my salvation doth come from him alone.
He only is my rock and tower, my Saviour is he:
[...]e is my strength, and with no power I greatly mov'd shall be.
verse 3 To hurt a man why study ye? [...]e [...]hall be slaughtered all:
For as a rotten hedge ye be, and like a tottering wall.
verse 4 They plot th [...] servant down to presse, they do delight to l [...]e;
When with their mouth they seem to blesse, then curse they inwardly.
verse 5 But thou, my soule, still wait upon the Lord, and him attend;
Because my expectation doth all on him depend.
verse 6 He only is my rock and tower, my Saviour is he;
He is my strength, and by no power I now shall moved be.
verse 7 In God doth my salvation lie, my glory great is he:
My rock of strength, to God I flie when dangers threaten me.
verse 8 To make him still your trust and stay ye people all accord;
Poure out your hearts to him, and say, Our refuge is the Lord.
verse 9 The chiefe of men deceitfull are, in mean men is no weight:
With vanity do them compare, and they will prove more light.
verse 10 Trust not in wrong, & let not s [...]ealth make you unjust and vaine:
Set not your heart upon your wealth, when ye much riches gaine.
verse 11 God once did speak, [...]ea once againe, for twice heard have I this:
That power doth to God pertaine, and that all strength is his.
verse 12 And that high mercy, Lord, alone belongeth unto thee:
For thou shalt give to every one, as here his work shall be.


O God, my God, thou only art a spring of li [...]e to me;
And early I for thee will seek, my soule doth thirst for thee.
And in this barren wi [...]nesse, where waters there are none:
My flesh doth greatly long for thee, for thee I wish alone.
verse 2 That now thy glory and thy power, I with delight may see:
As in thy house I heretofore have seen and worship't thee.
verse 3 Because thy mercie to thy Saints doth life it selfe excell;
Therefore my lips shall thankfully thy glorious praises tell.
verse 4 Thus will I blesse thee while I live, and ever give thee praise;
And in thy Name lift up my hands in praier all my daies.
verse 5 Even as with marrow and with fat, my soule shall filled be:
Also my mouth with joyfull lips shall praises sing to thee.
verse 6 When thee I musing on my bed remember with delight;
And when on thee I meditate in watches of the night.
verse 7 Because my helper thou hast been, and me preservest still;
In the safe shadow of thy wings, therefore rejoyce I will.
verse 8 My longing soule doth follow hard, and closely cleave to thee;
And thou againe with thy right hand in love upholdest me.
verse 9 But to the grave they shall descend that would my ruine see:
The sword shall slay them, and a prey to Foxes they shall be.
verse 10 Yet shall the King in God rejoyc [...] and all those glory shall
That worship him, but stopt shallbe the mouth of liars all.


O Lord, unto my voice give eare, when I to thee do pray;
And sa [...]e preserve my soule from fe [...] of [...]oes that would me [...].
verse 2 From secret plots of wicked soes, hi [...]e and deliver me;
And from the rising up of those that evill workers be.
verse 3 Who do their tongues with mal [...] w [...] and m [...]ke them cut like swords;
And in whose bowes are [...]owes se [...], even sharp and bitte [...] words.
verse 4 That so they may shoot secretly at him that is upright:
At him they do shoot suddenly, and do not fear [...] thy sight.
verse 5 In ill themselves [...] fortifi [...], and when their s [...]res to lay
They talk together privil [...], Who doth us se [...] ▪ they say.
verse 6 They search for mischiefe, yea for it a perfect search they make▪
From the [...] depth and inmost wi [...] each one his plots doth take.
verse 7 But at them shall God [...] arrow [...], their craft he shall confound:
For wi [...]h his arrow suddenly [Page 119] these plotters he shall wound.
verse 8 Yea, their own tongues these men shall make towork their owne decay:
All that them see shall them forsake, and swif [...]ly flie away.
verse 9 For on all men a feare shall fall, Gods works they shall declare:
For wisely they consider shall, that these his doings are.
verse 10 The righteous shall be gl [...]d, and trust in God, and in his might:
And glory gr [...]atly shall the just in heart, that are upright.


ON thee, Lord, who dost Sion save, praise waits in Sion hill:
And all the vowes which made they have to thee they shall fulfill.
verse 2 There is no other God, by whom a praier heard may be:
Therefore all flesh shall humbly come in praier unto thee.
verse 3 Iniquities I do confesse pr [...]vailed over me;
Yet from sins great and numberlesse we shall b [...] purg'd by thee.
verse 4 Blest are thy chosen, whom thy grace plants in thy courts with thee;
With goodnesse of thy holy place and house they fill'd shall be.
verse 5 By dreadfull things thou righteously wilt answer us, O God:
[Page 120] On whom all the earths ends rely, and the seas far abroad.
verse 6 The mountains that excell in heigh [...] his strength hath stablished;
As with a girdle, so with might he is encompassed.
verse 7 The swelling seas thou dost asswage and mak'st their streames full still:
Thou dost restraine the peoples rage, and [...]ul'st them at thy will.
verse 8 Thy tokens the earths ends shall see and seeing feare they shall:
The rising Sun sings praise to thee, and when he downe doth fall.
verse 9 The earth thou visit'st boing dry, and watrest with thy springs;
And so enrich't abundantly by thee much fruit it brings.
Gods river doth▪ it overflow, whose waters plen [...]eous are:
When for it thou provid [...]st so, their corne thou dost prepare.
verse 10 By thee the ridges moisture take, and furrowes settled be:
W [...]th showers thou it soft dost m [...]ke, the spring is blest by thee.
verse 11 Thus thou the yeare most liberally dost with thy goodnesse crowne;
And thus on us abundant [...]y thy paths drop fatnesse downe.
verse 12 They drop upon the pastures wide, that do in desar [...]s lye:
[Page 121] The little hills on every si le rejoyce right pleasantly.
verse 13 With flocks the pastures clothed be, the vale [...] with corne [...]re clad;
[...] now they thout and sing to thee, f [...]r thou hast made them glad.

PSAL. LXV [...].

[...] men on earth, in God rejoyce, with praise s [...]t for [...]h his Name;
[...]oll both with your heart and voice h [...]s glory, and h [...]s same.
How wonderfull O Lord, say ye, in [...] thy works thou art?
[...] enemies shall bow down to thee, tho [...]gh with a saining heart.
T [...] earth throughout shall worship thee, [...] earths [...] Lord and King;
[...] thy Name shall praised be, [...] pr [...]se to thee shall sing.
All men come forth, behold and see what things the Lord hath wrought;
[...]k well the wondrous works that he for man to passe hath brought.
The sea to dry land turned he, they through the floud did passe;
[...] they past, and there in thee, Lord, great their gladnesse was.
[...] rule [...] for ever by his might, his [...] all Nations see:
[...] not those that against t [...]ee sight, in pride exalted be.
verse 8 O all ye people, blesse our God, and let the cheerfull voice
Of his due praise be heard abroad, in him with thanks rejoyce.
verse 9 For he our soule in life doth hold; and of his grace and love
Suffers not dangers manifold our feet away to move.
verse 10 For thou, O Lord, hast proved us, and as with burning heat
Men trie their silver, thou hast thus tri'd us with sorrowes great.
verse 11 Thou hast us brought into the net, where we entangled were;
Upon our loines affliction great thou didst us make to bear.
verse 12 Over our heads fierce men to ride were for our triall sent;
And we distrest on every side, through fire and water went.
Yet when we were abased thus, and hopelesse seem'd our case;
Then, ev'n then, forth thou broughtest [...] into a wealthy place.

The second part.

verse 13 Unto thy house resort will I to off [...] and to pray;
And the [...]e I will my selfe apply my vowe, to thee to pay.
verse 14 Th [...] vowes that with my mouth spak [...] in all my griefe and smart:
The vowes (I say) which I did make in sorrow of my heart.
verse 15 Incense of rams and fatlings I will offer unto thee;
And goats with bullocks thankfully by me shall offered be.
verse 16 Come neere, and [...]earken every one, whose soule the Lord doth feare;
And what he for my soule hath done, you now from me shall heare.
verse 17 To him in my adversitie I with my mouth did crie;
And with my tongue I the most Hie with praise did magnifie.
verse 18 I also watch't, lest any way my heart might sin regard:
For then I knew, when I did pray, my prai'r would not be heard.
verse 19 But God hath heard me verily, and he did well attend
Unto my praiers, voice, and crie, which did to him ascend.
verse 20 And blessed be the Lord, for he turnes not my praier away;
Nor doth his mercy turne from me, for which to him I pray.


HAve mercy on us, Lord, and grant to us thy grace;
To shew to us do thou accord the brightnesse of thy face.
verse 2 That all the earth may know the way that leads to thee:
And all the Nations here below thy saving health may see.
verse 3 Let all the world, O God, give praise unto thy Name:
O let the people all abroad extoll and la [...]d the same.
verse 4 Throughout the world so wide, let all rejoyce with mirth:
For thou with truth and right dost guide the Nations of the earth.
verse 5 Let all the world, O God, give praise unto thy Name:
O let the people all abroa [...] ex [...]oll an [...] land the same.
verse 6 Then shall the eart [...] increase, great store o [...] fr [...] shall fall;
And then our God, the God of peace, shall greatly blesse us all.
verse 7 Yea, God shall blesse us all, who praise him with our hearts;
And men him feare, and worship shall in the earths utmost parts.


LEt God arise, and let his f [...]es be [...]attered in their [...]ght:
An [...] let them all that do him [...]te [...] [...]om before his sight.
verse 2 As smo [...]k is driven, so drive t [...]ou them, [...] fire melts wax [...] away;
B [...]ore Go [...] face let wicked men so perish an [...] decay.
verse 3 But let the righteous men be glad, ev'n in Go [...] glorious sight;
L [...] them rejoyce, yea, let the Saints [Page 125] rejoyce with all their might.
verse 4 To God that on the heavens doth ride▪ sing praise with cheerfull voice;
And by his Name of Jah him praise, before his face rejoyce.
verse 5 A father of the fatherlesse, the widowes Judge is he;
[...] God in his most holy place, who thence doth all men see.
verse 6 The solitary God doth set in familie [...], and from bands
The chain'd doth free; while rebels dwell in dry and desart lands.
verse 7 When thou didst go before thy flock▪ set free from great distresse;
[...]ching before them as their guide t [...]rough the great wildernesse:
verse 8 Then did thy presence shake the earth▪ then drops from heaven fell:
Sin [...]i did shake before the Lord, the God of Israel.
verse 9 But, Lord, thou to thine heritage didst send a plenteous raine;
Whereby when weary it became, it was refresh't againe.
verse 10 Thy congregation dwelt therein, for thy especiall grace,
O God, for thy poore people there prepar'd a dwelling place.

The second part.

verse 11 The word was given us from above by our almighty God:
[Page 126] Great was the company of those that publish't it abroad.
verse 12 The Kings of armies fled apace, they [...]led, and would not stay;
And she that tarried then at home, did take and part the prey.
verse 13 And though ye lay among the pots, like Doves ye shall appeare;
Whose wings with silver, and with gold whole feathers covered were.
verse 14 When the Almighty with his power great Kings did overthrow;
Then was it like to Salmon hill, when it was white with snow.
verse 15 The hill of God, as Basan hill, mounts up towards the skie;
As Basan hill, so is his hill exalted up on hie.
verse 16 Why leap ye so, ye mountaines hie? this is Gods loved hill;
Where he desires to dwell, and where he dwell for ever will.
verse 17 Gods chariots twenty thousands are, his angels thousands be;
With them, as in the holy place, on Sinai mount is he.
verse 18 And thou triumphing gloriously ascended hast on hie;
And with thee thou hast captive led our sad captivitie.
Thou hast received gifts for men, even those that did rebell:
[Page 127] That being turned to the Lord, the Lord with them may dwell.
verse 19 Blessed be God, with whose great gifts we daily laden be;
Blessed be God, because alone our Saviour is he.
verse 20 He of salvation is the God, who is our God most strong;
The issues from expected death to God the Lord belong.
verse 21 But God his enemies head shall wound, and in his kindled wrath
The hairy scalp of him that walkes still in a sinfull path.

The third part.

verse 22 God said, My people I will bring againe from Basan hill:
Yea, from the seas devouring depths them bring againe I will.
verse 23 That in thy conquen'd enemies bloud thy feet may dipped be;
And that while dogs do lick the same, their tongues thou red maist see.
verse 24 Men well have seen thy goings, Lord, in majestie and glorie;
How thou dost go▪ my God and King, into thy Sanctuarie.
verse 25 The singers first, and next came they on Instruments that play:
The Damsels that on Timbrels plaid were with them in the way.
verse 26 Now in thy congregations all, O Israel, praise the Lord;
[Page 128] And Jacobs whole pos [...]erity give thankes with one accord.
verse 27 There little Benjamin with their head Princes and counsell there
Of Judah were, there Zab [...]lons and Nepthalies Princes were.
verse 28 Thy word, O God, and thy comm [...] this strength to us hath brought;
And, Lord, we pray thee, strengthen n [...] what thou for us hast wrought.
verse 29 Thy Temple at Jerusalem, and worship placed be;
Therefore shall many Princes come, and presents bring to thee.
verse 30 Rebuke the Spear-mens company, those Calves and Bulls of might;
Make them pay tribute, and confound those that in war delight.
verse 31 Then shall the lords of Egypt come▪ and present [...]with them bring:
The Blackmoores shall stretch out the [...] hand [...] unto their Lord and King.
verse 32 Yea, all [...]e Kingdomes of the earth, sing praises to this King:
For he is Lord of all the earth, unto him praises sing.
verse 33 He on the highest heaven rides, the heav'ns of old that were:
Yea, thence he sendsa mighty voice, a voice that striketh feare.
verse 34 Ascribe ye strength unto the Lord▪ his excellency he
[Page 129] On Israel shewes, and from the clouds his strength he makes us see.
verse 35 Though dreadfull from his holy place▪ v [...] Israels God is [...]e;
Who gives his people strength & power: God therefore blessed be.


O God, s [...]ve [...]nd deliver me, the waters so increase,
That neere my soule the [...] entred be; Lord, make their rag [...] to cease.
verse 2 In the dee [...] mire sink downe I do, where standing there [...]s none;
In the deep waters while I go, flouds me have overflowne.
verse 3 My crying now hath wearied me, my throat therewith is drie;
Mine eies do faile, while long on thee I wait, my God most hi [...].
verse 4 Those whom I never injured, yet hatred beare to me:
Yea, more then haires upon my head; these men in number be.
verse 5 And strong my causlesse enemies be, who gladly would me slay;
So to restore they forced me, what I took not away.
verse 6 Mine errours and my foolishnesse, Lord, thou dost know, and see
My faults, and all my sinfulnesse cannot be hid from thee.
verse 7 Let not those be asham'd for me, O Lord, that wait on thee;
And let not those that seek to thee, for me confounded be.
verse 8 Because I for thy sake alone do suffer this disgrace;
And for thy sake, and not mine owne, shame covered hath my face.
verse 9 I to my brethren am become a stranger, and unknowne;
One mother bare us in her womb, yet me they would not owne.
verse 10 Because the zeale did eat up me which to thy house I bare:
And the reproaches cast at thee, upon me fallen are.

The second part.

verse 11 When I do weep, yea when I fast, for humbling of my soule;
This in a scoffe at me is cast, for this they me controule.
verse 12 Sackcloth I did my garment make when I in heart was sad:
But for a proverb me they take, and at my griefe are glad.
verse 13 They teare me with their slandr [...] tongu [...] who in the gate do sit;
On me the drunkards make their song [...] with wicked scoffing wit.
verse 14 But in a gracious time to thee my praier is, O Lord:
In thy great mercy heare thou me, for thy true saying word.
verse 15 Pluck thou my feet out of the mi [...]e, from sinking do me keep;
From such as do my hurt desire, and from the waters deep.
verse 16 Let not the flouds me overflow, nor deeps downe swallow me:
And let not the pits mouth below upon meclosed be.
verse 17 Good is thy kindnesse and thy love, therefore give eare to me:
Lord, turne to me, thy wrath remove, for great thy mercies be.
verse 18 And do not from thy servanthide, nor turne thy face away:
I am opprest on every side, in haste give eare I pray.
verse 19 Unto my troubled soule draw nie, redeem, and set it free;
And from mine enemies tyrannie, save and deliver me.
verse 20 Thou know'st all my reproach and shame, thou seest my great disgrace;
Mine enemies which procure the same are all before thy face.
verse 21 Reproaches broken have my heart, and I am full of griefe:
I look't who pity would impart, but none did give reliefe.
verse 22 But bitter gall in stead of meat to me they given have:
For drink, even when my thirst was great, sharp [...]inegar they gave.

The third part.

verse 23 Their table turn'd into a share before them let us see:
Let that by which they well should [...] to a trap changed be.
verse 24 And let their eies so darkned be, that sight may them for sake;
And let th [...] lo [...]nes be made by thee continually to shake.
verse 25 Powre out thine indignation upon them ve [...]emently:
Let t [...]y sierce wrath them seize upon, an [...] h [...]vie on [...]hem lve▪
verse 26 And let their habitation be [...]solate and waste;
And in their empty tents not one inhabitant be pla [...]t.
verse 27 For whom thou in thy love d [...] sm [...] they hate and hurt him more.
With talk to grieve him they delight, whom thou didst wound before.
verse 28 The [...] let them adde iniquity to former wickednesse;
And let them not come happily into thy righteousnesse.
verse 29 Out from the book of living soul [...] blotted be they by thee;
And never let them in t [...]e roules of just men written be.
verse 30 But I am poore, and full of grie [...] [...] [...]ord, to my soule d [...]aw ni [...]:
[...] thy salvation give [...]liefe, [...]d [...] me up on hi [...],
verse 31 The Name of God thén with a song praise heartily will I;
And with thanksgiving shall my tongue h [...]m greatly magnifie.
verse 32 This sacrifice of praise shall more delightfull be to thee,
Then of young [...]ulls and oxen store, with [...] and hornes can be.
verse 33 When this the humble men shall see, it joy to them shall give;
And, Lord, all those that seek for thee, their heart shall ever live.
verse 34 Because the Lord the poor doth hear, when they their praiers make;
And not despiseth [...] that were made prisoners for his sake.
verse 35 Therefore let he [...]ven his praises s [...]g earth to him praises g [...]ve;
Praise hi [...], ve sea [...], and ever [...] thing which there do move and live.
verse 36 For God will surely Sion save, and Judahs cities build;
That men possession there may have, and houses may be fill'd.
verse 37 Thy servants seed that do thee feare, inherit shall the same;
And they shall have their dwelling there, that love thy blessed Name.


O God▪ to me take heed, I he [...] of thee require;
O Lo [...] of hosts, [...] and make speed, [Page 134] help, help, I thee desire.
verse 2 With shame confound them all, that seek my soule to spill:
Rebuke them back with blame to fall, that think and wish me ill.
verse 3 Let them back turned be, let shame reward them still;
That in my trouble say of me, So, so, we have our will.
verse 4 But let them joyfull be in thee with joy and wealth,
Which only trust and seek to thee, and to thy saving health.
verse 5 That they may say alwaies, in mirth and one accord;
All glory, honour, laud, and praise be given to thee, O Lord.
verse 6 But I am weak and poore, come, Lord, thine aid I lack:
Thou art my stay and help, therefore make speed, and be not slack.


MY Lord my God, in all distresse my hope is whole in thee,
Then let no shame my soule oppresse, nor once take hold on me.
verse 2 Deliver me, and set me free [...]n thine owne righteousnesse;
Give eare to me, my Saviour be, when men would me oppresse.
verse 3 Be thou my rock, where I may have all times a safe resort:
[Page 135] Thou gav'st commandment me to save, O thou my strength and fort.
verse 4 From wicked men, and all their might, my God, deliver me;
From hands of them that hate the right, from cruell men me free.
verse 5 For thou, Almighty Lord, art now my hope me to defend:
Yea from my youth my trust art thou, on thee I did depend.
verse 6 Thou didst sustain me from the womb, and by thy power and will
I from my mothers bowel▪ did come, and I will praise thee still.
verse 7 Me as a wonder many see, for strange they think my case;
Yet still by faith I flie to thee, thou art my hiding place.
verse 8 And, gracious Lord, my mouth and tongue, fill with thy praises still:
My mouth and tongue all the day long▪ let thine high honour [...]ill.
verse 9 O do not cast me off from thee, when yeares me old do make;
And when my strength doth faile in me, then do not me forsake.
verse 10 For lo, mine enemies bitterly against thy servant spake:
They for my soule in wait that lye, together counsell take.
verse 11 They said, God doth him now forsake, and he is left alone:
[Page 136] Him let us persecute and take, now God from him is gone.
verse 12 But, Lord, though thou art gone, they say, farre from me never he:
Yea now, my God, without delay come to give help to me.

The second part.

verse 13 Confound thou, & consume my so [...], that me do seek to kill:
And let dishonour co [...]er those, that think and wish me ill.
verse 14 Surely with considence will I still hope and wait on thee;
And to thy praise continually new praise shall added be.
verse 15 And all the day I will not cease thy righteousnsse to shew,
And thy salvation; for of these an end I never knew.
verse 16 Lord, in thy strength I will go on, defended still by thee;
And thy pure righteousnesse alone by me shall mention'd be.
verse 17 For even from my youth, O God, I have been taught by thee:
Thy wonders [...]ith r [...]o abroad have been declar'd by me.
verse 18 Now also when I old am growne, and when my head is gray;
Forsake me not, thou Holy One, but with me ever stay.
verse 19 Un [...]ll to those who now do live, [...]hy strength I may declare;
[Page 137] And of thy power the knowledge give to those unborne that are.
verse 20 O Lord, high is thy righteousnesse, and highly prais'd to be;
Great things thou dost, I do confesse, Lord, who is like to thee?
verse 21 Thou, who great troubles mad'st me know, againe shalt quicken me;
And [...]om the depths of earth below I shall be rais'd by thee.
verse 22 And thou my greatness shalt increase, my comforts shall abound:
For wit [...] thy comforts and thy peace, thou s [...]lt me compasse round.
verse 23 [...]nd I will praise thy truth and thee the Psalt [...]ry upon:
My [...] shall with a song agree to thee, O Holy One.
verse 24 M [...] lips great g [...]adnesse shall express, when I shall sing to thee:
My soule shall shew great joyfulnesse, wh [...]ch thou from death didst free.
verse 25 My tongue shall also speak with joy [...] [...] all the day:
For th [...]se thou justly dost destroy, that sought for my de [...]ay.


LOrd, give thy judgments to the King, therein instruct him well;
And with his Son in governing, Lord, let thy justice dwell.
verse 2 Then shall he govern uprightly, [Page 138] and give thy people right;
Then shall he judge with equity thy poore that have no might.
verse 3 Then shall the mountains that are hye bring to the people peace;
Then little hills shall fruitfully by justice peace increase.
verse 4 And judge shall he the poor & wea [...] the needy he shall save;
And those he shall in pieces break, who them oppressed have.
verse 5 The people thee so long shall feare, and honour thee they shall;
As shall the Sun and Moon appeare, through generations all.
verse 6 Like rain upon the grasse new mown, to us descend he shall;
And like mild showres, whose water down on the dry earth do fall.
verse 7 And those that righteous are and pure, shall flourish in his raigne:
He shall, while doth the Moon endure, abundant peace maintaine.
verse 8 His large and great dominion from sea to sea extends:
It from the river shall go on, to the earths utmost ends.
verse 9 They that in desarts do remaine, bow downe before him must;
His enemies that refuse his raigne, shall stoop, and lick the dust.
verse 10 Those that the Kings of Tarshish be, [Page 139] those that the Isles command:
[...]ba's and Seba's Kings to thee shall bring gifts in their hand.
verse 11 Yea, and all Kings downe low shall fall before his glorious sight:
And him shall serve the Nations all, yea serve him with delight.
verse 12 For when the needy to him cry, his goodnesse them shall save;
He to the poore shall give supply, who else no helper have.

The second part.

verse 13 He taketh pity on the poore, that are with need opprest;
He shall preserve them evermore, and bring their soule to rest.
verse 14 And from deceipt and cruell might their soules redeem shall he;
Their bloud right precious in his sight shall still esteemed be.
verse 15 But he shall live, and gold shall they of Sheba to him bring;
And ever for him shall they pray, and daily blesse the King.
verse 16 Of corne an handfull men shall see to grow upon the land;
On tops of mountaines high shall be the place, where it shall stand.
verse 17 And yet like Lebanons trees shal shake the fruit, when winds do blow;
Those of the City will he make like grasse to spring and grow.
verse 18 [Page 140] His Name shall be continued still, last like the Sun it shall:
He men shall blesse; him also will all Nations blessed call.
verse 19 The mighty Lord still blessed be, the God of Israel:
For wondrous works alone doth he, and [...]e doth all excell.
verse 20 Yea blest his glorious Name be [...] by Angels and by men;
Let the whole earth his glory fill, say all, Amen, Amen.


TRuly to Israel God is good, yea gracious is he:
To all that in their heart upright, and clean before him by.
verse 2 But as for me my failing feet were almost gone aside;
My wavering and unstedfast steps, now ready were to slide.
verse 3 For at the fools that flourished I fre [...]ed enviously;
And at the wicked, when I saw their great prosperity.
verse 4 For these men walk at liberty, in b [...]s they do not dye;
But firme and flourishing doth their strength abide continually.
verse 5 When others deep in troubles are, they are not troubled then;
[Page 141] Not are they plagued outwardly, like unto other men.
Therefore great pride like a strong chaine them compasseth about;
[...]nd, like a garment violence doth cover them throughout.
Their eies with fatnesse out do stand, so full themselves they feed:
Their store of wealth is such, that it their wishes doth exceed.
They are corrupt in heart and life, and they speak wickedly
Of their oppressions and their wrongs, yea they talk loftily.
For they against the heavens set their mouth in daring talk:
And proudly their unbrid [...]d tongue throughout the earth doth walk.
[...]o Gods people oftentimes for this looks back, and turnes about;
Since waters from so full a cup to them are powred out.

The second part.

verse 11 And thus they say, How can it be that God doth all things know?
Or in the Highest can there be knowledge of things below?
verse 12 Behold, these the ungodly are, who seem to live in peace;
And they do prosper in the world, in riches they increase.
verse 13 Then said I, verily that I my heart have cleans'd in vaine;
And wash't my hands in innocence, and did from sin abstaine.
verse 14 For contrary to these have I been plagued every day;
And every morning heavily a scourge upon me lay.
verse 15 Yet if I say, Thus will I speak, behold, offend should I
Against thy people and thy sons, that under crosses lye.
verse 16 But then I this to understand, my musing thoughts did bend:
But it so painfull was, that I it could not comprehend.
verse 17 Untill into thy Sanctuary I humbly went, and then
I plainly understood the end of prosperous wicked men.
verse 18 That verily in slippery waies these men thou placed hast;
And that into destruction downe they by thy hand are cast.
verse 19 As in a moment how are they to desolation brought?
They utterly consumed are with terrours in a thought.
verse 20 And like a dream when one awakes, they vanish from our eies:
O Lord, thou when thou shalt awake, their image shalt del [...]ise,

The third part.

verse 21 Yet thus mine heart was grieved then, my mind was much opprest:
verse 22 So fond was I and ignorant, and in this point a beast.
verse 23 Neverthelesse I do remaine continually with thee;
[...]hough I was weak, by my right hand thou, Lord, hast holden me.
verse 24 And with thy counsell while I live, thou shalt me guide aright;
And afterward shalt me receive to glory in thy sight.
verse 25 Whom have I for my chiefest good but thee in heaven above;
And besides thee I none on earth so much desire and love.
verse 26 And though my flesh and heart do faile, yet God doth faile me never;
For my hearts strength is God, and he my portion is for ever.
verse 27 For lo, they that are far from thee, most justly perish shall;
And those that whoring go from thee, shall be destroied all.
verse 28 But surely it is good for me still to draw neere to God:
I trust in God, that so I may shew all thy works abroad.


WHy art thou, Lord, so long from us▪ in all this danger deep?
[Page 144] Why doth thine anger kindle thus at thine owne pasture sheep?
verse 2 Think on thy congregation purchast of old by thee;
And thine inheritance think upon, which thou from bonds didst free.
Still look upon thy chosen place, and it remember well;
This Sion Mount, where of thy grace thou pleased wast to dwell.
verse 3 Lift up thy feet and come apace, those utter ruines see;
Which wrought within thy holy place by wicked enemies be.
verse 4 For where thy congregations were, thine enemies roare and crie;
And they for signes of triumph there, their ensignes set on hie.
verse 5 A man was famous once as he had axes lifted hie:
Upon the trees that thickest be, thy house to beautifie.
verse 6 But now the carved work apace downe break they with despight;
Thy house with axes to deface and lummers they delight.
verse 7 Thy house they do consume with flame, and to the ground it c [...]st:
Desiling it, though once thy Name to dwell there thou hadst plac't.
verse 8 And thus they said within their heart; Destroy them out of hand;
[Page 145] Then burnt they up in every part Gods houses through the land.
verse 9 Yet thou no signe of help dost send, our Prophets all are gone;
To tell when this our plague shall end, among us there is none.

The second part.

verse 10 How long, Lord, shall the enemy at thee reproaches cast?
And shall his spitefull blasphemy against thee ever last?
verse 11 Why is thy right hand thus drawne back, and in thy bosome lies?
O pluck it out, and be not slack to strike thine enemies.
verse 12 For God is my great King of old, who hath salvation wrought;
Amid the earth men might behold what help to his he brought.
verse 13 By thy great strength divided was the sea, when thou didst speak;
Of dragons which through waters passe, the heads thou there didst break.
verse 14 And the Whales head thou didst di­vide, although his strength was great▪
To those in desarts that abide thou gavest him for meat.
verse 15 The floud and fountain mightily thou didst asunder cleave;
And mighty rivers making dry, paths there for thine didst leave.
verse 16 The shining day, the shady night, thine, and thine only are;
The glorious Sun, and all the light thou only didst prepare.
verse 17 Thou dost appoint the ends & coasts of all the earth about;
Both Summer heat, and winter frosts thy hand hath found them out.

The third part.

verse 18 Remember that thine enemies on thee reproaches lay;
And foolish people blasphemies against thy Name do say.
verse 19 Thy Turtles soul, which sinners hate, do not to them deliver;
Thy congregations poore estate do not forget for ever.
verse 20 Regard thy covenant, and see the land opprest doth lye;
Ev'n the dark places filled be with men of cruelty.
verse 21 O let not those that are opprest, returne againe with shame;
But help the needy and distrest, and let them praise thy Name.
verse 22 The cause is thine, O Lord, arise, for thy cause pleader be:
Remember how the man unwise daily reproacheth thee.
verse 23 The voice forget not of thy foes, nor their proud blasphemies;
Because still growes the rage of those, that do against thee rise.


TO thee, O Lord, we thanks do give, we do give thanks to thee:
For that thy Name to us is neere, we by thy wonders see.
verse 2 When I th' assembly shall receive, uprightly judge I shall:
The earth and men therein do faint, I stay her pillars all.
verse 3 I to the foolish people said, Do not deale foolishly;
And to the wicked, Lift not up the horne so lostily.
verse 4 Yea, lift not up your [...]orne on hie, despising those below;
And with a stiff-neck do not speak, though you in honour grow.
verse 5 For know ye that promotion high, (though men thereof do boast)
Nor from the East nor West doth come, nor from the Southern coast.
verse 6 But God that ruleth all the world, is the great Judge alone:
He putteth downe the one, and sets another in the throne.
verse 7 For in Gods hand there is a cup, red wi [...]e that in it hath:
This wine is of a mixture full, this mixture is his wrath.
verse 8 This out he powreth, but the dregs drink shall the wicked all:
Yea sinners all, though high on earth, wring out, and drink them shall.
verse 9 But I thy glory to thy Church declare for ever will;
And unto thee, O Jacobs God, I will sing praies still.
verse 10 And all the hornes of wicked men shall be cut off by me:
But then the hornes of righteous men shall high exalted be.


THe Lord is known in Judah well, and his most glorious Name
Is very great in Israel, which doth extoll the same.
verse 2 [...]is Tabernacle plac't to be in Salem was his will;
For his abode and dwelling he did chuse out Sion hill.
verse 3 There he the arrowes of the bowes did break [...]or Sions sake:
The sword and shield of mighty foes, and battell there he brake.
verse 4 Thus thou more glorious dost appear, and excellent then they
In mighty troups that gathered were, on mountaines high of prey.
verse 5 Thou spoiled hast the [...]out of mind, and they have slept their sleep;
Their hands the mighty could not find, their lives they could not keep.
verse 6 When thy rebuke against those men, O Jacobs God, did passe:
With a dread sleep possessed then [...]oth [...] and chariot was.
verse 7 Thou, even thou, Lord, most great in might, art he whom all should fear;
And who dares stand before thy sight, if once thy wrath appeare?
verse 8 From heaven thou didst make men heare, the judgements of thine hand;
The earth surprized was with feare, and silent it did stand.
verse 9 When God to judgement did arise, to save the humble men;
Ev'n those to save▪ whom most despise, the earth stood silent then.
verse 10 The fury that in man doth raigne, unto thy praise shall be;
And of his wrath what doth remaine, shall be restrain'd by thee.
verse 11 Unto your God both vow and pay, ye that to him are neere;
Bring gifts to him, whose voice obey should all, whom all should feare.
verse 12 The spirit of the Princes great cut off with power shall he;
To Kings that hold the highest seat he terrible shall be.


I With my voice to God did crie, when great my troubles were:
My voice did cry to God on hie, and he to me gave eare.
verse 2 In griefe I sought the Lord by day, my sore still ran by night:
[Page 150] My wearied soule did put away all comfort and delight.
verse 3 I to remembrance God did call, yet great my griefe did grow:
I did complaine, yet griefe withall my spirit did overflow.
verse 4 Thou dost from sleep mine eies r [...]strain▪ and mak'st them still to wake:
I am so vext and full of paine, my speech doth me forsake.
verse 5 Then thought I on the daies of old, and ancient times and yeares;
Which saw Gods mercies manifold amid great griefes and feares.
verse 6 By night my songs I call'd to mind, and with my heart I spake;
My spirit made earnest search to find what issue thou would'st make.
verse 7 Will God, said I, still hide his face, and cast me off for ever?
Will he no more extend his grace, and shew his favour never?
verse 8 For ever is his mercy gone, which I have seen before?
The promise of the Holy One, shall it [...]aile evermore?
verse 9 Is't true that God forgotten hath now gracious to be?
His tender mercie [...] in his wrath, wholly shut up hath he?
verse 10 Then said I, Mine infirmity doth cause these doubts and feares▪
[Page 151] I will recall what the most High hath done in former yeares.

The second part.

verse 11 The works remember well will I which Gods great might hath done;
Even his strange workes wrought wondrously, in ages past and gone.
verse 12 Yea, my deep meditation of all thy works shall be:
I in my talk will mention what hath been done by thee.
verse 13 Thy secret waies are best within thy Sanctuary knowne;
And who so great a God hath been, as our almighty One?
verse 14 Thou art the God, by whose great might, wrought many wonders are;
And plainly in the peoples sight thy strength thou didst declare.
verse 15 Thy people from captivity, thy mighty arme did free;
Ev'n Jacobs sons their liberty, and Josephs had from thee.
verse 16 The waters, Lord, perceived thee; the waters saw thee well;
And they for feare aside did flee, the depths on trembling fell.
verse 17 The clouds their water forth did powre, a sound came from the skies;
And then abroad a stormy showre of thy swift arrowes flie [...].
verse 18 In heav'n loud thundring voices were, [Page 152] and lightnings light did make:
In this low world then men did feare, and trembling earth did shake.
verse 19 Thy way is in the sea, thy path where thou of old hast gone
Was in great waters, where none hath thy footsteps seen and knowne.
verse 20 By Moses and by Aarons hand thou didst lead through the deep
Thy people, to the promis'd land, like to a flock of sheep.


ATtend, my people, to my Law, incline your hearkning eare
Unto the words which I shall speak, and ponder what you heare.
verse 2 My mouth shall speak a parable, and sayings dark of old.
verse 3 Which we have heard and known, and which our fathers have us told.
verse 4 We will not hide them from their seed, yea those unborne that be,
Gods praises, and almighty strength, and wonders, teach will we.
verse 5 To Jacob he a Testimony and Law to Israel gave,
Which by our fathers to their [...]eed he surely taught would have.
verse 6 That so the race which was to come, might well them learn and know;
That children yet unborne the same might to their children show.
verse 7 [Page 153] That they might set their hope in God, and suffer not to fall
His mighty works out of their mind, but keep his precepts all.
verse 8 And might not, like their fathers old▪ be disobedient found;
Whose heart not right, whose spirit with God not stedfast was, nor sound.
verse 9 The men of Ephraim being arm'd, and with them carrying bowes:
B [...]ck in the day of battell turn'd, and fled before their foes.

The second part.

verse 10 They did not that just covenant keep, which God to them did give;
And after his most perfect lawes they did refuse to live.
verse 11 But they forgat the mighty works which by him wrought had been:
Yea, they [...]orgat those wonders great, which Israels eies had seen.
verse 12 For he had done things marvellous in their fo [...]efathers sight:
In Egypts land, and Zoans field he shew'd his glorious might.
verse 13 The sea by him divided, gave a passage to them all;
And he did make the waters stand like to an heap or wall.
verse 14 He led them by a shady cloud by day, when it was light;
And with a shining light of [...] [Page 154] he led them in the night.
verse 15 And in the thirsty wildernesse the stony rockes he clave;
And as from the great swelling depth [...] thence drink to them he gave.

The third part.

verse 16 He by his might cleare streames [...] from the hard rock to flow;
And thence he caused waters great like rivers down to go.
verse 17 Yet did they adde more sin to sin, against him they transgresse;
And the most High they did provoke in the great wildernesse.
verse 18 For in their heart they tempted God, and speaking with mitrust;
They greedily did meat require to satisfie their lust.
verse 19 Against the Lord himself they spake, and said prophanely thus,
A table in the wildernesse can God prepare for us?
verse 20 Behold, he smote the rock, and thence came streams and waters great;
And can he give his people bread, and send them flesh to eat?
verse 21 The Lord heard this, & waxed wroth, so k [...]ed was a flame▪
In Jacobs house, and anger great up against Israel came.
verse 22 Because, beleeving not in God, no trust to him they gave;
[Page 155] As if his goodnesse and his power, them could not feed and save.
verse 23 Though he unto the clouds above had sent forth his command;
And he the doores of heaven high had opened with his hand.
verse 24 And though upon them plenteously he Manna downe did raine;
And though he gave unto them▪ corne of heav'n, them to sustaine.
verse 25 Then man upon this earth below the Angels food did eat;
Yea, of his bounty to the full downe to them sent he meat.

The fourth part.

verse 26 And in the heaven he did cause an East-wind forth to passe;
And by his all-commanding power brought in a South-wind was▪
verse 27 He raine [...] flesh on them as dust, and feathered fowles like sand:
verse 28 Amid their camp about their tents it fell by his command.
verse 29 Then did they eat, & were well fill'd, their owne desire he gave;
And they from that were not estrang'd, which their owne lust di [...] crave.
verse 30 But as the meat was in their mouths, his wrath upon them fell;
verse 31 And [...]lew the flower of all their youth, and choise of Israel.
verse 32 Yet fell they to their wonted sins, and still they did him grieve:
For all the wonders that he wrought, they would him not beleeve.
verse 33 Therefore their daies in vanity did he consume and wast;
And by his wrath their wretched yeare [...] away in troubles past.
verse 34 But ever when he plagued them, they fought him speedily;
Remembring that God was their strength and Saviour most hye.
verse 35 Yet with their mouths they flattered him, and spake but fainedl [...]:
verse 36 And they unto the God of truth with their false tongues did lye.
verse 37 For though their words were goo [...], their heart▪ yet with him was not right;
And stedfast in his covenant they were not in his sight.
verse 38 Yet being of compassion full, their sins he did forgive:
When justice them might have destroi'd, he suffered them to live.

The fifth part.

Ye [...], many a time his anger fierce away he turned hath;
And he (though they provoked him) stirr'd no [...] up all his wrath.
verse 39 For that they were but fading flesh in mind he did retaine;
A wind which passeth soon away, and cometh not againe.
verse 40 How often did they him provoke within the wildernesse:
And in the desart did him grieve with their rebelliousnesse?
verse 41 Yea, they turn'dback, and tempted God, and to the holy One
They did set limits, and would shew what could by him be done.
verse 42 Not thinking of his hand and power, not of the day when he
From their oppressing enemy did mightily them free.
verse 43 His signes in Egypt they forgat, though wrought before their sight;
And wonders great in Zoans field done by his dreadfull might.
verse 44 Remembring not that he had turn'd their rivers into bloud;
That so the thirsty could not fetch their drink at any floud.
verse 45 Nor how he sent them swarmes of flies, which did them sore anno [...];
And fill'd their countries full of frogs▪ which did their land destroy.
verse 46 How to the Caterpiller he their lan [...]s increase did give;
To Locusts he their labours gave, whereon they thought to live.
verse 47 And in his wrath their fruitfull vin [...] he did destroy with haile;
And [...]e their pleasant Sicamores with frost did make to quaile.
verse 48 And he delivered to the haile their cattell in the field,
And to hot thunderbolts their flocks to be destroi'd and kill'd.
verse 49 On them the fiercenesse of his wrath he caused to descend:
Trouble and anger God on them by evill spirits did send.

The sixth part.

verse 50 He to his anger making way, spar'd not their soules from death;
But to the killing pestilence gave up their life and breath.
verse 51 And in the land of Egypt he the first-born all did smite;
And in the tents of Ham the chiefe of all their strength and might.
verse 52 But his own people, whom he lov'd, in safety he did keep;
And led them in the wildernesse, like to a flock of sheep.
verse 53 He led them safely by his power, they had no cause to feare:
But by the seas their cruell foes all overwhelmed were.
verse 54 He brought them out into the coasts of his owne holy land:
Ev'n to the Mount which he did get by his strong arme and hand.
verse 55 For them he cast the heathen out, and did their land divide;
And in their tents he set the Tribes of Israel to abide.
verse 56 Yet did they tempt the highest God, and him provoked they;
His testimonies they forsook, and did not them obey.
verse 57 But, like their fathers, turned back, and dealt unfaithfully:
Aside they turned, like a bow that shoots deceitfully.
verse 58 And they with altars him displeas'd, set up in places hie;
And with their graven images him mov'd to jealousie.
verse 59 When God of this great wickednes in heaven heard the cry,
He waxed wroth, and Israel then abhorred vehemently.
verse 60 Yea, then the Tabernacle he of Shiloh did forsake;
The tent and place where he to men his presence knowne did make.
verse 61 His strength into captivity then gave he to be led;
His glory to the enemies hand he then delivered.

The seventh part.

verse 62 He gave his people to the sword, and being angry then
verse 63 With his inheritance, the fire consum'd their strongest men.
verse 64 Their maidens then no marriage had, their Priests fell by the sword;
Their widowes lamentations to them did not afford.
verse 65 But then the Lord arose as one that did from sleep awake;
And like a Giant, that by wine refresh't, a shout doth make.
verse 66 His enemies in the hinder parts he smote both great and small;
And so upon them did he put a shame perpetuall.
verse 67 Moreover, he the Tabernacle of Joseph did refuse;
The fruitfull Tribe of Ephraim he was not pleas'd to chuse.
verse 68 But he the Tribe of Judah chose, and purpos'd there to dwell:
The Mount of Sion he did chuse, for it he loved well.
verse 69 And he his Sanctuary built, like to a palace hye;
And, like the earth, it stablished; to stand continually.
verse 70 And he his servant David chose, his flock to rule and keep;
Whom of his speciall grace he took, even from the folds of sheep.
verse 71 He followed then the Ews with yong, when God did him advance;
To feed his people Israel, and his inheritance.
verse 72 And so in soundnesse of his heart them faithfully he fed;
And he with skilfulnesse of hands them wisely governed.


THine heritage the Heathen take, and, Lord, thy house by them
Defiled is, and heaps they make of thy Jerusalem.
verse 2 The bodies of thy Saints they give unto the fowles for meat;
Their flesh, whose soules with thee doe live, to beasts they give to eat.
verse 3 Their bloud throughout Jerusalem, as water spilt they have;
And none there was that gave to them a buriall and a grave.
verse 4 To those that here are dwelling nye, thus a reproach are we;
And they derlde us scornfully, that round about us be.
verse 5 How long, Lord? shall continually thy wrath against us last?
And shall thy kindled jealousie like fire still burne and waste?
verse 6 On Heathen lands that know not thee, let thy wraths tempest fall;
Powr'd out on Kingdomes let it be, that on thee do not call.
verse 7 For they have got the upper hand, and Jacobs seed destroi'd;
His habitation and his land, they have left waste and void.
verse 8 Forget our old iniquity, prevent us, Lord, in haste;
With tender mercies graciously, for downe we low are cast.

The second part.

verse 9 O God our Saviour, we thee pray us now to help and save:
In mercy purge our sins away, that praise thy Name may have.
verse 10 Why shall the heathen men, when us so low cast downe they see,
Say to thy great dishonour thus, Their God, now where is he?
O let that God be knowne among the heathen in our sight;
Whiles thy Saints bloud shed forth by wrong, thou dost revenge by right.
verse 11 And let the prisoners sighes ascend before thy sight on hie:
Those in thy mighty power defend, that are condemn'd to die.
verse 12 And in their bosomes seven-fold paid let our neighbours be,
For that reproach wherewith most bold they have reproached thee.
verse 13 So we thy pasture sheep that are, thee praise for ever shall;
And we thy people shall declare thy praise to ages all.


O Shepherd, by whose grace and might kept Israel is, and fed;
Thou, by whom Josephs house aright like to a flock is led.
verse 2 Thou that in mercy dost excell, to us thine eare incline;
[Page 163] Thou between Cherubs that dost dwell, upon us brightly shine.
verse 3 In Ephraim's and Manasseh's sight, O let thy strength appeare;
In Benjamins sight stirre up thy might, to save us, Lord, draw neere.
verse 4 Turne us again by thy great grace, convert us, Lord, to thee:
Shew us the brightnesse of thy face, and then full safe are we.
verse 5 Lord God of hosts, with heart and tongue, we daily pray to thee;
And with thy peoples praier how long, Lord, angry wilt thou be?
verse 6 Thou dost them seed with sorrowes deep, their bread with teares they eat;
And drink the teares that they do weep, in measure full and great.
verse 7 Thou hast us made a strife to those that here our neighbours be:
They laugh at us that are our fors, wh [...]n they our sorrowes see.
verse 8 O take us, Lord, unto thy grace, convert our minds to thee;
Shew forth to us thy joyfull face, and we full safe shall be.

The second part.

verse 9 A vine from Egypt brought thou hast by thy out-stretched hand;
And thou the heathen out didst cast, to plant it in their land.
verse 10 Before it thou a room didst make, [Page 164] where it might grow and stand;
Thou caused'st it deep root to take, and it did fill the land.
verse 11 And with the shadow of the same the mountaines covered were;
The spreading boughes that from ca [...] like Cedars did appeare.
verse 12 Why then dost thou thus waste he la [...] and downe her hedge dost cast?
That those who passe upon the way, this vine do pluck and waste?
verse 13 The Boat that cometh from the woo: doth waste it furiously;
The wild beast of the field for food devoures it greedily.
verse 14 O Lord of host [...] returne againe, we pray thee, unto thine:
From heav'n look downe, in love maintaine, and visit this thy vine.
verse 15 That vineyard see with favour now, which thy right hand did set;
The branch which for thy glory thou mad'st strong, do not forget.
verse 16 The burning fire doth it deface, thy vine is now cut downe;
Thy people perish, when thy face on them in wrath doth frowne.
verse 17 Upon the man of thy right hand, let thy hand still remaine;
Upon him whom thou strong to stand, didst for thy selfe maintaine.
verse 18 So will we not go back from thee, [Page 165] nor from thy worship fall:
[...] quicken us, then gladly we upon thy Name shall call.
verse 19 O Lord of hosts, through thy good grace, convert us unto thee;
[...]hold us with a pleasant face, and then full safe are we.


SIng unto God our strength & might, lift up aloud your voice;
To Jacobs God sing with delight, and make a joyfull noise.
verse 2 Unto you take a Psalme to sing, and sing ye chearfully;
The pleasant Harp and Timbrell bring, with the sweet Psaltery.
verse 3 And with the Trumpets lofty voice let gladnesse be exprest;
In the new Moon, a time of choice, and day of solemne feast.
verse 4 Because this for all Israel was by the most High decreed:
This Law from Jacobs God did passe, unto all Jacobs seed.
verse 5 In Joseph this ordained was, when be from Egypt free,
verse 6 From men of a strange tongue did pass, a tongue not knowne to me.
verse 7 I from his shoulders took (saith he) the burden clean away;
And from the furnace set him free, from burning brick of clay.
verse 8 In trouble thou to me didst cry, and I did set thee free;
And from the secret place on hie of thunder answered thee.
verse 9 At Meribah I proved thee, thy faith I there did try,
Where waters thou didst aske of me with doubt and grudgingly.

The second part.

verse 10 But yet my people now give eare, to thee I testifie:
O Israel, if thou wilt me heare, and serve obediently:
verse 11 Then know that surely I in thee will no strange God allow;
And no strange god shall worship't be; to such thou shalt not bow.
verse 12 For I the Lord thy God am he, who thee from Egypt led:
Thy mouth then open wide to me, and full thou shalt be fed.
verse 13 But though that I did Israel chuse my people for to be;
To heare my voice he did refuse, and he would none of me.
verse 14 Then did I give them up in wrath by their lust to be led;
And so in their owne counsells path they vainly wandered.
verse 15 O that my people would me heare, and carefully obey!
And O that Israel would me feare, and walk still in my way▪
verse 16 How soon would I confound their foes, and bring them down full low;
And turn my hand upon all those that would them overthrow?
verse 17 The haters of the Lord to him themselves down low should cast;
But my beloved peoples time still flourishing should last.
verse 18 I would have sed them with the crop of finest of the wheat;
And made the rock with hony drop, that they their fills should eat.


GOD in the congregation of mighty men doth stand;
With earthly gods the Highest One doth stand, and judge the land.
verse 2 To them he saith, How long will ye judge thus unrighteously?
Mens persons, though they wicked be, accepting partially.
verse 3 Defend the poore and fatherlesse, when they of wrongs complaine:
Do justice to the comfortlesse, the poore mans cause maintaine.
verse 4 The poore and needy man set free, when he doth sue for right:
Let them by you delivered be from the oppressors might.
verse 5 But they are blind, and will not see, in darknesse walk they do:
The earths foundations shaken be, [Page 168] and out of course they go.
verse 6 I said of you, who judges be, that gods I would you call:
I said to you, The children ye of the most High are all.
verse 7 Yet surely die like men ye shall, and so to judgement go;
As any mortall Prince doth fall, even ye shall perish so.
verse 8 Then, Lord, arise, and by thy might the earth to judgement call;
Because to thee, as Lord, of right belong the Nations all.


O God, no longer silent stand, do not thy voice restraine:
Be still no more, let thine owne hand, Lord, thine owne cause maintaine.
verse 2 For now behold thine enemies do rise tumultuously:
Yea, they that hate thee do arise, and lift their heads on hye.
verse 3 Against thy chosen people they do crafty counsell take;
Their heads together do they lay, most cruell plots to make.
verse 4 Come, let us cut them off, they say, that they no Nation be:
Let Israels name be put away, when none can Israel see.
verse 5 In counsell they with one consent together joyned be:
[Page 169] They are with mischievous intent confederate against thee.
verse 6 There were the tents of Edomites, there Ismaels children were;
With them were joyn'd the Moabites, the Hagarens were there.
verse 7 Gebal and Ammon joyned be, with Amalek they conspire;
With them the Philistims agree, and those that dwell at Tyre.
verse 8 Ashur his force to theirs bath laid, in league with them is he;
That to Lots children he an aid, and arme of strength may be.
verse 9 But thou like Midian make them all, and such as Sisera was;
With his King Jabin, who did fall, where Kish [...]s brook doth passe.
verse 10 As those thou didst at Endor slay, slay these that thee withstand:
Make them like those whose bodies lay as dung upon the land.

The second part.

verse 11 And let their slaughtered Noble men, like Zeeb and Oreb fall:
As Zeba and Zalmunna then, now make their Princes all,
verse 11 Who proudly said, Into our hands let us Gods houses take;
Let us his houses through the land our owne possessions make.
verse 13 But, O my God, like wheeles them make that run, and do not stay:
As winds away the chaffe do take, so make them flie away.
verse 14 As fire doth consume a wood, and it to ashes turne;
And as the mountaines high that stood, the lightning flames do burne.
verse 15 So let thy tempest furiously them drive, and on them light;
And let thy storme sent from on hie, with terrour them affright.
verse 16 Cover, O Lord, and fill their face with their deserved shame;
That they may humbly begge thy grace, and seek thy glorious Name.
verse 17 Yet more, let them consounded be, and ve [...]t continually:
Yea, be they put to shame by thee, and perish fearfully.
verse 18 That men may know that only thee they should Jehovah call;
And thee alone on earth to be the Highest over all.


HOw lovely is thy dwelling place, O Lord of hosts, to me!
The Tabernacles of thy grace, how pleasant, Lord, they be!
verse 2 My thirsty soule longs vehemently, yea faints thy courts to see;
My very heart and flesh do cry, O living God, for thee.
verse 3 The Sparrowes find a room to rest, and save themselves from wrong;
The Swallow makes her selfe a nest, wherein to lay her yong.
verse 4 Ev'n nigh thine altars is the place in which these birds may lie:
While me, my God and King, they chase, and force far thence to flie.
verse 5 O those that in thy house may dwell, right blest and happy be,
They ever thy great acts will tell, and still be praising thee.
verse 6 And likewise blessed men are they, whose stay and strength thou art;
Which to thy house do mind the way, and seek it with their heart.
verse 7 For though through vallies dry they go, thy grace is with them still;
Which, like a fountain, springeth so, that it their pits doth fill.
verse 8 Thus did they go from strength to strength, and all unwearied were;
And thus before the Lord at length in Zion all appeare.
verse 9 O Lord, thou God of armies, heare, now I to thee do pray;
O God of Jacob, give an eare to that which I shall say.
verse 10 Behold, O God our shield, with grace him that thus out is cast:
Look upon thine Anointeds face, and bring him back at last.
verse 11 Because within thy courts one day is better to abide;
Then in another place to stay a thousand daies beside.
verse 12 And in my Gods deare house I could more gladly keep a doore;
Then in the tents of sin I would dwell with all wealth and store.
verse 13 For God, a sun and shield that is, will grace and glory give;
And he no good will keep from his, that do uprightly live.
verse 14 O Lord of hosts, that man is blest, and happy still shall be,
Whose heart by faith doth ever rest, and firmly trust in thee.


UNto thy land, our Lord and King, thou hast done graciously:
For Jacob thou againe didst bring from his captivity.
verse 2 Thou to thy people didst forgive their great iniquities;
All sins wherein they once did live, thou cover'dst from thine eies.
verse 3 Thine anger so thou didst asswage, that all my wrath is gone;
And thou art turned from thy rage, with them to be at one.
verse 4 O God our health, do now convert thy people unto thee;
From us let all thy wrath depart, and angry cease to be.
verse 5 Why, shall thine anger never end, but still proceed on us?
And shall thy wrath it selfe extend upon all ages thus?
verse 6 Wilt thou not us to life restore, and quicken us, that we
Who are thy people evermore in thee may joyfull be?
verse 7 To us thy mercy, Lord, declare, and all our sins forgive;
And unto us, thy flock that are, thy free salvation give.
verse 8 Now will I hear what God will say, for he with peace shall blesse
His Saints, and flock, yet must not they returne to foolishnesse.
verse 9 Surely to such as do him feare is his salvation nye;
That glory may to us appeare, and dwell here constantly.
verse 10 For truth and mercy here shall meet, in one to take their place;
And peace with kisse shall justice greet, and here they shall embrace.
verse 11 Truth with a spring the earth shall blesse, and it with glory crowne;
And on us shining righteousnesse, from heaven shall look downe.
verse 12 Yea, God shall give us bounteously all that for us is good;
Our land with fruit shall us supply, and give us store of food.
verse 13 Before him righteousnesse shall go, which shall us rightly lead;
And in the way shall set us so, that we his steps shall tread.


O Lord, to me bow downe thine eare, and heare me graciously;
Thou that dost help the weak, me heare, for poore and low am I.
verse 2 Preserve my soule, for grace I have receiv'd a Saint to be:
O thou my God, thy servant save, that puts his trust in thee.
verse 3 Thy mercie, Lord, on me expresse, and help my misery:
For through the day I do not cease on thee to call and cry.
verse 4 Comfort, O Lord, thy servants soule, that now with paine is pin'd:
For unto thee, Lord, I extoll, and lift my soule and mind.
verse 5 For thou art good and bountifull, in pardoning very free;
In mercie thou art plentifull to all that call on thee.
verse 6 Therefore, O Lord, when I do pray, regard and give an eare:
Mark well the words that I do say, my supplication heare.
verse 7 In time when trouble doth me move, to thee I do complaine;
Because I know, and well do prove [Page 175] thou answerest me againe.
verse 8 Among the gods, O Lord, is none to be compar'd to thee;
And of all works that have been done, like thine not any be.
verse 9 Throughout the world the Nations all, which thou didst make and frame.
Before thee come and worship shall, and glorifie thy Name.
verse 10 For thou art very great in might, all power is thine owne:
Thou workest wonders strange in sight, for thou art God alone.

The second part.

verse 11 Lord, in thy truth walk on would I, then teach thou me thy way:
Unite my heart to thee so nigh, that feare thy Name I may.
verse 12 O Lord my God, thee gladly praise with all my heart will I;
And I thy glorious Name alwaies will highly glorifie.
verse 13 Because thy mercie shew'd to me in greatnesse doth excell:
My soule by thee hath been set free out from the lowest hell.
verse 14 The proud arise to fight with me, and violent men are met;
That for my soule have sought, and thee before them have not set.
verse 15 But thou of pity, Lord, art full, and gracious art thou found;
[Page 176] Long suffering, and most mercifull, and doth in truth abound.
verse 16 O turne to me, compassion and mercy on me have;
Strengthen thy servant, and the son of thine owne hand-maid save.
verse 17 On me some signe of favour shew, which all my foes may see;
And be ashamed, Lord, since thou dost help and comfort me.


THe ground-works of Gods city be for ever firmly stai'd:
Upon the holy mountaines he his strong foundations laid.
verse 2 God loves the gates of Sion best, his grace doth there abide:
He loves them more then all the rest of Jacobs tents beside.
verse 3 For glorious things reported be, thy fame is spreadabroad;
Great things, I say, are said of thee, thou Citie of our God.
verse 4 Of Rahab I will mention make, and, Babylon, of thee;
I before those will notice take, that do acknowledge me.
verse 5 Behold, Tyre and Philistia, which foes and strangers were;
See also Ethiopia, for borne this man was there.
verse 6 Of Sion they shall say abroad, [Page 177] that divers men of fame
Have there sprung up, and the high God hath founded fast the same.
verse 7 When God his people writes, it shall in his accompt appeare,
This man, who was the chiefe of all, had his beginning there.
verse 8 As well those that sweet singers were, as those that players be?
On Instruments shall consort there, my springs are all in thee.


O Lord, who of salvation art God alone to me;
My cry and supplication are day and night to thee.
verse 2 O let my praiers soon ascend unto thy sight on hye;
Incline thine eare (O Lord) intend and hearken to my cry.
verse 3 Because my soul with grieses is fill'd, which her so trouble I have;
That now my life doth faint and yeeld and drawes nigh to the grave.
verse 4 I counted am as one of them that to the pit descend;
As a weak man they me esteem, that hath nor strength nor friend.
verse 5 As one among the dead, and free from things that here remaine;
In this estate I seem to be, like those which have been slaine.
verse 6 [Page 178] Like slaughtred men in grave that lay, whom now thou hast forgot;
Which by thy hand are cut away, and thou remembrest not.
verse 7 Even in the lowest pit by thee I have been laid and cast;
In darknesse where I could not see, in deeps I have been plac't.
verse 8 Thy wrath, that heavily doth fall, upon me hard doth lye;
Thou with thy waves and billowes all dost vex me grievously.
verse 9 My friends put far from me thou hast, to them I loathsome grow:
I am shut up in griefe so fast, that forth I cannot go.
verse 10 Mine eye, O Lord, doth mou [...]e for griefe, I daily call on thee;
And unto thee for some reliefe my hands out-stretched be.

The second part.

verse 11 O wilt thou make thy works appear, and wonders to the dead?
Or shall the dead arise, and here thy glorious praises spread?
Or shall thy loving graciousnesse be mention'd in the grave?
verse 12 Or speech of thy great faithfulnesse shall men destroyed have?
verse 13 Who shall thy wonders great express in darknesse deep below?
In the land of forgetfulnesse [Page 179] who shall thy justice know?
verse 14 But, gracious Lord, to thee my cries I vehemently have sent;
And early, ere the morning rise, my praiers shall thee prevent.
verse 15 Why dost thou Lord, most great in grace, cast off my soule from thee?
And why thy favour and thy face dost thou thus hide from me?
verse 16 Afflicted from my youth am I, and ready oft to dye:
Thy terrours that on me do lie, distract me fearfully.
verse 17 The fiercenesse of thy furiouswrath quite over me hath gone:
The sharpnesse of thy terrours hath me cut off, and undone.
verse 18 And round about me every day like waters come they be;
Even so together gathering, they about do compasse me.
verse 19 My friend, and him that did me love, thou dost put far from me:
To darknesse thou dost those remove that mine acquaintance be.


GOds mercies I will ever sing, and with my mouth I shall
Make knowne thy constant faithfulnesse to generations all.
verse 2 For I have said, that mercie shall for evermore remaine;
[Page 180] And in the heavens high shalt thou thy faithfulnesse maintaine.
verse 3 God said, I with my chosen made a covenant graciously;
And to my servant, whom I lov'd, to David sworne have I.
verse 4 That I thy seed establish will for ever to endure;
And I to generations all will build thy throne most sure.
verse 5 The heav'ns shall shew with joy and mirth thy wondrous works, O Lord;
Thy Saints shall in thy Church on earth thy faithfulnesse record.
verse 6 For in the heavens to the Lord who may himselfe compare?
Among the sons of mighty ones, who with him equall are?
verse 7 God in the assembly of the Saints, the Saints should greatly feare;
He should be reverenc't of all that are about him neere.
verse 8 Lord God of hosts, a mighty Lord, like thee what one can be?
And who can shew such faithfulnesse, as doth encompasse thee?
verse 9 The sea, though raging furiously, thou rulest at thy will;
The waves thereof, though mounting hie, thou makest calme and still.
verse 10 Egypt in pieces thou didst bieak, and like one s [...]ine was she▪
[Page 181] Thine enemies with thy mighty anne have scattered been by thee.

The second part.

verse 11 Thine are the heavens, and the earth thou as thine owne maist take;
The world, and all that doth it fill, thy power did found and make.
verse 12 The North & South from thee alone their first beginning had;
Both Tabor Mount, and Hermon Hill shall in thy Name be glad.
verse 13 Thou hast an arme most full of strength, that worketh mightily;
Strong is thy hand, and thy right hand in power is very hye.
verse 14 In righteousnesse and equity thou hast thy seat and place;
Mercy and truth are still with thee, and go before thy face.
verse 15 O those that know the joyfull sound, a blessed people be;
In bright light of thy countenance, Lord, they shall walk with thee.
verse 16 And in thy Name they all the day shall joy and take delight:
They in thy righteousnesse shall be exalted to great height.
verse 17 Because the glory of their strength doth only rest in thee;
And in thy favour shall our horne and power exalted be.
verse 18 For God is our defence, and he [Page 182] to us doth safety bring:
The holy One of Israel is our almighty King.
verse 19 Thy secret purpose from thy Saint then didst thou not conceale;
Speaking to him in vision, thus it thou didst reveale.
verse 20 Upon a man that mighty is, laid my strong help have I;
One from the people chosen out, I have exalted hye.

The third part.

verse 21 David my servant I have found, him for a Prince I gave;
And therefore with my holy oile I him anointed have.
verse 22 With whom my helping hand shall still established remaine;
And with my mighty arme I will him strengthen and sustaine.
verse 23 The enemies shall not him oppresse, they shall not him devoure;
Nor shall the sons of wickednesse on him have any power.
verse 24 I will beat downe before his face all his malicious foes:
I will them greatly plague that do with hatred him oppose.
verse 25 My mercie and my faithfulnesse with him yet still shall be;
And in my Name his horne and might men shall exalted see.
verse 26 [Page 183] And in the sea far off his hand and power I will place:
He gloriously with his right hand the rivers shall embrace.
verse 27 Thou art my Father, he shall cry, thou art my God alone;
And he shall say, Thou art the rock of my salvation.
verse 28 And him will I my first-born make, the son of my delight;
And he the Kings of all the earth shall far excell in height.
verse 29 For him my mercy promised, for ever keep I will;
And my unchanged covenant shall with him stand sted fast still.
verse 30 His seed I by my power will make for ever to endure;
And, as the daies of heaven, his Throne shall stable be and sure.

The fourth part.

verse 31 But if his children shall for sake my Lawes, and go astray;
And in my Judgements shall not walk, but wander from my way.
verse 32 If they my holy Statutes break, which should them rule and guide;
And do not my Commandements keep, but from them turne aside.
verse 33 Then their transgression with the rod visit on them will I;
And chastise them I will with stripes [Page 184] for their iniquity.
verse 34 My loving kindnesse yet from him I wholly will not take;
Nor suffer that my faithfulnesse to him a lye should make.
verse 35 My covenant shall continue still, I will it never break:
That thing I never alter will, which once my lips did speak.
verse 36 Once sware I by my Holinesse, and that performe will I:
With David I will promise keep, to him I will not lye.
verse 37 His seed for evermore shall raigne, his glorious Throne of might
Shall stedfast as the Sun remaine for ever in my sight.
verse 38 And as the Moon within the skie for ever standeth fast:
A faithfull witnesse from on hie, so shall his Kingdome last.

The fifth part.

verse 39 But now (O'Lord) thou dost reject those which thy people were:
Yea, thou art wroth with thine elect, thine owne anointed deare.
verse 40 Thy covenant with thy servant made, in shew thou broken hast:
Thou hast prophan'd his crown, while it thou to the ground dost cast.
verse 41 And further, thou hast broken downe in wrath his hedges all;
[Page 185] Thou his strong holds hast overthrown, and they to ruine fall.
verse 42 To all that by the way do passe, a spoile and prey is he;
And a reproach he is to those that neere him dwelling be.
verse 43 The right hand of his foes in might, thou makest to arise;
And thou hast caused to rejoyce his cruell enemies.
verse 44 The edge thou also of his sword hast turned in his hand;
Thou hast not strengthned him, that he might in the battell stand.
verse 45 His glory thou hast made to cease, his brightnesse now is past;
And thou his crowne of majestie downe to the ground hast cast.
verse 46 His flowry daies of youth & strength, by thee now shortned be;
As with a garment, so with shame he covered is by thee.

The sixth part.

verse 47 How long, Lord, wilt thou hide thy selfe? shall thy wrath ever last?
And shall thine anger evermore like fire consume and waste?
verse 48 Remember well how short a time I shall on earth remaine;
If life be spent in griefe, why then are all men made in vaine?
verse 49 What man is he that liveth here, and death shall never see?
[Page 186] Or from the power of the grave, what man his soule can free?
verse 50 Thy former loving kindnesses, O Lord, where be they now?
Those which in truth and faithfulnesse to David sworne hast thou.
verse 51 Remember the reproach wherewith thy servants shamed were;
Those which from all the mighty ones; I in my bosome beare.
verse 52 For from thine enemies, O Lord, we do reproaches heare:
Yea, they reproached have the steps of thine Anointed deare.
verse 53 For ever blessed be the Lord, who heares when we do pray;
And let the Church, Amen, Amen, with hearts and voices say.


LOrd, thou hast been our dwelling place, where safety we have seen:
Our dwelling place from race to race, Lord, thou to us hast been.
verse 2 Ere forth were brought the mountains hye, the earths & worlds great frame,
Thou God from all eternity for ever art the same.
verse 3 Thou to destruction turnest men, through crosses, griefe, and paine;
And unto Adams children then thou sai'st, Returne againe.
verse 4 Though life a thousand years do last, [Page 187] it seemeth in thy sight
As yesterday, when it is past, or as a watch by night.
verse 5 Thou, like a floud, them driv'st away, and as a sleep they be;
And in the morne as grasse are they, which soon we changed see.
verse 6 It springeth in the morning green, and growes up pleasantly:
But cut at evening it is seen soon withered down to lye.
verse 7 For us consum'd thine anger hath, our might is much decai'd;
And we by thy afflicting wrath are troubled and dismai'd.
verse 8 The wicked workes that we have wrought' thou sett'st before thine eies
Our secret sins, yea sins of thought thy countenance espies.
verse 9 For in thy wrath our daies do waste, in griefes they come to end;
And, like a tale that's told and past, so we our yeares do spend.
verse 10 Full three score years & ten at length, our daies and yeares may be;
And if by reason of their strength, men fourscore years do see:
verse 11 Yet shall the strength of such old men but griefe and labour be:
For soon it is cut off, and then away we swiftly flee.
verse 12 What man doth understand & know, [Page 188] what power thine anger hath?
For mighty terrours from it grow, and mighty is thy wrath.

The second part.

verse 13 Instruct us, Lord, to know and try how long our daies remaine;
That so we may our hearts apply true wisdome to attaine.
verse 14 Returne, O Lord, how long wilt thou forth on in wrath proceed?
Shew favour to thy servants now, and help them at their need.
verse 15 Us early with thy mercy fill, who now long have been sad;
And then through thee rejoyce we will, and all our daies be glad.
verse 16 According as the daies have been, wherein we griefe have had:
As yeares of evill we have seen, so long now make us glad.
verse 17 O let thy work and power appeare before thy servants sight;
And shew unto their children deare thy glory and thy might.
verse 18 Lord, let thy beauty on us be, and what we take in hand;
Let it establish't be by thee: O make it firme to stand!


IN secret place of God most high, he that shall dwell and hide
In the Almighties shadow safe, and quiet shall abide.
verse 2 [Page 189] Thou [...] my hope, & my strong hold, I to the Lord will say;
My God is he, in him will I my whole affiance stay.
verse 3 Surely, from the slie fowlers snare he shall deliver thee;
And from the noisome pestilence thee safe preserve shall he.
verse 4 His feathers shall thee hide, thy trust under his wings shall be;
A buckler and a shield of proofe his truth shall be to thee.
verse 5 So, that the terrours of the night thy heart shall not affright;
Nor yet the arrow shalt thou feare by day, that makes his flight.
verse 6 Nor for the pestilence that walkes in darknesse secretly;
Nor for destruction that doth waste at noon day openly.
verse 7 Though at thy side a thousand fall, and on thy right hand lye
Ten thousand dead, yet unto thee it shall not once come nye.
verse 8 Thereof thou only with thine eies shalt a beholder be;
And thou therein the just reward of wicked men shalt see.
verse 9 Because the Lord, who of his Saints the refuge is alone;
Even the most High is made by thee thy habitation.
[...] [...]
verse 10 [Page 190] None evill shalt thou need to feare, it shall not thee befall:
Neither to hurt thee any plague come nigh thy dwelling shall.
verse 11 For to his Angels over thee give a command shall he,
That constantly in all thy waies they keep and succour thee.
verse 12 They in their hands shal bear thee up, still waiting thee upon;
Lest thou at any time should'st dash thy foot against a stone.
verse 13 Upon the Adder thou shalt tread, and on the Lion strong;
Thy feet on Dragons trample shall, and on the Lions yong.
verse 14 Because on me he sets his love, deliver him will I:
Because my Name he well hath knowne, him will I set on hye.
verse 15 I when he calls will answer him, I will be with him still;
In trouble to deliver him: yea honour him I will.
verse 16 And by my gift with length of daies he satisfied shall be;
And my salvation and my blisse for ever shall he see.


TO give thankes to the Lord it is a good and comely thing;
And to thy Name, O thou most High, [Page 191] due praise aloud to sing.
verse 2 Thy loving kindnesse forth to shew, when first appeares the light;
And to declare thy faithfulnesse, with pleasure every night.
verse 3 On a ten-stringed Instrument, and on the Psaltery;
With solemne sound upon the Harp, and grave sweet melody.
verse 4 For through thy work, Lord, thou hast made my soule right glad to be;
And in the workes I will triumph which have been wrought by thee.
verse 5 O Lord, how glorious and how great the works are of thy hand!
So deep thy thoughts and counsells are, none can them understand.
verse 6 The brutish man is far unfit thy secrets to receive;
Nor can in this the foolish man thy wisdome well perceive.
verse 7 That when, like grasse, the wicked spring, and sinners flourish all;
It is that they for ever may into destruction fall.
verse 8 But thou, O Lord, who dost them judge, for ever dost remaine;
And thou most high above thy foes for evermore shalt raigne.
verse 9 For lo, thine enemies, O Lord, thine enemies perish shall:
The workers of iniquity [Page 192] they shall be scattered all.
verse 10 But like unto the Unicornes horne, my horne lift up thou shalt;
And me anointed with fresh oile, to glory wilt exalt.
verse 11 Mine eie shall also see the fall due to mine enemies;
I of those sinners fall shall heare, that do against me rise.
verse 12 But, like a Palm-tree, fresh & green, the righteous flourish shall:
Increasing, as in Lebanon, doth grow the Cedar tall.
verse 13 Those that within the house of God are planted by his grace;
In our Gods courts they flourish shall, as in a fruitfull place.
verse 14 And in old age, when others quaile, the fruit still forth shall bring;
And watered from above they shall be fat and flourishing.
verse 15 To shew that righteous is the Lord, who doth the righteous blesse:
He is my rock and strength, in him is no unrighteousnesse.


THe Lord doth raign, & cloth'd is he with majesty and light;
His works do shew him cloth'd to be, and gir [...] about with might.
verse 2 For this round world by his great strength established hath he:
[Page 193] Yea, he so surely hath it set, that mov'd it cannot be.
verse 3 Of old most firmly stablisht is thy Throne of majestie;
And thou without beginning art from all eternitie.
verse 4 The flouds, O Lord, have lifted up, they lifted up their voice:
The flouds have lifted up their waves, and made a mighty noise.
verse 5 The Lord this noise of many flouds in might exceedeth farre;
The Highest overcomes the sea, when his waves mighty are.
verse 6 Thy testimonies are most sure, and surely lead to blisse:
And holinesse for ever, Lord, in thine house comely is.


O Lord God, to avenge all wrongs belongs alone to thee;
Vengeance to thee alone belongs, thy vengeance let us see.
verse 2 O the earths Judge, now in our sight lift up thy selfe on hye;
With due reward the proud requite, that speak presumptuously.
verse 3 How long shall those that wicked be, in pride lift up their voice?
And, Lord, how long yet shall we see say, the wicked to rejoyce?
verse 4 How long hard things shall these men [Page 194] and utter cruelty?
How long triumph and boast shall they that work iniquity?
verse 5 O Lord, thy people in their rage they do in pieces teare;
And they afflict thine heritage, to thee that hath been deare.
verse 6 The widowes which are comfortlesse, and strangers they do slay;
And they the children fatherlesse by murder make away.
verse 7 Yet having done these mischiefes all, they say, God shall not see;
Nor by the God of Jacob shall these things regarded be.
verse 8 Ye brutish of the multitude, can ye not this discerne?
And ye that foolish are and rude, at length this wisdome learne?
verse 9 The Lord did plant the eare of man, and beare then shall not he?
The eye he only form'd, and then shall he not clearly see?
verse 10 He that the Nations chastiseth, shall not he chastise now?
Ile knowledge into man doth breathe, and shall himselfe not know?

The second part.

verse 11 The thoughts within mans heart and mind, the Lord doth know and see?
And having seen them, he doth find that vanity they be.
verse 12 [Page 195] O blessed is that man, O Lord, who chastened is by thee;
That so he in thy Law and Word may well instructed be.
verse 13 Whereby to him thou sweet repose in troublous daies maist give;
Untill the pit be digg'd for those that wickedly do live.
verse 14 For whom God for his owne doth take, them cast off will he never:
He in his love will not forsake his heritage for ever.
verse 15 But judgement unto righteousnesse returning shall they see;
They in whose hearts is uprightnesse, of it shall followers be.
verse 16 But who upon my part shall stand against the cursed traine?
Or who shall rid me from their hand, that wicked works maintaine?
verse 17 Except the Lord had been mine aid, my soule now almost had
In place of darknesse down been laid, and dwelt in silence sad.
verse 18 But ev'n when I had said this word, my foot doth slip away;
Thy mercie held me up, O Lord, thy goodnesse did me stay.
verse 19 And when with throngs of thoughts my mind within me was opprest;
My soule did in thy comforts find ev'n then delight and rest.
verse 20 [Page 196] Shall the throne of iniquitie have fellowship with thee?
Where mischiefes most unrighteously for lawes enacted be?
verse 21 For they against the life conspire of righteous men and good;
And by their counsells they desire to shed the guilt lesse bloud.
verse 22 But yet the Lord still by his grace is a defence to me;
My refuge and my hiding place, and rocke of strength is he.
verse 23 And on them their unrighteousnesse the Lord shall bring and lay;
And slay them in their wickednesse, God shall them surely slay.


OCome, let us list up our voice, and sing unto the Lord;
In him our rock of health rejoyce let us with one accord.
verse 2 Yea, let us come before his face with thanks and thankfull voice;
Let us sing Psalmes to him with grace, and with a joyfull noise.
verse 3 Because the Lord is knowne to be a mighty God and great;
And far above all gods is he in power and glory set.
verse 4 And of the earth the places deep are in his mighty hand:
[Page 197] His are the mountaines high and sleep, their strength by him doth stand.
verse 5 The sea and waters all are his, and he did make the same:
Of the dry land great Lord he is, for it his hands did frame.
verse 6 Come, let us bow and praise the Lord, before him let us fall;
And kneele to him with one accord, for he hath made us all.
verse 7 Our God is he, the people we of his owne pastures are:
Of his owne hand the sheep we be, and still kept by his c [...]re.
verse 8 To day if ye his voice will heare, hard hearts you must not have;
As in the day of tempting were theirs, who in desart strave.
verse 9 When your fore-fathers tempted me, and my great power did prove:
Yet then my works I made them see, and wonders from above.
verse 10 Twice twenty yeares they did me grieve, and I to them did say:
They erre in heart, and not beleeve, they have not knowne my way.
verse 11 To whom when greatly kindled was my wrath within my brest;
I sware, that they should never passe into my blessed rest.


SIng ye with praise unto the Lord new songs of joy and mirth:
Sing unto him with one accord, all people on the earth.
verse 2 Yea, sing unto the Lord, I say, praise ye his holy Name;
Declare and shew from day to day salvation by the same.
verse 3 Among the Nations all declare, and his great glory tell:
Shew forth how great his wonders are, to all on earth that dwell.
verse 4 Because great is our mighty Lord, and greatly prais'd to be;
Above all gods to be ador'd, and to be fear'd is he.
verse 5 For all the gods are Idols dumb, which the blind Nations feare:
The Lord is only he by whom the heav'ns created were.
verse 6 Great honour is before his face, and majestie divine;
Strength is within his holy place, and there doth beauty shine.
verse 7 Ye kinreds of the people, give unto the Lord his right:
Give to the Lord, who still doth live, all glory, and all might.
verse 8 Give glory to the Lord and King, which to his Name is due;
Come [...] into his courts, and bring an offering free with you.
verse 9 Worship the Lord, all that appeare in his faire holy place;
Let all the earth appeare with feare before his glorious face.
verse 10 That God doth raign, tell Nations all, and settleth stedfastly
The stable world, and judge he shall the people righteously.
verse 11 And let the heavens high rejoyce, glad let the earth be still;
Let the sea roare and make a noise, with all that doth it fill.
verse 12 The field shall joy, and every thing that springeth on the earth:
The wood, and every tree shall sing with gladnesse, and with mirth
verse 13 Before the Lord; for come he shall, he comes the earth to try:
With truth shall he judge Nations all, the world most righteously.


THe Lord doth raign, wherat the earth may joy with pleasant voice;
The multitude of Isles with mirth may triumph and rejoyce.
verse 2 With pitchy clouds and shady night he is encompassed;
In perfect judgement, and in right his Throne is stablished.
verse 3 A dreadfull fire before him goes, his foes it findeth out;
[...] find [...], and compasseth his foes, [Page 200] and burnes them round about.
verse 4 His lightnings did a fearfull light unto the world impart:
The earth it saw, and at the sight did tremble at the heart.
verse 5 The hills, like waxe, away did melt, they could not stedfast stand;
When they Gods glorious presence felt, who doth the earth command.
verse 6 The heavens high declare and shew his righteousnesse abroad:
The people all may see and know the glory of our God.
verse 7 Those who serve Images, let them all with shame confounded be:
And who in Idols glory shall, all gods him worship ye.
verse 8 Sion did heare, and was right glad, and for thy judgements hye,
Lord, Judahs daughters gladnesse had, and joy'd exceedingly.
verse 9 For, Lord, thou whom they serve and love, the earth commandest all;
And high art lifted far above all whom men Gods do call.
verse 10 All ye that love the Lord of light, hate things that evill be:
He saves the Saints, and from the might of sinners sets them free.
verse 11 Unto the righteous cheerfull light in plenty God doth sow:
And joy to men of heart upright, [Page 201] in plenty great shall grow.
verse 12 Ye Saints, that follow righteousnesse still in the Lord rejoyce;
At mention of his holinesse give thankes with heart and voice.


SIng a new song to God most hye, for he wrought wonders great:
His owne right hand the victory and holy arme did get.
verse 2 The Lord hath made the people know his saving health and might:
And he his righteousnesse did shew in all the h [...]ens fight.
verse 3 His mercie sweet to Israel, and truth remembred he:
The [...] of all the earth did well our Gods salvation see.
verse 4 Be glad in him with joyfull voice, all people of the earth:
Give thankes to God, sing and rejoyce to him with joy and mirth.
verse 5 With Harps unto the Highest sing, King, in Psalmes list up your voice:
verse 6 With Trumpets praise the Lord and and [...] cheerfull noise.
verse 7 Yea, let the sea, with all therein, for joy both roare and swell;
And let the earth be joyfull seen, and all that in it dwell.
verse 8 [...] flouds now clap their hands for mirth, [...] hills all joyfull be;
[Page 202] Before the Lord, because the earth to judge now cometh he.
verse 9 The world with righteousnes he shall most justly judge and try;
And he shall judge the people all with perfect equity.


THe Lord doth raign with trembling great, then l [...]t the people shake.
He between C [...]bs hath his seat, let the earth move and quake.
verse 2 The Lord is great in Sion Mount, and feared reveren [...]y:
Yea, he all people doth surmount, and si [...] above them hye.
verse 3 Therefore let all extoll and praise thy great and dreadfull Name:
High thy Names honour let them raise, for holy is the same.
verse 4 The King loves judgement with his might, and settleth equity;
Thou judgement execut'st, and right in Jacob stedfastly.
verse 5 The mighty God, and Lord of all, on high exalted be:
Let men [...] his foot-stoole fall, an holy God is he.
verse 6 Moses [...] A [...]on with his Priests, with those tha [...] on him call,
Was Samuel; all th [...]se made requests, and God did answer all.
verse 7 He from a cloudy pillar spake, and shew'd to them [...]s will;
[Page 203] And they such lawes as he did make, endeavoured to fulfill.
verse 8 Them, Lord our God, thou answered'st, a God that them forgave:
Yet thou their errours chastised'st, which they invented have.
verse 9 The Lord our God exalt ye still, and humbly worship ye
Our God upon his holy hill, for holy still is he.


ALl people that on earth do dwell, sing to the Lord with cheerful voice,
Him serve with fear, his praise forth tell, come ye before him and rejoyce.
verse 2 The Lord ye know is God indeed, without our a [...] he did us make;
We are his flock, he doth us [...]eed, and for his sheep he doth us take.
verse 3 O enter then his gates with praise, approach with joy his courts unto;
Praise, land, and blesse his Name alwaies, for it is seemly so to do.
verse 4 Because the Lord our God is good, his mercy is for ever sure:
His truth at all times firmly stood, and shall from age to age endure.


I Mercy will and judgement sing, O Lord God, unto thee;
And wisely do in perfect way; [...]come with haste to me.
verse 2 [Page 204] Within my house with perfect heart uprightly walk I will:
verse 3 And I will set before mine eies no matter that is i [...].
verse 4 I hate their work that turn aside, it shall not cleave to me:
From me shall part the froward heart, none evill will I see.
verse 5 Who of his neighbours slanders close doth speak, cut off will I:
The lofty heart I cannot beare, nor him that looketh hie.
verse 6 Mine eies shall be on them within the land that faithfull be:
In perfect way who walketh, shall be servant unto me.
verse 7 I will no gui [...]efull person have within my house to dwell;
And in my presence shall he not remaine that lies doth tell.
verse 8 And all the wicked of the land early destroy will I:
All from Gods City to cut off that work iniquity.


LOrd, hear [...] my pr [...]er, let my cry have leave to come to thee;
verse 2 In time of trouble do not hide thy face away from me.
verse 3 Answer me quickly in that day when I do call and pray:
[Page 205] Because my daies consume like smoak, and vanish soon away.
verse 4 My bones like to an hearth are burnt, and like grasse parch't with heat;
My heart is smitten, so that I forget my bread to eat.
verse 5 By reason of my groaning voice, my bones cleave to my skin:
verse 6 Like Pelican in wildernesse forsaken have I bin.
verse 7 I like an Owle in desart am, that out of sight is gone:
I watch, and as a Sparrow on the house top am alone.
verse 8 My bitter enemies all the day reproaches cast on me:
And being mad at me with rage, against me sworne they be.
verse 9 I surely ashes eaten have like bread, in sorrowes deep:
In griefe I mingled have my drink with teares, that I did weep.
verse 10 Thy wrath and indignation did cause this griefe and paine;
For thou hast lifted me on high, and cast me downe againe.
verse 11 The daies wherein I passe my life are like the fleeting shade;
And I am withered like the grasse that soon away doth fade.
verse 12 But thou, Lord, everlasting art, and thou no end shalt see;
[Page 206] And unto generations all shall thy remembrance be.
verse 13 Thou wilt arise, and mercy thou to Sion wilt extend:
The time of mercy, now the time fore-set is come to end.
verse 14 For even in her ruinous stones thy servants do delight;
And the despised dust thereof finds favour in their sight.

The second part.

verse 15 Then shall the Heathen people feare the Lords most holy Name;
And all the Kings on earth shall dread thy glory, and thy same.
verse 16 When Zion by the mighty Lord built up againe shall be;
In glory then and dreadfull power, to men appeare shall he.
verse 17 The praier of the destitute he surely will regard;
Their praier will be not despise, by him it shall be heard.
verse 18 This shall be written, that the age succeeding may it see:
So shall that people praise the Lord, which shall created be.
verse 19 For from his high and holy place he look't downe graciously:
The Lord with pity did behold the earth from heaven hye.
verse 20 That of the [...]full prisoners [Page 207] the groanings he might heare;
And those might loose, which unto death condemn'd unjustly were.
verse 21 That they in Zion may declare the Lords most holy Name;
And in Jerusalem set forth the praises of the same.
verse 22 Even when the people shall in troups meet there with one accord:
When Kingdomes shall assembled be, to serve the bighest Lord.
verse 23 My former sorce of strength he hath abated in the way;
And shorter he did cut my daies, thus therefore did I say:
verse 24 My God, in midst of all my daies, now take me not away:
From age to age eternally thy yeares endure and stay.
verse 25 Thou the foundations of the earth before all times hast laid;
And, Lord, the heavens are the work which thine owne hands have made.
verse 26 They perish shall, yet evermore shalt thou endure and stay:
Yea, like a garment shall they all waxe old, and passe away.
verse 27 Thou [...]s a garment shalt them change, and changed they shall be;
But thou dost still abide the same, thy yeares no end shall see.
verse 28 The children of thy servants shall [Page 208] continually endure;
And in thy sight their happy seed shall stand for ever sure.


O Blesse and praise the Lord, my soul, and to him thankfull be:
Yea, blessed be his holy Name by all that is in me.
verse 2 Give thanks to God for all his gifts, shew not thy selfe unkind;
And suffer not his benefits to slip out of thy mind.
verse 3 That gave thee pardon for thy faults, and thee restor'd againe:
For all thy weak and fraile disease, and heal'd thee of thy paine.
verse 4 That did redeem thy life from death, from which thou couldst not flee;
His mercy and compassion both he did extend to thee.
verse 5 Who with good things most liberally doth satisfie thy mouth:
That, like the E [...]gles, now agame rerewed is thy youth.
verse 6 The Lord doth justice execute for those that are opprest;
So that their sufferings and their wrongs are turned to the best.
verse 7 His waies and his commandments just to Moses he did show:
His counsell and his valiant acts the Israelites did know.
verse 8 [Page 209] The Lord is kind and mercifull, when sinners do him grieve;
And he is very slow to wrath, and ready to forgive.
verse 9 He chides not us continually, though we be full of strife;
Nor keeps our faults in memory, for all our sinfull life.
verse 10 Nor yet according to our sins the Lord doth us regard;
After our great iniquities he doth us not reward.
verse 11 For as the heaven in his height, the earth surmoun [...]eth far [...]e;
So high to those that do him feare his tender mercies are.
verse 12 God doth remove our sins from us, and our offences all;
As far as is the rising Sun full distant from his fall.

The second part.

verse 13 And loo [...] what pity parents deare unto their children beare;
Like pity beares the [...]ord to such as worship him in feare.
verse 14 The Lord that made us knowes our shape, our mold and fashion just;
How weak and fraile our nature is, and how we be but dust.
verse 15 The daies of man are like to grasse, that quickly doth decay;
Or like the flower right faire in field, that fades full soon away.
verse 16 [Page 210] For gone it is, when over it the stormy wind doth passe:
The place shall never know it more, where once it standing was.
verse 17 But yet Gods mercy to his Saints for ever is, and was;
And to their childrens children downe his righteousnesse doth passe.
verse 18 To such as do his covenant keep, and do remember so
The just commandments of his mouth that in them walk they do.
verse 19 The Lord his throne of majesty in heaven did prepare;
His Kingdome ruleth over all, and all his subjects are.
verse 20 Ye Angels, which are great in pow [...] praise ye and blesse the Lord;
Which to obey and do his will immediately accord.
verse 21 Ye noble hosts and ministers, cease not to laud him still;
Which ready are to execute his pleasure and his will.
verse 22 Yea, all his workes in places all, where he doth rule as King:
Praise ye the Lord, and thou, my soul, his praises ever sing.


O Praise and blesse the Lord, my soul, for thou art very great:
O Lord my God, with honour cloth'd, [Page 211] and majesty beset.
verse 2 With light, as with a robe, thy selfe thou cov [...]rest about;
And, like a spacious curtain, thou the heavens stretchest out.
verse 3 The beams of thy great chambers thou dost in the waters lay;
Thy speedy chariots are the clouds that swiftly flie away.
verse 4 Thou on the wings of winds dost walk, and spirits thou dost take
For messengers: and ministers a flaming fire dost make.
verse 5 The firme foundations of the earth so stedfast thou dost lay;
That never from her fixed place she may be mov'd away.
verse 6 As with a garment, thou the earth with the great deep dost cover:
The deep, whose swelling waters once the mountaines flowed over.
verse 7 But turning back at thy rebuke, they sle [...], and would not stay;
And at thy thunders dreadfull voice they hasted swift away.
verse 8 They by the mountaines do ascend, and by the vallies low:
To their owne home, wth thou for them hast founded, down do go.
verse 9 There hast thou set them stedfast bounds, which shal them still restrain;
That back they never do returne, [Page 212] the earth to drowne againe.
verse 10 Into the fruitfull vallies thou the crystall springs dost send;
Which to the sea among the hills their winding course do bend.
verse 11 These do give drink to every beast, that dwelleth in the field;
And these their waters give to quench the thirst of Asses wild.
verse 12 By them the winged [...]owls of heav [...] delight their nests to build;
Which in the branches of the trees do pleasant musick yeeld.

The second part.

verse 13 From his high chambers rain [...] dow [...] he watreth the dry hills;
And with the fruits of his owne works the spacious earth he fills.
verse 14 Thence for the cattell he doth cause the flowry grasse to spring;
And thence for service of mankind the herb he forth doth bring.
verse 15 That food and nourishment he mig [...] draw from the fruitfull earth;
And wine, which the sad heart of man makes glad, and cheeres with mirth.
verse 16 And oile, to make mans face to shine and to appeare more bright:
And bread, that to the heart of man supplieth strength and might.
verse 17 Thy trees, O Lord, are full of sap. the Cedars that do stand
[Page 213] Lebanon, which planted were by thine owne mighty hand.
verse 18 In them the airy birds aloft do chuse their nests to make:
[...] for the Stork, the firre trees she doth for her dwelling take.
verse 19 To the wild Goats the mountaines high a place of refuge be:
The Conies also to the rockes do for their safety flee.
verse 20 Thou sett'st the Moon in heav'n, by her the seasons to discerne;
[...]om thee the Sun his certaine time of going downe doth learne.
verse 21 Then thou dost shady darknes make, black night is over-spread;
All beasts of forrests, from their dens creep forth then to be fed.
verse 22 Then the yong Lions for their prey do roare, and God entreat;
[...]gging in that their speechlesse speech that he would give them meat.
verse 23 But when the Sun doth rise, away together they do flie;
And hiding them from light, and sight, downe in their dens do lie.
verse 24 But then man safely cometh forth, and to his labour goes
Unto his work, wherein the day till evening he bestowes.

The third part.

verse 25 O Lord, how manifold thy works, and numberlesse they be!
[Page 214] And they in wisdome great have been created all by thee.
verse 26 The earth is filled with thy store, and riches manifold;
This great wide sea within her womb, doth the like treasures hold.
verse 27 Therein are flocks of creeping things that numbred cannot be;
There divers sorts of living beasts, both great and small we see.
verse 28 Therein the weighty ships do go, and make their pathlesse way:
There the great Whales do swim, which thou hast made therein to play.
verse 29 These in their divers kinds on thee do wait, and all attend;
That thou sufficient food to them in season due maist send.
verse 30 Thy hand thou openest wide, & they with good are satisfi'd:
But presently they troubled are, if thou thy face do hide.
verse 31 If thou draw in thy breath & spirit, thou tak'st away their breath;
They die, and quickly do returne unto their former earth.
verse 32 But if thy spirit thou sendest forth, then they created be;
And then the earths decayed face renewed is by thee.

The fourth part.

verse 33 An everlasting glory is thy glory, Lord of might;
[Page 215] An [...] in the workes of thy right hand, thou greatly shalt delight.
The Lord from heav'n beheld the earth, the earth then trembled much;
[...]e hills are set on fire and smoak, when thou the hills dost touch.
I will sing gladly to the Lord, as long as I shall live:
[...] will sing praises to my God, while he doth being give.
My meditation of the Lord most sweet shall be to me;
[...]d in my good and gracious God [...]ght joyfull will I be.
verse 37 But as for sinners, from the earth let them consume away;
[...]d let the wicked be no more, that will not thee obey.
verse 38 But, O my soul [...] blesse thou the Lord, thy thankfulnesse expresse;
[...]nd, all ye Saints, throughout the world with me, him praise and blesse.


O Give ye thankes unto the Lord, and call upon his Name:
[...]mong his people shew his works, and spread abroad his fame.
Sing unto him, yea joyfully in Psalmes unto him sing;
[...]alk ye of all the wondrous works of our almighty King.
[...] honour of his holy Name rejoyce with one accord;
[Page 216] And let the hearts of them rejoyce, that truly seek the Lord.
verse 4 Seek ye the Lord, & seek the strength of his eternall might;
And of his face continually seek to enjoy the sight.
verse 5 The wondrous works that he hath done keep still in mindfull heart;
Nor let the judgements of his mouth out of your mind depart.
verse 6 Ye that of faithfull Abraham his servant are the seed:
Ye his elect, the children that of Jacob do proceed.
verse 7 Because he, and he only is the mighty Lord our God;
And his most rightfull judgements are through all the earth abroad.
verse 8 He kept his Covenant still in mind, the word which by him was
To thousand generations commanded downe to passe.
verse 9 Which Covenant he most firmly made with faithfull Abraham;
And unto Isaac by his oath he did renew the same.
verse 10 And unto Jacob for a Law he made it firme and sure:
A Covenant to [...], which ever should endure.
verse 11 When thus he said, Behold, to you I C [...]ns land will give:
[Page 217] The lot of your inheritance, wherein your seed shall live.
verse 12 Although their number at that time did very small appeare;
Yea, very small, and in the land they then but strangers were.

The second part.

verse 13 While yet they walk't from land to land, without a sure abode;
And while through sundry Kingdomes they did wander farre abroad.
verse 14 Yet while they wandred, suffered he no man to do them wrong;
But for their sakes he did reprove Kings glorious, great, and strong.
verse 15 And thus he said, Touch ye not those that mine annointed be;
Nor do the Prophets any harme, that do pertaine to me.
verse 16 He call'd a dearth upon the land, he brake the staffe of bread:
But yet he sent a man before, by whom they should be fed.
verse 17 Even Joseph, who before was sold, a servant low to be;
verse 18 Whose feet with fetters they did hurt, in irons laid was he.
verse 19 Untill the time his message came to give him liberty;
The word and purpose of the Lord did him in prison [...]y.
verse 20 Then sent the King, and loosed him, [...] this commanded h [...]
[Page 218] That of the people Ruler was, he made him to go free.
verse 21 Yea further, of his royall house him Lord did Pharaoh make;
And gave command, that he the rule should of his substance take.
verse 22 That he might at his pleasure bind the Princes of the land:
And he might cause his ancient men wisdome to understand.
verse 23 And whiles the years of famine we [...] to Egypt Israel came;
And Jacob, as a sojourner, liv'd in the land of Ham.
verse 24 Yet did he greatly by his power increase his people there;
That stronger then their enemies all, they by his blessing were.
verse 25 He turned then their heart to hate his people vehemently;
And even with these his servants deare, to deale in subtilty.

The third part.

verse 26 His faithfull servant Moses then, and Aaron whom he chose;
He did command to them to go, his message to disclose.
verse 27 The message of his fearfull signes to Egypt they did shew;
And in the cursed land of Ham his wonders great and new.
verse 28 Darknesse upon them he did send, and dark he made thier day;
verse 29 [Page 219] And his command and mighty word his creatures did obey.
verse 30 He turn'd their waters into bloud, he did their fishes slay;
Their land brought Frog [...] even in the place where their King Pharaoh lay.
verse 31 He spake, and at his voice there came great swarmes of noisome Flies;
And all the quarters of their land were fill'd with crawling Lice.
verse 32 In stead of mild and fruitfull raine, upon them baile he sent;
And with the haile-affrighting flames of fire consuming went.
verse 33 He smote their vines, he smote the trees, whereon their sigs did grow:
Yea, [...]e the trees within their coasts did break and overthrow.
verse 34 He spake the word and at his word Locusts increased there;
And Caterpillers numberlesse among them creeping were.
verse 35 And these within their fruitfull land all the green herbs did eat;
And these the fruits growne in their ground, devoured for their meat.
verse 36 The first-begotten in their land the Lord with death did smite;
Yea, the beginning and the chiefe of all their strength and might.
verse 37 With gold & silver he them brought from Egypt land to passe;
[Page 220] And in the number of their Tribes no feeble one there was.
verse 38 Egypt was glad, and joyfull then, when they did thence depart:
For terrour, and the feare of them was fall'n upon their heart.

The fourth part.

verse 39 He for a covering spread a cloud, and in the time of night,
To guide them rightly in their way, by fire he gave them light.
verse 40 They asked, and he caused Quailes to raine abundantly;
And with the bread of heaven did he their hunger satisfie.
verse 41 He opened then the stony rock, and waters gushed out:
Which in the dry and parched ground like rivers, ran about.
verse 42 Because his promise made of old he did remember well;
And his deare servant Abraham, in faith that did excell.
verse 43 His people thus with joy & mirth, he forth from bondage brought:
With gladnesse he his chosen led and for them wonders wrought.
verse 44 And then to them the pleasant land he of the heathen gave;
That of the peoples labours they inheritance might have.
verse 45 That they his statutes might observ [...] and guided by his word
[Page 221] The path-way of his lawes might keep: praise ye the living Lord.


PRaise ye the Lord. O give ye thankes to God, for good is he;
And everlasting to his Saints his grace and mercy be.
verse 2 What man the mighty acts of God can shew, and utter well?
Who can set forth sufficiently, and all his praises tell?
verse 3 They blessed are that judgment keep, and justly do alway:
With favour of thy people, Lord, remember me, I pray.
verse 4 And with thy saving health, O Lord, vouchsafe to visit me;
That I the great felicitie of thine elect may see.
verse 5 And with thy peoples joy I may a joyfull mind possesse;
And may with thine inheritance a glorying heart expresse.
verse 6 We greatly with our fathers all have sinned every one;
We have committed wickednesse, and [...] we have done.
verse 7 The wonders great which thou, O Lord, hast done in Egypt land;
Our fathers, though they saw them all, yet did not understand.
verse 8 Nor they thy mercies multitude [Page 222] did keep in thankfull mind:
But at the sea, even the red sea, rebelled most unkind.
verse 9 Neverthelesse he saved them, for honour of his Name;
That he might make his power knowne, and spread abroad his same.
verse 10 Then the red sea did he rebuke, and dried up it was:
Through deeps, as through the wildernesse, so made he them to passe.
verse 11 From hand of those that hated them, he did his people save;
And from the enemies cruell hand to them redemption gave.
verse 12 The waters overwhelm'd their foes, not one was left alive;
Then they beleev'd his word, and praise in songs to him did give.

The second part.

verse 13 But quickly they his mighty works forgat unthankfully;
And on his counsell, and his will did not wait patiently.
verse 14 But lusted in the wildernesse with fond and greedy lust;
And in the desart tempted God, the stay of all their trust.
verse 15 And then their wanton minds desire he suffered them to have:
But wasting leannesse there withall into their soule he gave.
verse 16 [Page 223] And against Moses in the camp their envie did appeare:
At Aaron, though a Saint of God, they envious also were.
verse 17 Therefore the earth did open wide, and Dathan did devoure;
And all Abirams company did cover in that houre.
verse 18 In their assembly kindled was a hot consuming fire;
And wasting flame did then burne up the wicked in his ir [...].
verse 19 Upon the hill of Hor [...]b they an Idoll Cal [...] did frame:
A molten Image they did make, and worshipped the same.
verse 20 And thus their glory and their God most vainly changed they
Into the likenesse of an Oxe, that eateth grasse and [...]ay.
verse 21 And they their God and Saviour unkindly did forget
In Egypt, who for them had done things marvellous and great.
verse 22 Works wondrous in the land of Ham his hand to passe had brought;
By the red sea his mighty arme things terrible had wrought.
verse 23 Therefore when Israel sinned thus, and erred from his way;
That he this people would destroy, he in his wrath did say:
verse 24 [Page 224] Did not before him in the breac [...] his chosen Moses stand,
To stop his anger, lest he should destroy them out of hand.

The third part.

verse 25 Yea, they despis'd the pleasant land which he had sworne to give;
And his sure promise, and his word, these men would not beleeve.
verse 26 But they did murmure in their tents, and there rebelled they;
Unto the Lords command and voice, refusing to obey.
verse 27 Therefore against them lifted he his strong revenging hand;
Them in the desart to destroy, ere they should see the land.
verse 28 And to destroy their seed among the Nations with his rod;
And through the countries of the world, to scatter them abroad.
verse 29 To [...]al-Poor also they themselves adjoyned fast;
And then the offerings of the dead pr [...]ly they did tast
verse 30 Thus with their owne inventions his wrath they did provoke;
And in his hot inkindled wrath the plague upon them broke.
verse 31 But Phi [...]has then stood up with zea [...], and sinners bold did slay;
So judgement he did execute, [Page 225] and then the plague did stay.
verse 32 And this to him for righteousnesse accounted was by grace;
And so esteem'd for evermore shall be from race to race.

The fourth part.

verse 33 And at the waters where they strove, they did him angry make:
They mov'd him so, that it went ill with Moses for their sake.
verse 34 Because with grudging they provok't his spirit so vehemently;
That he in passion with his lips spake unadvisedly.
verse 35 Nor, as the Lord commanded them, did they the Nations slay:
But with the heathen mixt, of them did learne their wicked way.
verse 36 And did their Idols serve, which were their ruine and decay:
To Divels their daughters & their sons then sacrificed they.
verse 37 And thus bloud innocent they shed, yea, guiltlesse bloud they shed
Of their owne daughters and their sons, with blind devotion led.
verse 38 Whom they to Canaan Idols then offred with wicked hand;
And so with bloud of innocents defiled was their land.
verse 39 Thus were they stained with the workes of their owne filthy way;
[Page 226] And with their owne inventions a whoring they did stray.
verse 40 Therefore against his people was the Lords wrath kindled sore;
And even his owne inheritance he therefore did abhorre.

The fifth part.

verse 41 Into the hands of heathen men he gave them for a prey;
And made their foes their lords, wh [...] the were forced to obey.
verse 42 Yea, and their hatefull enemies opprest them in the land;
And they were humbly made to stoop, as subjects to their hand.
verse 43 Full oftentimes from thrall had be delivered them before;
But with their counsell they to wrath provok't him evermore.
verse 44 Therefore they by their wickednesse were brought full low to lie;
Yet when he saw them in distresse, he hearkned to their crie.
verse 45 And did for them remember well the covenant which he sware;
And did regent, because in him most plenteous mercies are.
verse 46 And favour he them made to find before the sight of those
That led them captives from their lan [...] and which had been their foes.
verse 47 [...]ave us, O Lord, thou art our God, save us, O Lord, we pray;
[Page 227] And from among the heathen folk, Lord, gather us away.
verse 48 That we may spread the noble praise of thy most holy Name;
That we may glory in thy praise, and sounding of thy fame.
verse 49 Let Israels Lord and God be blest through all eternitie:
[...]et all the people say, Amen, praise ye the Lord most hie.


GIve thanks unto the Lord our God, for gracious is he:
Praise him, because his mercies great, and everlasting be.
verse 2 Let the re [...]ed of the Lord thus of his mercie say:
Whom he hath from their enemies hand redeem'd, and brought away.
verse 3 From out the lands wherein they were dispersed and distrest;
He gathered them from North & South, from East, and from the West.
verse 4 They wandred in the wildernesse, in a forsaken way;
And where no Citie they could find, therein to dwell and stay.
verse 5 Whose thirst & hunger was so great, while they in desart stray;
That through the same their soul & life did faint, and p [...] away.
verse 6 Then did they in their trouble pray [Page 228] unto the Lord for aid:
Who did them free from their dist [...] according as they prai'd.
verse 7 And by that way which was [...] rig [...] he led them like a guide;
That they might to a Citie go, wherein they might abide.
verse 8 O give due praises to the Lord, for his great goodnesse then;
And for his strange and wondrous wo [...] done to the sons of men.

The second part.

verse 9 For he the longing soule with goo [...] doth freely satisfie;
With goodnesse soules that hungry [...] he filleth plenteously.
verse 10 Such as shut up in darknesse deep, and in deaths shade abide;
Whom strongly hath affliction bound and [...]ons fast have ti'd.
verse 11 Because against thy words, O God, they wrought rebelliously;
And they the counsell did contemne of him that is most Hve.
verse 12 Their proud heart therfore be brou [...] dow with labour and with griefe;
Downe did they fall, and there was [...] to help or give reliefe.
verse 13 Then did they in their trouble crie unto the Lord for aid;
Who did them free from their distr [...] according as they prai'd.
verse 14 [Page 229] Them did he out of darkness bring, and from deaths shadow take;
And setting them at liberty, their bands asunder brake.
verse 15 O give due praises to the Lord, for his great goodnesse then;
And for his strange and wondrous works done to the sons of men.
verse 16 For by his might strong gates of bra [...] in pieces did he [...]eare;
And by his power iron bands asunder broken were.

The third part.

verse 17 Fooles by their owne transgressions against Gods righteous Law;
And by their great iniquities plagues on themselves do draw.
verse 18 They are so weak, that now their soul all meat doth loath and flie;
So weak they are, that to the gates of death they now draw me.
verse 19 Then in their trouble do they crie unto the Lord for aid;
Who saveth them from their distresse, according as they prai'd.
verse 20 For he then sent to them his word, which health did so in restore;
And brought them from those dangers deep, wherein they were before.
verse 21 O give due praises to the Lord, for his great goodnesse then;
And for his strange and wondrous works [Page 230] done to the sons of men.
verse 22 Let them the sacrifices give of praise and thankfulnesse;
And let them his great workes declare with songs of joyfulnesse.

The fourth part.

verse 23 Such as in ships or brittle barks into the seas descend;
Their merchandise through fearfull flouds to compasse, and to end:
verse 24 These men the mighty works of God do with their eies behold;
And in the dreadfull deep do see his wonders manifold.
verse 25 He doth command, and forth in haste the stormy tempest flies;
Whose rage doth make the rolling waves aloft to swell and rise.
verse 26 They mount to heav'n, then to the depths they do go down againe:
Their soule doth saint, and melt away with trouble, and with paine.
verse 27 And, like a drunkard, to and fro, they reele with tempests tost;
And are like men of wits bereft, and all whose skill is lost.
verse 28 Then did they in their trouble cry stresse, unto the Lord for aid;
Who brought them out from their di [...] according as they prai'd.
verse 29 The storme is changed to a calme at his command and will;
So that the waves which rag'd before, [Page 231] now quiet are, and still.
verse 30 Then are they glad, because at rest and quiet now they be;
So to the haven them he brings, which they desire to see.
verse 31 O give due praises to the Lord for his great goodnesse then;
And for his strange & wondrous works done to the sons of men.
verse 32 And in the congregation great him let them magnifie;
And even when the elders meet, with praise him glorifie.

The fifth part.

verse 33 He to a desart turnes a land, where rivers did abound;
And land, where water-springs did flow, to dry and thirsty ground.
verse 34 A fruitfull land with pleasures deckt the Lord doth barren make;
When on their sins that dwell therein he doth just vengeance take.
verse 35 To standing waters then againe the wildernesse he brings;
And he the dry and thirsty ground doth turne to water-springs.
verse 36 That those he there may make to dwell, which poore and hungry were:
That for their habitation they may build a city there.
verse 37 That they may pleasant vineyard plant, and there may sow the field:
[Page 232] Which unto them abundantly fruits of increase may yeeld.
verse 38 He also blesseth them, that they exceedingly increase:
Yea, of his goodnesse suffers not their cattell to decrease.
verse 39 Yet for their sins they are brought low, and [...]nished againe;
Being afflicted and opprest, and fill'd with griefe and paine.
verse 40 On Princes he doth powre contempt, and causeth them to stray
In the forsaken wildernesse, where is no path or way.
verse 41 Yet from affliction he the poore advanceth up on hye;
And makes his families like a flock to grow and multiply.
verse 42 The righteous man this work shall see, and much rejoyce shall he:
But then of all iniquitie the mouth shall stopped be.
verse 43 Whoso is wise, and will these things observe well in his mind;
The loving kindnesse of the Lord, that man shall know and find.


O God, my heart now sixed is, and [...]o [...]e in a song
I with my glory praise will give, even with my heart and tongue.
verse 2 Awake my V [...]oll and my Harp, [Page 233] sweet melody to make;
[...] in the morning I my selfe right early will awake.
Among the people, Lord, by me still praised shalt thou be:
Among the nations cheerfully will I sing praise to thee.
Because thy mercy, Lord, is great above the heavens hie:
[...]hy truth doth reach unto the clouds, within the lofty skie.
Above the starry heavens high exalt thy selfe, O God;
And, Lord, display upon the earth thy glory all abroad.
verse 6 That thy beloved mightily delivered may be:
[...]ave them, O Lord, with thy right hand, and herein answer me.
verse 7 God in his holinesse thus spake, My joy shall now be great:
[...]chem in parts I will divide, and Succoths valley mete.
verse 8 Gilead I claime as mine by right, Manasseh mine shall be;
Ephraim is of my head the strength, Judah gives Lawes for me.
verse 9 Moab I for my wash-pot take, and Edom, over thee
I cast my shooe; Philistia, make a shout because of me.
verse 10 Into the Citie fortifi'd, [Page 234] who will me safely bring?
Who into Edom will me guide, to enter conquering?
verse 11 Wilt not thou, Lord, which hereto [...] hast seemed us to hate?
Thou, Lord, who with our hosts no m [...] hast marched forth of late.
verse 12 O give us help, most gracious Lo [...] from trouble set us free;
Because the help of mortall men we find most vaine to be.
verse 13 Through God we shall do valiantly and conquer when we fight:
For he it is that shall tread downe our enemies with his might.


O Thou the God of all my praise, to help me do not cease;
When sinners do against me speak, do not thou hold thy peace.
verse 2 The wicked and the guilefull mouth against me opened be;
And with a false and lying tongue they have accused me.
verse 3 They did beset me round about with words of hatefull spight;
And though to them no cause I gave, against me they did fight.
verse 4 They for my love became my foes, but then I went to pray:
verse 5 Evill for good, and hate for love, to me they did repay.
Set thou the wicked over him, and at his owne right hand
[...]ve thou his greatest enemy leave, ev'n Satan, there to stand.
And when by thee he shall be judg'd, condemned let him be;
[...]nd let his praier turne to sin, which he shall make to thee.
Few be his daies, and after him his charge another take;
And fatherlesse his children be, his wife a widow make.
verse 9 Yea, let his seed be vagabonds, and beg continually;
And from their places desolate seek bread for their supply.
verse 10 Let covetous extortioners take all his goods away;
Of all for which he labour'd hath, let strangers make a prey.
verse 11 Let there be none to pity him, let there be none at all
That on his children fatherlesse will let their mercie fall.

The second part.

verse 12 Let his posterity from earth cut off for ever be;
And in the following age his name be blotted out by thee.
verse 13 Let not his fathers wickednesse from Gods remembrance fall:
Let not from him his mothers sin be blotted out at all.
verse 14 But let them in the sight of God appeare continually;
That he may wholly from the earth cut off their memory.
verse 15 Sith mercy be forgat to shew, and did pursue with spight
The poore sad man, that him whose hea [...] was broken, slay he might.
verse 16 As [...] in cursing pleasure took, so let it to him go,
As blessing was not his delight, farre from him be it so.
verse 17 As [...] with cursing cloth'd himselfe, into his bowels so,
Like water, and into his bones, like oile, downe let it go.
verse 18 As doth his garment cover him, so to him let it be;
And as a girdle, girt wherewith continually is he.
verse 19 This the reward be from the Lord, unto mine enemies;
Who evill speak against my soule, and mischiefe do devise.

The third part.

verse 20 But for thy Names sake, O my God and Lord, do thou for me;
From my distresse deliver me, for good thy mercies be.
verse 21 Because I needy am and poore, (yet do in griefes abound,)
And in me my afflicted heart doth feele a piercing wound.
verse 22 As when the shadow doth decline, so I away do go;
And as the Gr [...]shopper, so I am tossed to and fro.
verse 23 My trembling knees are weak & faint, because I long do fast;
My flesh of fatnesse now doth faile, and I consume and waste.
verse 24 And I a vile reproach and scorne to them was made to be;
And they that did upon me look, did shake their heads at me.
verse 25 But thou, O Lord, that art my God, mine aide and succour be:
According to thy promise, Lord, save and deliver me.
verse 26 And they shall know thereby, that this is thine owne mighty hand;
And that, O Lord, thou hast it done, so shall they understand.
verse 27 Although they curse with spite, yet thou shalt blesse with loving voice;
They shall arise, and come to shame, thy servant shall rejoyce.
verse 28 Let them be clothed all with shame that enemies are to me:
Let their confusion, as a cloak, to them a cover be.
verse 29 But with my mouth I greatly will give thankes unto the Lord;
And ev'n in the great multitude his praise I will record.
verse 30 For at the right hand of the poo [...] to save him, stand shall he;
From those to save him, of his soule that cruell Judges be.


THe Lord did say unto my Lord, Sit thou on my right hand,
Till I have made thy foes a stoole, whereon thy feet may stand.
verse 2 The Lord shall out of Sion send the scepter of thy might;
Amid thy mortall foes be thou the ruler in their sight.
verse 3 And in the day on which thy reigne with mighty power shall be;
The people with a willing heart shall subject be to thee.
verse 4 Yea, they in beauteous holinesse thee serve and worship shall.
Thy births dew is the dew that doth from womb of morning fall.
verse 5 The Lord hath sworne, & of this oa [...] he will repent him never:
Of th' order of Melchisedeck thou art a Priest for ever.
verse 6 The Lord in glory high advanc't, that sits at thy right hand;
Shall in his day of wrath strike throug [...] great Kings that him withstand.
verse 7 The heathen he shall judge, and fill the place with bodies dead;
And over many countries he [Page 239] shall smite and wound the head.
And he shall drink out of the brook that runneth in the way;
[...]erefore he shall lift up on high his royall head that day.


PRaise ye the Lord, him will I praise with all my heart and might;
[...] the assembly of the just, and in the Churches sight.
The works of our almighty God in greatnesse do excell;
And ought to be sought out and seen of all that love them well.
His workes are very beautifull, and shine full gloriously;
And his most perfect righteousnesse endures eternally.
verse 4 The Lord hath made his wondrous workes remembred still to be;
The Lord is of compassion full, and mercifull is he.
verse 5 A blessed portion he doth give to them that do him feare;
And his sweet covenant of grace in mind he still doth beare.
verse 6 The power of his mighty workes he to his people shewes;
While he the heathens heritage upon his Saints bestowes.
verse 7 Both truth & judgment are the works wrought by his hand and might:
[Page 240] His precepts and commandments all are very sure and right.
verse 8 Firme are they, and established for all eternity;
And they most righteously are done in truth and equity.
verse 9 Unto his people whom he chose, redemption he did send;
His Covenant he commanded hath, that it should never end.
verse 10 Holy and reverend is the Name of our great Lord and King;
And only from the feare of God doth all true wisdome spring.
verse 11 Good understanding have all they his precepts that fulfill:
His glory everlasting is, his praise endureth still.


PRaise ye the Lord: The man is bl [...] that feares the Lord of might;
And in his just commandments all that taketh great delight.
verse 2 His seed shall prosper here onearth, and they shall mighty be;
The generation of the just full blessed shall we see.
verse 3 Of riches he within his house sufficient shall be sure;
And in Gods sight his righteousnesse for ever shall endure.
verse 4 Unto the righteous doth arise [Page 241] amid the darknesse light;
Kind, and compassionate is he, and leads his life aright.
verse 5 A good man favour shewes, & lends with mercie and compassion;
And he is wise, and his affaires he guideth with discretion.
verse 6 Surely, he shall be settled so that nothing can him move:
The just shall be remembred still in Gods eternall love.
verse 7 Of evill tidings that may come, he will not be affraid;
Because his heart upon his God by faith is sixt and stai'd.
verse 8 His heart is firmly stablished, affraid he will not be;
Untill upon his enemies Gods justice he do see.
verse 9 He doth distribute to the poore, and to them freely give;
His righteousnesse doth still remaine, and with him ever live.
verse 10 In power and in dignitie aloft he shall be set;
And this the wicked man shall see, and seeing, rage and fret.
verse 11 For anger he shall gnash his teeth, and shall consume away;
The wicked mans desire and hope shall perish and decay.


PRaise ye the living Lord, praise ye your Lord and King,
All ye his servants, to his Name all praise and honour bring.
verse 2 Now and in ages all his holy Name be blest;
And his great Name in places all be prais'd, from East to West.
verse 3 Above the Nations all the Lord doth sit on hie;
Above the highest heav'ns he sits in glorious majestie.
verse 4 With this great Lord and God who dareth to compare?
Whose dwellings far above the world so high exalted are?
verse 5 Yet of his goodnesse great he doth descend so low,
As in the heavens and the earth the things to see and know.
verse 6 He raiseth from the dust the poore that low did lie;
And from the dung-hill lifts the man opprest with povertie.
verse 7 That him he may advance, and with the Princes set;
With those that of his people are the chiefe, ev'n Princes great.
verse 8 To her that barren was, he children doth afford;
So she keeps house, a mother glad; praise ye the living Lord.


WHen Israel from Egypt came, and did his dwelling change;
When Jacobs house from those did part that were of language strange.
verse 2 His Sanctuary Judah was, his holy place was there;
And his dominion Israel was, and they his people were.
verse 3 The sea it saw, and at the sight as all affraid did flye;
And back the river Jordans streames were driven mightily.
verse 4 The Mountains skipped like to rams, and could not stedfast stay:
And, like young lambs, the little hills did move and leap away.
verse 5 What ail'd thee, sea, as all amaz'd so suddenly to flye?
Ye rolling waves of Jordans floud, why ran ye backwardly?
verse 6 Ye mountains great, what was the cause that ye did skip like rams?
Ye little hills, why did ye leap and skip like little lambs?
verse 7 Before the presence of the Lord, tremble thou earth and quake;
Before the presence of the God of Jacob do thou shake.
verse 8 Who from the hard and stony rock did pooles of water bring;
And by his power did turne the [...]int into a water-spring.


NOt unto us, Lord, not to us, but to thy Name give praise;
Both for the mercy and the truth that are in thee alwaies.
verse 2 Why shall the heathen scorners say, Where may their God now be?
verse 3 Our God in heaven is, and what he pleased done hath he.
verse 4 Their Idols silver are and gold, work of mens hands they be:
They have a mouth, and do not speak, and eies, and do not see.
verse 5 Eares have they joyned to their hea [...] yet do they nothing heare:
verse 6 They also cannot smell at all, though noses they do beare.
verse 7 And hands they have, yet handle not feet, yet no walk they take:
A throat they have, and yet no speech through it a sound doth make.
verse 8 They that them make are like to them and they whose trust they be;
verse 9 O Israel, trust in the Lord, their help and shield is he.
verse 10 O Aarons house, trust in the Lord, their help and shield is he:
verse 11 Trust ye in God, who fear the Lord, their help and shield is he.
verse 12 The Lord of us hath mindfull be [...] and he will blesse us still;
Both Israels and Aarons house blesse certainly he will.
verse 13 Those that do fear & serve the Lord, the Lord will blesse them all;
The Lord his blessing will impart both to the great and small.
verse 14 To you the Lord abundantly will multiply his grace;
He will increase it more and more to you, and to your race.
verse 15 All ye the Lord that feare and serve, are blessed of the Lord,
Who hath the heavens and the earth created by his word.
verse 16 The heavens, yea the heavens high, Gods throne and palace be:
But freely on the sons of men the earth bestowed he.
verse 17 The dead do not give to the Lord praise from the grave below;
Nor any that into the place of silence downe do go.
verse 18 But we the servants of the Lord, who here on earth shall live,
Henceforth and ever will him praise: to God due praises give.


I Love the Lord, because my voice and praier heard hath he:
verse 2 And all my daies will call on him, who bow'd his care to me.
verse 3 Even when the snares of cruell death about beset me round;
[Page 246] When pains of hell me caught, and whe [...] I woe and sorrow found.
verse 4 Upon the Name of God my Lord then did I call, and say:
Deliver thou my soule, O Lord, I do thee humbly pray.
verse 5 The Lord is very gracious, and righteous is he:
Yea, in our God depths infinite of tender mercies be.
verse 6 The Lord in safety doth preserve all those that simple be;
Even I my selfe was brought full low, and he relieved me.
verse 7 And now, my soul, sith thou art safe, returne unto thy rest:
For largely lo, the Lord to thee his bounty hath exprest.
verse 8 Because my soul from threatned death delivered is by thee;
By thee mine eies from teares, my feet from falls delivered be.
verse 9 Before the Lord, even in the land of life now walk will I:
verse 10 This I beleev'd, and therefore spake, though grieved heavily.

The second part.

verse 11 I said in my distresse and feare, that all men liars be;
verse 12 What shall I pay the Lord for all his benefits to me?
verse 13 [Page] The wholsome cup of saving health I thankfully will take;
[...] on the Lords Name will I call, when I my praier make.
verse 14 The vowes which in my grief I made, I to the Lord will pav;
[...] presence of his people all, ev'n now without delay.
verse 15 The death of Gods beloved Saints is precious in his sight;
Though carnall men do them despise, yet are they Gods delight.
verse 16 Thy servant, Lord, thy servant lo, I do my selfe confesse
[...] of thine hand-maid, thou hast broke the bands of my distresse.
verse 17 And I will offer up to thee a sacrifice of praise;
[...] I will call upon the Name of God the Lord alwaies.
verse 18 The vowes which in my grief I made, I to the Lord will pay;
[...] presence of his people all, ev'n now without delay.
verse 19 Yea, in the courts of Gods own house, and in the midst of thee,
[...] glorious Jerusalem, the Lord still praised be.


O All ye Nations of the world, praise ye the Lord alwaies;
[Page 248] And all the people every where set forth his noble praise.
verse 2 For great his kindnesse is to us, his truth doth ever live;
Then to the Lord give praises great, praise to him ever give.


O Give ye thanks unto the Lord, for gracious is he;
Because his mercies very sure, and everlasting be.
verse 2 Let Israel confesse, that still his mercies do endure:
Let Aarons house say now, that still his mercies are most sure.
verse 3 And let them now that fear the Lord, say that his mercies sure,
Which he doth shew unto his Saints for ever do endure.
verse 4 On God I call'd in my distresse, and he did answer me;
In a large place he did me set, wherein I might go free.
verse 5 The Lord himselfe is on my side, affraid I will not be;
When God is on my side, what hurt can man then do to me?
verse 6 The Lord doth take my part with them that help to succour me:
Therefore on those that do me hate, I my desire shall see.
verse 7 Better it is to trust in God, then in mans mortall seed;
Or to put considence in Kings, or Princes in our need.
verse 8 All Nations have enclosed me, and me encompast round;
But in the Name of God shall I them conquer, and confound.
verse 9 They compast me on every side, they round about me came;
But I will surely them destroy in Gods most mighty Name.
verse 10 Like Bees they compast me about, yet, like to thornes that flame
They quenched are; for them shall I destroy in Gods great Name.

The second part.

verse 11 Thou hast with force thrust sore at me, that fall full low I might;
But yet the Lord sustained me, and made me stand upright.
verse 12 The Lord is my defence & strength, my gladnesse, and my song;
He my salvation is become, and my preserver strong.
verse 13 In dwellings of the just is heard the voice and melody.
Of joy, and health; for the right hand of God doth valiantly.
verse 14 The right hand of the mighty Lord exalted is on hye:
The right hand of the mighty Lord hath done most valiantly.
verse 15 I surely shall not die, but live, and living shall declare
The workes and wonders of the Lord, which great and many are.
verse 16 The Lord indeed hath chastened me, me chastened sore hath he:
Yet wholly over unto death be hath not given me.
verse 17 Set open unto me the gates of truth and righteousnesse;
That I may enter into them the Lord to praise and blesse.
verse 18 Behold, this is the gate of God, which he hath opened so,
That into it the righteous men shall with his praises go.

The third part.

verse 19 And, Lord, because thou me hast heard, I will give praise to thee:
For thou art graciously become a Saviour unto me.
verse 20 The stone which by the builders was refused with disgrace,
Now the head-corner stone is made, and s [...]t in chiefest place.
verse 21 This was the mighty work of God, this was the Lords owne fact;
And it is marvellous to behold with eies that noble act.
verse 22 This surely is that joyfull day which God himselfe did make;
And we his servants will therein great joy and pleasure take.
verse 23 Save now, O Lord, I thee besee [...]h, thy helping hand extend;
And now, I do bes [...]h thee, Lord, prosperitie to send.
verse 24 Blessed be he in Gods great Name that cometh us to save;
We from the house which to the Lord pertaines, you blessed have.
verse 25 God is the Lord that shewes us light, with cords then fasten ye
An offering to the altars hornes, a signe of thankes to be.
verse 26 Thou art my God, and therefore I will praises give to thee;
Thou art my God, therefore by me thou shalt exalted be.
verse 27 O give ye thankes unto the Lord, because most good is he:
Because for ever to his Saints his mercies lasting be.

PSAL. CXIX. N. Aleph.

BLessed are they that are sincere, and perfect in the way;
Who in their lives do walk with God and do his lawes obey.
verse 2 Blessed are they that to observe his statutes bend their mind;
And who do seek with all their heart the living God to find.
verse 3 Those also do not willingly iniquitie commit;
But searching out the way of God, they strive to walk in it.
verse 4 A strait command enjoyn'd hast thou, whom we are bound to serve;
That we with care and diligence thy statutes should observe.
verse 5 O thou, who givest this command, give grace it to obey;
Thy statutes faithfully to keep, O Lord, direct my way.
verse 6 Then shall I walk with confidence, and shall from shame be free;
To all thy just commandements when my respect shall be.
verse 7 Then with uprightnesse of my heart thee will I praise and blesse,
When I shall well the judgements learn of thy pure righteousnesse.
verse 8 And wholly will I give my selfe to keep thy lawes most right:
Forsake me not for ever, Lord, but sh [...]w thy grace and might.

The 2. part. [...]. Beth.

verse 9 O by what meanes his way and life clean shall a young man make?
If he according to thy word thereto good heed do take.
verse 10 Unfainedly I have thee sought, and seeking thus abide▪
Let me not w [...]nder from thy lawes, nor from them turne aside.
verse 11 Within my heart and secret thought [...] thy words I have hid still;
That I might not at any time offend thy holy will.
verse 12 Blessed art thou, O righteous Lord, and praise is due to thee;
Then for the glory of thy grace, thy statutes teach thou me.
verse 13 The righteous judgements which thy mouth for mans direction gave;
My lips to others willingly them all declared have.
verse 14 Thy testimonies and thy waies have made my heart so glad;
As if the riches and the wealth of all the earth I had.
verse 15 I of thy precepts still will think, and thereto frame my talk;
As at a mark, so will I aime thy waies how I may walk.
verse 16 Upon thy statutes my delight shall be so surely set,
That by thy grace I never will thy holy word forget.

The 3. part. [...]. Gimel.

verse 17 According to thy bountie great deale with thy servant, Lord;
That by thy favour I may live, and duely keep thy word.
verse 18 O let mine eies by thy good Spirit so fully opened be;
That wondrous things out of thy law I may perceive and se [...].
verse 19 I am a stranger here on earth, my citie is with thee;
Thither thy precepts are the way, O hide them not from me!
verse 20 My soule is ravish't with desire, and never is at rest▪
But seeks to know thy judgements high, and what may please thee best.
verse 21 The proud that justly cursed be, by thee rebuked were:
For by their lusts they being led, from thy commandments erre.
verse 22 Reproach which sinners cast on Saints, and scorne from me remove:
For I thy testimonies kept, and on them set my love.
verse 23 The Princes great in counsell sate, and did against me speak:
But then thy servant thought how he thy statutes might not break.
verse 24 My comfort and my hearts delight thy testimonies be;
And they amidst all doubts and seares are counsellers to me.

The 4. part. [...]. Daleth.

verse 25 My soule doth cleave unto the dust, I hardly life retaine;
According to thy faithfull word, quicken thou me againe.
verse 26 My waies, when I acknowledged, with mercie thou didst heare;
Teach me thy righteous lawes to keep, and thee to love and feare.
verse 27 Make me to understand the way, which thy wise precepts shew;
So of thy wonders shall I talke, that others may them know.
verse 28 My soule doth faint, and melt away for hea [...]inesse and griefe:
To me, according to thy word, send strength, and give reliefe.
verse 29 The way of lies remove from me, O let it farre depart;
To me grant graciously thy law, and write it in my heart.
verse 30 I for my walking chosen have of truth the perfect way;
And in that way thy judgements just before mine eies did lay.
verse 31 Unto thy testimonies I did closely sticke and cleave;
The [...] to be put to shame, O Lord, thy servant never leave.
verse 32 The way of thy commandments all, then gladly run will I;
When with thy spirit thou hast my heart enlarged graciously.

The 5. part. [...]. He.

verse 33 The path-way of thy statutes just, Lord, teach, and shew to me;
Th [...]n shall I keep it to the end, even till I come to thee.
verse 34 Unto me understanding give, then keep thy law shall I:
Yea, then with my whole heart I shall observe it carefully.
verse 35 The path of thy commandments pu [...] doth lead to thee aright:
O teach me in that path to go, for I therein delight.
verse 36 Incline my heart unto thy lawes, and make me them to love:
But from all filthy covetousnesse; Lord, farre my heart remove.
verse 37 From vain desires and worldly lusts turne back mine eies and sight:
Give me the spirit of life, and power to walk thy waies aright.
verse 38 Confirm thy gracious promise, Lord, which thou hast made to me;
Who am thy servant, and desire to feare and honour thee.
verse 39 Reproach & shame which I do fear, O turne away from me;
Because thy judgements to thy Saints good and most gracious be.
verse 40 Behold, I for thy precepts long, and love them to obey;
Lord, quicken me so with thy grace, that them fulfill I may.

The 6. part. [...]. Va [...].

verse 41 Thy mercies great and manifold let me obtaine, O Lord;
Thy saving health let me enjoy, according to thy word.
verse 42 So shall I stop the s [...]ndrous mouths of lewd men and unjust;
Who me with scorne reproach, because [...] in thy word do trust.
verse 43 The word of truth out of my mouth O take not utterly;
For on thy judgements righteous my hope and trust rely.
verse 44 And if thou from my mouth & heart thy word shalt not withdraw;
Ever, and ever constantly then shall I keep thy law.
verse 45 Free from sins bondage I will walk, and set at liberty:
For thy commands to seek and keep, my selfe I do apply.
verse 46 Thy testimonies often shall be spoken of by me;
I before Kings of them will speak, and not ashamed be.
verse 47 And in thy just commandments all my selfe delight I will;
Which I have loved servently, and so would love them still.
verse 48 To thy cōmandments which I love, my hands lift up I will;
And in thy statutes meditate, and strive them to fulfill.

The 7. part. [...]. Zain.

verse 49 The promise to thy servant made, remembred let it be:
For on the same to set mine hope and trust thou causedst me.
verse 50 This word of thine my comfort is in trouble and in paine:
For when griefes bring me neer to death, that quickens me againe.
verse 51 The proud did greatly me deride, yet did I not withdraw
From thee my service, nor have I declined from thy law.
verse 52 But, Lord, thy judgements great of old, I then did call to mind;
Whereby I comforted my selfe, and ease from griefe did find.
verse 53 Horrour hath taken hold on me, and feare my heart did shake;
Because the wicked fearlesly thy holy law forsake.
verse 54 And in the house of pilgrimage, where I a stranger dwelt;
Thy statutes did become my songs, such joy in them I felt.
verse 55 I thought upon thy Name, O Lord, by night, when others slept;
And by this thought of thee, thy law more carefully I kept.
verse 56 This comfort which I do enjoy I have by gift from thee;
Because thy precepts carefully have been observ'd by me.

The 8. part. [...]. Cheth.

verse 57 My blessed portion, Lord, thou art, thou art my happinesse;
That I thy holy words would keep I said, and did professe.
verse 58 With my whole heart I did thee pray thy favour to afford;
O then be mercifull to me, according to thy word.
verse 59 [Page 259] I thought upon my former waies, mine actions I did try;
[...] to thy testimonies pure my feet then turned I.
verse 60 I did not stay, nor linger long, as they that slothfull are;
[...] hastily thy lawes to keep, I did my selfe prepare.
verse 61 The cruell bands of wicked men have made of me their prey;
[...] would I not thy lawes forget, nor from thee go astray.
verse 62 Thy gracious judgments are so great, and wonderfull to me;
That even at midnight I will rise, to render thankes to thee.
verse 63 Companion am I of all them that do thee feare and serve:
Of all thy Saints, that constantly thy precepts do observe.
verse 64 Thy mercies great, most gracious Lord, the earth throughout do fill:
Oh teach me how I may obey thy statutes and thy will.

The 9. part. [...]. Teth.

verse 65 With me who thine own servant am, thou hast dealt well, O Lord;
Thy bounty hast thou shew'd to me, according to thy word.
verse 66 Teach me good judgement in thy lawes, give me a cleared sight:
For thy commandments I beleeve to be most true and right.
verse 67 Ere thou didst touch me with thy rod, I err'd and went astray;
But now I keep thine holy word, and by it guide my way.
verse 68 Lord, thou art good, and thou dost good, from thee all graces flow;
Then teach me by thy grace, that I thy statutes well may know.
verse 69 The proud & wickedmen have forg'd against me many a lie;
Yet thy commandments still observe with all my heart will I.
verse 70 Their hearts do ease & fulnesse love, and fat as grease they be;
But in thy law I do delight, and that is sweet to me.
verse 71 O happy time, I well may say, when thou didst me correct;
For as a guide to learne thy law, thy rod did me direct.
verse 72 The law which from thy mouth did come, is better unto me
Then thousand corruptible heaps of gold and silver be.

The 10. part. [...]. Jod.

verse 73 Thy hands have made and fashioned me, by thee I move and live;
That I may thy commandments learne, me understanding give.
verse 74 Thy Saints which feare thee will be glad, all times when me they see:
Because I by thy word have learn'd to put my hope in thee.
verse 75 I know, and do confesse, O Lord, thy judgements righteous be;
And that in very faithfulnesse thou hast afflicted me.
verse 76 Yet let thy kindnesse mercifull, I pray thee, comfort me:
As to thy servant in thy word was promised by thee.
verse 77 Thy tender mercies powre on me, and I shall surely live:
For consolation and delight thy law to me doth give.
verse 78 Make thou the proud asham'd, for they vexe me without a cause;
But I will meditate upon thy precepts and thy lawes.
verse 79 Let those that thee do truly feare turne in and live with me;
Those that thy testimonies know shall my companions be.
verse 80 In thy most righteous statutes, Lord, still let my heart be sound;
And then I may assured be no shame shall me confound.

The 11. part. [...]. Caph.

verse 81 My soule for thy salvation faints, and longs it to obtaine;
Yet doth my hope upon thy word my fainting soule sustaine.
verse 82 Mine eies do faile, while on thy word they wait, and thus I say:
Oh when wilt thou me comfort, Lord▪ why dost thou thus delay?
verse 83 For like a bottle I become, that in the smoak is set;
Though parch't with griefe, thy statutes just yet do I not forget.
verse 84 How many are thy servants daies? may I yet live to see
When thou wilt judgement execute on those that trouble me?
verse 85 The proud have digged pits for me, that I might fall therein;
Which with thy law do not agree, to hurt me they do sin.
verse 86 All thy commandments faithfull are, and rules of life to me;
They persecute me wrongfully, but thou my helper be.
verse 87 They so consum'd me, that on earth my life they scarce did leave:
Thy precepts yet forsook I not, but close to them did cleave.
verse 88 After thy loving kindnesse, Lord, raise up, and quicken me;
The testimonies of thy mouth by me then kept shall be.

The 12. part. [...]. Lamed.

verse 89 The word which thou hast spoken, Lord, still stedfast is and sure;
As in the heavens constant course it ever doth endure.
verse 90 Thy faithfulnesse doth stedfast stand to ev'ry generation;
Even as the earth abides, since thou didst stablish her foundation.
verse 91 These things unto this present day we may continuing see;
According to thine ordinance, for all thy servants be.
verse 92 Unlesse in thy most perfect law my soule had found delight;
When I in great affliction was, I should have perish't quite.
verse 93 Thy holy precepts never shall by me forgotten be:
For thou, when heavie was my soule, by them hast quickned me.
verse 94 Thine owne am I, and therefore me thy son and servant save;
For with a great and servent love thy precepts sought I have.
verse 95 For me the wicked men did wait, and sought me to destroy:
But I thy testimonies true will think upon with joy.
verse 96 Of all perfection here on earth, there is an end I see;
But thy commandements very large, and everlasting be.

The 13. part. [...]. Mem.

verse 97 How dearly do I love thy law? and with how great affection?
For thereupon throughout the day I fix my meditation.
verse 98 By thy cōmandments thou hast made me farre more wise to be
Then are my foes, because thy lawes do still abide with me.
verse 99 In understanding I excell those that instructed me;
Because thy testimonies just my meditation be.
verse 100 In understanding I exceed those that are full of daies;
Because I straitly strive to keep thy precepts and thy waies.
verse 101 And I my feet restrained have from every evill way;
That of thy word the holy path precisely keep I may.
verse 102 From the right judgements of thy mouth I never did depart:
For thou didst teach me inwardly, and wrot'st them in my heart.
verse 103 O what a sweetnes, from thy words into my taste doth passe?
Doubtlesse, that sweetnesse to my mouth more sweet then hony was.
verse 104 I through thy precepts full of light get understanding so,
That all false waies my soule doth hate, in them I will not go.

The 14. part. [...]. Nun.

verse 105 Thy heavenly word is to my feet a lamp that shineth bright;
And for direction of my path it is a glorious light.
verse 106 Before thy presence I have sworne, and it performe I will;
That I will keep thy judgements just, and strive them to fulfill.
verse 107 I am afflicted very much, but quicken me, O Lord;
And raise me to an holy life, according to thy word.
verse 108 The offrings which with heart and voice to thee I freely give:
Accept, and teach me how I may after thy judgements live.
verse 109 My soule is ever in mine hand, great dangers me beset;
Yet in my deepest troubles I thy law do not forget.
verse 110 Although the wicked men for me a snare did closely lay;
Yet from thy precepts would I not for danger go astray.
verse 111 I as an heritage do take thy testimonies still:
Because they are my hearts delight, with joy they do it fill.
verse 112 Prevented by thy grace, my heart I did incline and bend;
Thy statutes alwaies to performe, and shall do to the end.

The 15. part. [...]. Samech.

verse 113 The foolish thoughts of vanitie I hate, and would remove;
But that most perfect law of thine I heartily do love.
verse 114 Thou art my hid and secret place, my shield of strong defence;
[...]nd in thy faithfull word I fix my hope and confidence.
verse 115 All ye that evill doers be, from me depart away:
For the commandments of my God I purpose to obey.
verse 116 According to thy faithfull word uphold and stablish me;
That I may live, and of my hope ashamed may not be.
verse 117 Hold thou me up, then shal I stand in safetie constantly;
And to thy statutes I will have respect continually.
verse 118 Thou all that from thy statutes erre treadst downe, as things most vile;
For their deceit meer falshood is, and will themselves beguile.
verse 119 Thou all the wicked of the earth dost like to drosse remove;
Therefore thy testimonies just I fervently do love.
verse 120 My flesh for fear of thee doth quake when I thy justice see:
I of thy judgements am affraid, which high and dreadfull be.

The 16 part. [...]. Ain.

verse 121 I judgement have to others done, and given to them their right:
Then leave me not to them that would oppresse me with their might.
verse 122 In mercie for thy servants good for him a surety be;
From the oppressions of the proud do thou deliver me.
verse 123 Mine eies do faile with looking long for thy salvation, Lord;
And while performance they expect of thy most faithfull word.
verse 124 According to thy mercie great with me thy servant deale;
And unto me thy statutes teach, thy lawes to me reveale.
verse 125 Thine humble servant, Lord, I am, grant me to understand
Thy testimonies, so that I may do what they command.
verse 126 Lord, it is time for thee to work, and take thy covenants part:
For sinners have made void thy law, from it they do depart.
verse 127 But thy cōmandments precious are, I therefore them do love;
I above gold do love them all, yea finest gold above.
verse 128 And in all things thy precepts all most righteous I esteem;
But all false waies I do abhorre, though pleasant they may seem.

The 17. part. [...]. Pe.

verse 129 In truth and wisdome wonderfull thy testimonies are;
Therefore my soul them strives to keep with diligence and care.
verse 130 The very entrance of thy word doth give an heavenly light;
Yea, to the simple it doth give an understanding right.
verse 131 My mouth I opened, and did pant with heat of holy fire:
For thy commandments I did love, and fervently desire.
verse 132 With mercy and compassion, Lord, behold me from above;
As thou art wont to do to those thy Name that feare and love.
verse 133 Direct my footsteps by thy word, let that my leader be:
Let no iniquity obtaine dominion over me.
verse 134 From the oppressions & the wrongs of man deliver me;
By me with greater freedome then thy precepts kept shall be.
verse 135 Upon thy servant make to shine thy favour and thy face;
And me thy righteous statutes teac [...], by thy effectuall grace.
verse 136 Rivers of waters from mine eies did run downe, when I saw
How wicked men run on in sin, and do not keep thy law.

The 18. part. [...]. Tsade.

verse 137 Most just and righteous art thou Lord, in all thy works and waies:
Thy judgements also are upright, and them men ought to praise.
verse 138 Thy testimonies righteous are, which thou commanded hast;
They also very faithfull are, their truth shall ever last.
verse 139 My zeale hath ev'n consumed me, because mine enemies
Thy holy words forgotten have, and do thy lawes despise.
verse 140 Thy perfect word is very pure, as silver tr'd by fire;
Therefore thy servant loveth it, and doth it much desire.
verse 141 Small am I, and by worldly men despised in their sight;
Thy precepts yet forget I not, but in them do delight.
verse 142 Thy righteousnes most stedfast is, and ever shall endure:
Thy law is also truth it selfe, most constant and most pure.
verse 143 Trouble & anguish have me found, and taken hold on me;
Yet in this trouble my delights thy just commandments be
verse 144 An everlasting justice have thy testimonies all:
O to me understanding give, then ever live I shall.

The 19 part. [...]. Koph.

verse 145 To thee with my whole heart I cri'd, heare me, most gracious Lord;
And then will I thy statutes keep, I will obey thy word.
verse 146 I in my trouble cri'd to thee, me safe do thou preserve;
And I thy testimonies then will carefully observe.
verse 147 The dawning of the morning I prevented with my cry:
For in my trouble did my hope upon thy word relye.
verse 148 Mine eies in waking do prevent the watches of the night;
That in thy word of light and life more meditate I might.
verse 149 After thy loving kindnesse heare my voice that calls on thee:
Thy judgement to thy Saints is good, and with it quicken me.
verse 150 The men that after mischiefe go, now nigh unto it draw;
But such as are to mischiefe nigh, are then farre from thy law.
verse 151 But thou unto thy Saints art neere, and help to them shalt give;
Since thy commandments all are truth, they by this rule shall live.
verse 152 This of thy testimonies I have knowne in times long past,
That them for ever to endure thou firmly founded hast.

The 20. part. [...]. Resh.

verse 153 Consider mine affliction great, in safetie do me set:
Thy covenant is with me, for I thy law do not forget.
verse 154 Plead thou my cause, deliver me from sinners causlesse strife:
According to thy holy word give me a holy life.
verse 155 Surely salvation far doth flie from those that wicked are:
For they thy statutes do not keep, nor for thy l [...]wes do care.
verse 156 O Lord, both great and manifold thy tender mercies be;
According to thy judgements then in mercie quicken me.
verse 157 Many my persecutors are, and foe [...] which do combine;
Yet from thy testimonies just my heart doth not decline.
verse 158 I greatly grieved was, when I thy lewd transgressors saw;
Because they did not keep thy word, but sin'd against thy law.
verse 159 Consider how I dearly love thy precepts and thy word;
After thy loving kindnesse then quicken thou me, O Lord.
verse 160 From the beginning, all thy word hath been most true and sure:
Thy righteous judgements every one for ever shall endure.

The 21. part. [...]. Schin.

verse 161 Princes have persecuted me, although no cause they saw;
But still of thy most holy word my heart doth stand in awe.
verse 162 And in the comforts of thy word I was so greatly glad;
As they that by their victories great spoiles obtained had.
verse 163 I lying do abhorre and hate, and farre from me remove:
But thy pure law is perfect truth, I therefore do it love.
verse 164 I seven times a day do give just praises unto thee;
Because thy judgements righteous are, and they have holpen me.
verse 165 Great peace and rest all they shall have, which do thy statutes love;
No danger shall their blessed state empaire, or once remove.
verse 166 O Lord, I my salvation do wholly hope from thee;
And I do strive those lawes to keep, which thou commandest me.
verse 167 Thy testimonies hath my soule observed carefully;
On them my heart is set, and them I love exceedingly.
verse 168 Thy precepts and thy testimonies I kept with speciall care:
For all my work's and all my waies before thee open are.

The 22. part. [...]. Tau.

verse 169 O Lord, let my request and cry come neere before thy sight;
Good under [...]anding give to me, to know thy word aright.
verse 170 And let my supplication come, and have accesse to thee;
According to thy faithfull word do thou deliver me.
verse 171 From a full heart my thankfull lips shall utter forth thy praise;
When thou hast taught me well to know thy statute, and thy waies.
verse 172 My tongue oft of thy word shall speak, my deeds shall it expresse:
Because thy just commandments all are perfect righteousnesse.
verse 173 Stretch out thy hand, I thee beseech, and speedily me save:
For thy commandments to observe, O Lord, I chosen have.
verse 174 or thy salvation I have long'd, O Lord, do thou me save;
Thy law is ever my delight, in it I pleasure have.
verse 175 Let my soul live, and then it shall give raises unto thee;
And let thy judgements gracious still [...] an succour me.
verse 176 Like a lost sheep I went astray, thy servant seek, and find:
For thy commandments have I not put wholly out of mind.


IN my distresse unto the Lord I did complaine and cry;
And from his glorious throne above he heard me graciously.
verse 2 From lying lips, O Lord, my soule deliver and set free;
[Page 274] From double and deceitfull tongues, good Lord, deliver me.
verse 3 What shall thy false tongue bring or give to thee, O slanderer?
Sharp arrowes of the mighty man, and coales of Juniper.
verse 4 O wo is me that I so long a sojourner must be
In Meshech, and in Kedars tents my dwelling yet must see.
verse 5 With him that hateth lovely peace my soule doth long abide:
For peace am I, but when I speak, for war do they provide.


UNto the mountaines high lift up mine eies shall I,
To see from whence the help doth come that safety doth supply.
verse 2 My help from God doth come, that heav'n and earth did frame;
He staies thy feet, that nothing can remove away the same.
verse 3 He slumbers not all that doth thee safely keep;
He slumbers not that Israel keeps, nor shall he ever sleep.
verse 4 The Lord thy keeper is, and he by thee doth stand;
To be thy shade and thy defence, he stands at thy right hand.
verse 5 The Suns bright burning beames by day thee shall not smite;
Nor shall the Moons cold influence thee strike, or hurt by night.
verse 6 The Lord shall thee preserve most safe from evils all;
Thy deare and precious soule the Lord preserve in safetie shall.
verse 7 God shall thy going out and coming in defend;
From this time forth for evermore, till time it selfe do end.


RIght glad I was, when thus to me they spake, and fram'd their talk;
Unto the house of God the Lord together let us walk.
verse 2 O glorious Jerusalem; to thee we will repaire;
Within thy gates our feet shall stand, Jerusalem most faire.
verse 3 Jerusalem is fairely built, yea strongly built is she;
Ev'n like a Citie, all whose parts compact together be.
verse 4 Whither the Tribes go up, the Tribes that to the Lord pertaine:
Unto the Ark of Israel, which doth therein remaine.
verse 5 Of praise and thankes to Gods great Name the sacrifice to beare:
[Page 276] There thrones of judgement sit, the thrones of Davids house are there.
verse 6 Pray that Jerusalem may have peace and felicitie:
For they that love thee and thy peace, shall have prosperitie.
verse 7 Therefore I wish, that peace may still within thy walls remaine;
And ever may thy palaces prosperitie retaine.
verse 8 Ev'n for the Saints sake, which are deare as brethren unto me;
And sweet companions, I will wish that peace still dwell in thee.
verse 9 And for the house which doth belong to God the Lord of might:
Still to procure and seek thy good I greatly will delight.


LOrd, from the earth below lift up mir [...]ies will I
To thee, whose dwelling is above, ev'n in the heavens hye.
verse 2 Behold, as servants eies look to their masters hand;
As to her m [...]tresse hand the maid do [...]h look, and waiting stand:
So on the Lord our God we look, [...] [...] attend;
Untill on as he ver [...] have, untill he mercy send.
verse 3 [Page 277] Have mercie on us, Lord, thy mercie on us be;
For filled with contempt and scorne exceedingly are we.
verse 4 Our soule is greatly fill'd with scornes of men at ease;
And with contempt of haughty men, whom scoffes at Saints do please.


IF on our side God had not been, now Israel may say;
If on our side God had not been, when men sought our decay:
verse 2 They had us swallowed up alive, against us raging mad;
The waters had us drown'd, the streames our soules ore whelmed had.
verse 3 The waters mounting up alost, unto that height were growne;
That with their swelling pride, our souls had quite been overflowne.
verse 4 Then alwaies praised be the Lord, whose mercies ever live;
A prey to their devouring teeth our soules who did not give.
verse 5 Our soule escaped as a bird out of the fowlers snare;
The snare is broken which they laid, and we delivered are.
verse 6 In the most glorious Name of God our help doth only stand:
[Page 278] Who hath created heav'n and earth by his almighty hand.


ALl those that trust in God shall be like Sion hill;
That cannot be remov'd away, but standeth stedfast still.
verse 2 And as Jerusalem the mountaines strong and hie;
Like bulwarks compassing about do guard and fortifie:
verse 3 So doth the mighty Lord about his people stand;
Saving them now and evermore with his most mighty hand.
verse 4 The sharp afflicting rod of wicked cruell foes,
Shall not for ever on the lot of righteous men repose.
verse 5 Lest fainting in their minds, when endlesse griefes them presse;
Weary and hopelesse, they put forth their hands to wickednesse.
verse 6 Do well unto thy Saints, and blessings, Lord, impart
Unto the good, thine Israelites that are upright in heart.
verse 7 But those that turne aside, and love to go astray;
Led by their loose and wandring lusts in their owne crooked way.
verse 8 [Page 279] These in the fearfull path to judgement God shall guide,
With wicked workers, but his peace on Israel shall abide.


WHen Sions sad captivitie the Lord againe did bring;
Like to a dreame it did appeare, and as a fained thing.
verse 2 Then was our mouth with laughter (fill'd, right joyfull was our tongue;
And of this wonder thus they spake the heathen folke among.
verse 3 Great things the Lord hath done for great things we do confesse
The Lord for us hath done, which call them, for joy and thankfulnesse.
verse 4 Bring our captivitie againe, to joy our sorrow turne;
As flowing streames do change the ground, which parching heat did burne.
verse 5 They that in teares and sorrowes deep their seed do sadly sow;
At harvest they their corne with joy shall gladly reap and mow.
verse 6 They carried forth a precious seed, and going they did mourne;
But bringing home their sheaves with joy, they gladly shall returne.
EXcept the Lord do build the house, man buildeth but in vaine;
And man in building doth but lose his labour and his paine.
verse 2 Except the Lords all-seeing eye the city safely keep;
In vaine the watchmans waking eye doth hold it selfe from sleep.
verse 3 To rise up early is but vaine, and vaine late watchings are:
Vaine is it pensively to eate the bread of griefe and care.
verse 4 For the beloved of the Lord are by his love so blest;
That unto them he freely gives most quiet sleep and rest.
verse 5 Lo, children are an heritage, which doth from God descend;
And the wombs fruit is his reward, Gods bounty doth it send.
verse 6 And look what strength sharp arrowes are in hands of men of power;
Such strength are children blest with grace amid their youthfull flower.
verse 7 And blessed is the man that hath his quiver full of those:
For they undaunted in the gate shall speak unto their foes.


BLessed art thou that fearest God, and walkest in his way:
verse 2 [Page 281] For of thy labour thou shalt eat, happy art thou, I say.
verse 3 Like fruitfull vines on thy house side, so doth thy wife spring out;
Thy children stand like olive-plants thy table round about.
verse 4 Thus art thou blest that fearest God, and he shall let thee see
verse 5 The promised Jerusalem, and her felicitie.
verse 6 Thou shalt thy childrens children see to thy great joyes increase;
And likewise grace on Israel, prosperitie and peace.


OFt they, now Israel may say, me from my youth assail'd:
verse 2 Oft they assail'd me from my youth, but never they prevail'd.
verse 3 Upon my back the plowers plow'd, and furr [...]wes long did cast:
verse 4 The righteous Lord hath cut the cords of wicked foes at last.
verse 5 O let them all confounded be, and forced back to flie;
That do to Sion hatred beare, and cursed enmitie.
verse 6 Let these be like unto the grasse which on house tops we see;
That fades and dries away, before growne up it fully be.
verse 7 Whereof enough to fill his hand the mower cannot find;
Nor can the man his bosome fill, whose work is sheaves to bind.
verse 8 Nor do they say, which by do go, Gods blessing on you be;
Nor do they say, In the great Name of God you blesse do we.


OUt from the overflowing depths of griefe and misery;
My sad afflicted soule to thee, O Lord, hath sent her cry.
verse 2 O gracious Lord, hear thou my voice, and let thine eares attend
Unto the voice of my requests, which humbly doth ascend.
verse 3 If, Lord, thou strictly shouldst inquire, and mark iniquities;
Lord, who shall dare to stand before thy pure all-seeing eies?
verse 4 But besides fearfull justice, Lord, forgivenesse is with thee;
That with a son-like awe obey'd, and feared thou maist be.
verse 5 Upon the Lord I wait, my soule doth wait upon the Lord:
For I have fully purposed to hope upon his word.
verse 6 My soule more waiteth for the Lord, then they that watch to spy
[Page 283] The morning light, then they that watch the morning to descry.
verse 7 Let Israel hope in the Lord, for mercie and compassion
Is with the Lord, and with him is most plentifull redemption.
verse 8 And his owne chosen Israel, and flock redeem he shall;
He shall them freely justifie from their offences all.


O Lord, I am not pust in mind, I have no scornfull eie;
I do not exercise my selfe in things that are too hie.
verse 2 But as the childe that weaned is even from his mothers brest;
So have I (Lord) behav'd my selfe in silence and in rest.
verse 3 Let Israel hope in the Lord, who doth his Church maintaine;
And let this hope from this time forth for evermore remaine.


REmember Davids troubles, Lord, and how he sware to thee:
verse 2 And how to the Almighty God of Jacob vowed be.
verse 3 I will not come within my house, [Page 284] nor rest in bed at all:
verse 4 Nor shall mine eies take any sleep, nor eye-lids slumber shall:
verse 5 Till for the Lord a place I find where he may make abode;
Till I an habitation find for Jacobs mighty God.
verse 6 Behold, we of this dwelling place at Ephrata did [...]eare;
And we did find it in the fields, where once woods growing were.
verse 7 Into his holy Tabernacles now gladly will we go;
And at his footstoole worship him, kneeling and bowing low:
verse 8 Arise, O Lord, arise and come into thy place of rest;
Thou, and thy Ark, by which thy strength thou hast made manifest.
verse 9 Let all thy Priests he clothed, Lord, with truth and righteousnesse;
Let all thy Saints rejoyce in thee, and shout for joyfulnesse.
verse 10 And for thy servant Davids sake do not deny thy grace;
Nor of thine owne anointed deare, turne thou away the face.

The second part.

verse 11 The Lord in truth to David sware, and will not turne from it;
The fruit of thine owne body shall on thy throne surely sit.
verse 12 [Page 285] And if thy sons my covenant keep, and precepts taught by me;
Then evermore upon thy throne their childrens seat shall be.
verse 13 For God Mount Sion chosen hath, to dwell there doth he love;
There do I love to dwell and rest, and never to remove.
verse 14 And surely her provision I will blesse abundantly:
verse 15 And I all those that needy are with bread will satisfie.
verse 16 And with salvation her Priests adorne and c [...]othe I will:
Her Saints shall shout aloud for joy, wherewith I will them fill.
verse 17 There will I cause that Davids horne shall bud, and grow in might:
For mine anointed I have set an everlasting light.
verse 18 With shame, as with a garment, I will clothe his enemies all;
But on himselfe his glorious crowne shine forth and flourish shall.


HOw pleasant, and how good it is, [...]ow doth that grace excell;
When in the unitie of love together brethren dwell!
verse 2 It like the precious ointment is, [Page 286] wherewith anointed was
The head of Aaron, whence it downe unto his beard did passe.
verse 3 It on the beard of Aaron ran, (who Christ did represent)
And downe from thence unto the skins it of his garments went.
verse 4 And as the dew to Hermon hill his moisture downe doth send;
And as the dew doth from above on Sions hills descend:
verse 5 So God on those who thus do love, his blessing downe doth send:
Yea, he doth blesse them with a life, which never shall have end.


BEhold and have regard, ye servants of the Lord,
Which in his house by night do watch, praise him with one accord.
verse 2 Lift up your hands on high within his holy place;
And give the Lord his praises due, his benefits embrace.
verse 3 Thus do thou blesse the Lord with praise and thankfulnesse;
And God that earth & heav'n did make, thee out of Sion blesse.


PRaise ye the Lord, and his great Name praise ye with one accord:
O praise him still, all ye that be the servants of the Lord.
verse 2 In the Lords house all ye that stand, aloud his praises sound;
Praise him all ye that in the Courts of our great God are found.
verse 3 Praise ye the Lord, for he is good, yea praises to him sing:
Sing praises to his Name, because it is a pleasant thing.
verse 4 For Jacob to himselfe the Lord did chuse of his good pleasure;
And Israel he did chuse to be his owne peculiar treasure.
verse 5 For well I know in majestie the Lord is very great;
And that the Lord above all gods in glory hath his seat.
verse 6 In heaven and in earth he made, and in the swelling seas,
And in the low descending depths, what ever did him please.
verse 7 He from the ends of all the earth makes vapours to ascend;
With lightnings raine he makes, and winds doth from his treasures send.
verse 8 In Egypt he the first-borne all with death downe smitten hath;
Ev'n the chiefe strength of man & beast, in his provoked wrath.
verse 9 He hath in thee shew'd wonders great, O Egypt, which did fall
On Pharaoh thy hard-hearted king, and on his servants all.
verse 10 He also Nations great and strong smote downe, and overthrew;
And though their rulers mighty were, their mighty Kings he slew.
verse 11 Sehon King of the Amorites, and Og of Bashan King;
Of Canaan be the Kingdomes all did to subjection bring.
verse 12 Then also for an heritage their land away he gave;
An heritage which Israel his people deare should have.

The second part.

verse 13 Thy Name, O Lord, shal still endure, and thy memoriall
With honour shall preserved be, through generations all.
verse 14 His people to avenge and judge, the Lord is fully bent;
And of his servants miseries he will himselfe repent.
verse 15 The Idols which are worshipped abroad in heathen lands,
Surely but gold and silver be, the work ev'n of men [...] hands.
verse 16 A mouth they have, yet do not speak; eyes, yet they never saw:
verse 17 And ears they have, yet nothing bear; their mouth no breath doth draw.
verse 18 And senslesse like to them are those, by whom they formed were;
And such are all that trust in them, or who their power do feare.
verse 19 But blesse the everlasting Lord, O house of Israel:
O Aarons house, blesse thou the Lord, in might that doth excell.
verse 20 O house of Levi, blesse the Lord, by whom made all things were;
And ever blesse and praise the Lord, all ye the Lord that feare.
verse 21 And out of Sion let his Saints give praises to the Lord;
Which dwelleth in Jerusalem: praise him with one accord.

Sung as the 100. Psalme.

PRaise ye the Lord, for he is good, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 2 Give thanks unto the God of gods, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 3 Give thanks unto the Lord of lords; for still his mercy doth endure;
verse 4 Which only doth great wondrous works, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 5 Wch by his wisdom made the heav'ns, for still his mercy doth endure;
verse 6 Who stretch't the earth above the seas, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 7 [Page 290] Which made great lights to shine abroad, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 8 The Sun to rule the light some day, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 9 The Moon & Stars to guide the night, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 10 Which Egypt with their first-borne smote, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 11 And Israel brought out from thence, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 12 With mighty hand & stretched arme, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 13 Who the red sea in parts did cut, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 14 And through the midst made Israel passe, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 15 But drowned Pharaoh and his host, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 16 Through desart he his people led, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 17 Praise him who mighty Kings did smite, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 18 And who the famous Kings did slay, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 19 As Sehon King of Amorites, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 20 And the great Og of Basan King, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 21 And gave their land for heritage, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 22 Even to his servant Israel, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 23 [Page 291] Remembring us in base estate, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 24 He from oppressors rescued us, for still do last his mercies sure.
verse 25 Who giveth sood unto all flesh, for still his mercy doth endure:
verse 26 O to the God of heav'n give thanks, for still do last his mercies sure.


WHen captives we at Babylon did by the rivers sit,
We thought on Sion, yea we wept when we remembred it.
verse 2 We hang'd our Harps and Instruments the Willow trees upon:
And, being full of griefe, delight in musick we had none.
verse 3 For there a song required they, who did us captive bring;
Our spoilers call'd for mirth, and said, A song of Sion sing.
verse 4 But the Lords sweet and holy songs sing fitly how shall we;
When captives in a forraine land we among heathen be?
verse 5 But, O Jerusalem, if I forget thee in mine heart;
Let my forgotten cunning then from my right hand depart.
verse 6 If I do not remember thee, let my tongue cease to move;
[Page 292] If I do not Jerusalem set my chiefe joyes above.
verse 7 Remember Edom, which upon Jerusalems sad day;
To the foundations raze it downe, yea raze it, oft did say.
verse 8 Daughter of Babylon justly thou ere long destroi'd shalt be;
Happy the man thy deeds to us who shall reward to thee.
verse 9 Yea, happy surely shall he be that takes thy little ones;
And in his zeale to Sion shall them dash against the stones.


WIth my whole heart, O gracious Lord, will I give praise to thee;
Even in the presence of the gods, thou shalt be prais'd by me.
verse 2 Toward thy holy Temple I will look, and worship thee;
And praised in my thankfull mouth thy holy Name shall be.
verse 3 For thy great kindnesse, for thy truth, I will exalt thy fame:
For thou hast magnifi'd thy word high above all thy Name.
Thou didst me answer in that day, when I to thee did cry;
And thou my fainting soul with strengt [...] didst strengthen inwardly.
verse 4 All Kings which raign throughout the earth, shall give thee praise, O Lord;
When they shal from thy mouth receive thy true and holy word.
verse 5 Yea, in the righteous waies of God with gladnesse they shall sing:
For great the glory is of God, the universall King.
verse 6 Though God be high, the lowly yet by him respected be;
Whereas the high and proud of heart a far off knoweth he.
verse 7 Though I in midst of trouble walk, yet thou wilt me revive;
Thou with thine band wilt stop the mouth of foes that with me strive.
And as against mine enemies wrath thy band thou dost extend;
So thy right hand out-stretched shall me save, and still defend.
verse 8 Surely, that which concerneth me, the Lord will perfect make:
Do not, O ever gracious Lord, thine owne hands-work forsake.


O Lord, thou hast me search't & known, thou know'st my sitting downe;
verse 2 And my up-rising, yea to thee my thoughts far-off are knowne.
verse 3 My paths thou compassest about, and seest when downe I lye;
And art with all my workes and waies acquainted perfectly.
verse 4 No word is in my tongue, O Lord, but knowne it is to thee;
verse 5 Thou me behind hold'st and before, and layest thine hand on me.
verse 6 Such and so great a knowledge is too wonderfull for me;
It is so high, that it by me attained cannot be.
verse 7 From thy all-seeing Spirit to go, what place seek out should I?
And from thy presence to remove, Lord, whither should I flye?
verse 8 To heav'n if I do mount alost, lo, thou art present there;
In hell if I lie downe below, behold, there art thou neere.
verse 9 Yea, let me take the mornings wings, and let me go and hid▪
Far hence, ev'n in the utmost parts, where slowing sea doth slide.
verse 10 Yet there to lead and governe me, thine hand stretch't out shall be;
And even there shall thy right hand seaze and take hold on me.
verse 11 Yea, if I say the darknesse shall yet shrow'd me from thy sight;
Lo, unto thee the darkest night about me shall be light.
verse 12 Yea, darknesse hid [...]th not from thee, but night like day is bright;
Before thy piercing eyes alike both darknesse are and light.

The second part.

verse 13 For thou possessed hast my reines, and thou hast covered me:
When I within my mothers womb enclosed was by thee.
verse 14 Thee will I praise, for fearfully and strangely made I am;
Thy works are marvellous, and my soul right well doth know the same.
verse 15 My substance was not hid from thee, although in secret place
I have been made, and in the earth beneath I fashion'd was.
verse 16 Thine eyes my shapelesse substance saw, and written in thy book
Were all my parts, though yet not made, but after fashion took.
verse 17 How precious also are thy thoughts, O glorious God to me?
And in their summe how passing great and numberlesse they be?
verse 18 If I should count them in their summe, more then the sand they be;
When I awake, then am I still in heart and thought with thee.
verse 19 The wicked and the cruell men, Lord, thou wilt surely slay:
Therefore far-off, ye bloudy men, from me depart away.
verse 20 They wickedly against thee speak, though thou their torgues didst make;
And thy malicious enemies in vaine thy Name do take.
verse 21 Hate I not them that hate thee, Lord, and that in earnest wise?
Contend not I against them all, against thee that arise?
verse 22 I hate them with unfained hate, even as my utter foes;
verse 23 Try me, O God, and know my heart▪ my thoughts prove and disclose.
verse 24 Consider, Lord, if wickednesse in me there any be;
And in thy everlasting way direct and lead thou me.


LOrd, save me from the evill man, and be my strong defence;
Preserve me safely from the man of cruell violence.
verse 2 Which in their heart do mischief plot, and full of malice are;
When they together gathered be, their meeting is for warre.
verse 3 And like unto a Serpents tongue, their tongues they sharp have whet;
And Add [...]rs poyson causing death, under their tongues is set.
verse 4 Keep me, O Lord, from wicked hands, me from the violent save;
My goings who to overthrow a wicked purpose have.
verse 5 The proud a snare and cords have hid, and spread for me a net:
[Page 297] By the waies side where I should passe, they grins for me have set.
verse 6 Therefore I said unto the Lord, Thou art my God alone:
Heare me, O Lord, O heare the voice wherewith I pray and moane.
verse 7 O Lord my God, thou only art the strength that saveth me;
In day of battell hath mine head been covered still by thee.
verse 8 Let not, O Lord, the wicked have the end of his desire;
Performe not his ill thought, lest he with pride be set on sire.
verse 9 As for the head and chiefe of those about that compasse me;
[...] their owne mischiefe of their lips their fall and ruine be.
verse 10 Let burning coales upon them fall, into the fire them throw;
And to deep pits, that up againe thence they may never go.
verse 11 Let not a man of evill tongue on earth here stable grow;
Evill shall hunt the violent man unto his overthrow.
verse 12 I know, th' afflicted and the poore the Lord will help to right;
Surely the just shall praise his Name, and still dwell in his sight.


O Lord, upon thee do I call, Lord, [...]aste thee unto me;
And hearken, Lord, unto my voice, when I do cry to thee.
verse 2 As incense let my praiers be directed in thine eies;
And the up-lifting of mine hands an evening sacrifice.
verse 3 Lord, that my mouth do not offend, a watch before it place;
And of my lips keep thou the doore, and guide them by thy grace.
verse 4 That I should wicked works commit, incline thou not my heart;
With ill men of their delicates, Lord, let me eate no part.
verse 5 But let the righteous smite me, Lord, for that is good for me;
Let him reprove me, and the same a precious [...] shall be.
Such smi [...]ing shall not break my head, the time shall shortly fall;
When I shall in their misery make praiers for them all.
verse 6 Then when in stony places downe th [...] Judge shall be [...]st,
Then shall they [...]are my words, for then they pleasantly will [...].
verse 7 About the graves devouring mouth our [...] scattered round,
As wood, which [...] [...] or cleave, lies scattered on [...] [...].
verse 8 But, O my God and Lord, mine eies do look up unto thee:
In thee is all my trust, let not my soule forsaken be.
verse 9 Lord, keep me safely from the [...], which they for me prepare;
And from the subtle, guns of them that wicked workers a [...]e.
verse 10 The wicked into their owne nets together let them fall;
While I do by thy help escape the danger of them all.


IN troubles great unto the Lord I with my voice did cry;
I supplication with my voice made to the Lord on hye.
verse 2 My sad complaint I powred out before him in my dry:
My trouble I before him shew'd, and my perplexity.
verse 3 Even when my spirit orewhelmed was, my path was knowne to thee;
In way where I did walke, a snare they closely laid for me.
verse 4 I look't and viewd on my right hand, but I of none was knowne;
All refuge wholly failed me, for my soule cared none.
verse 5 Then cri'd I to the Lord, and said, My hope thou only art:
[Page 300] Thou in the land of living art my portion and my part.
verse 6 Hear thou my cry, brought low am I, in mercy set me free
From those that do me persecute, and are too strong for me.
verse 7 My soule from prison bring, that I may praises give to thee;
The Saints shall compasse me about, when thou art good to me.


LOrd, hear my praier hear my suit, sent up in great distresse;
Answer me in thy faithfulnesse, and in thy righteousnesse.
verse 2 In judgement with thy servant, Lord, oh enter not at all;
For just [...]'d be in thy sight not one that liveth shall.
verse 3 The enemy hath pursu'd my soule, my life to ground hath throwne;
And laid me in the dark, like them that dead are long agone.
verse 4 Therefore my spirit is over-whelm'd, and pressed downe in me;
My heart in me is desolate, and doth no comfort see.
verse 5 I call to mind the daies of old, on all thy workes I thought;
Upon the works I meditate, which thine own hands have wrought.
verse 6 [Page 301] Behold, to thee, most gracious Lord, I stretch my craving hands;
My soule doth greatly thirst for thee, like dry and thirsty lands.
verse 7 Heare me with speed, my spirit doth faile, hide not thy face from me;
To them that to the pit go downe else likened shall I be.
verse 8 Thy kindnesse in the morning shew to me who trust in thee;
The way wherein I ought to walk do thou disclose to me.
verse 9 For I list up my soule to thee, O Lord, deliver me
From all mine enemies, for I have hidden me with thee.
verse 10 Teach me to do thy will, for thou dost still my God abide;
Let thy good Spirit into the land of righteousnesse me guide.
verse 11 For thy Names sake, with quickning grace alive do thou me make;
And for thy truth and righteousnesse my soule from trouble take.
verse 12 And for thy mercy slay my foes, let all destroied be
That do afflict my soule, for I a servant am to thee.


BLest be the Lord my strength, that doth instruct mine [...]nds to fight:
[...] [...]
[Page 302] The Lord that doth my fingers frame to battell by his might.
verse 2 My goodnesse, fort, deliverer, my tower, and shield is he;
In him I trust, who doth subdue my people under me.
verse 3 Lord, what is man, that thou of him dost so much knowledge take?
Or son of man, that thou of him so great account dost make?
verse 4 Man is like vanity, his daies away like shadowes flie:
verse 5 Lord, bow the heavens, and come down with power and majestie.
verse 6 The mountaines touch, and they shall smoak, cast forth thy lightning flame,
And scatter them; thine arrowes shoot, consume them with the same.
verse 7 Send down thine hand from heav'n a­bove, O Lord, deliver me;
And take me from the waters great, from strangers hand me free.
verse 8 Whose mouth of crafty vanity doth foolishly intreat;
And their right hand is a right hand of falshood and deceit.
verse 9 I a new song will sing to thee, and on the Psaltery;
And a ten-stringed Instrument to thee sing praise will I.
verse 10 Ev'n to the Lord, for he it is to Kings that safety sends:
[Page 303] His servant David be alone from hurtfull sword defends.
verse 11 From strangers hand me save and shield, whose mouth talkes vanity;
And their right hand is a right hand of guile and subtilty.
verse 12 That as the plants our sons may be, whom growing youth doth reare;
Our daughters as car [...]'d corner stones, like to a palace faire.
verse 13 That yeelding forth all kinds of store, our gathers full may be;
Our sheep bring thousands, in our streets we may ten thousands see.
verse 14 Our Oxen be to labour strong, that none do us invade;
There be no going out, no cries within our streets be made.
verse 15 Happy that people are, which be in such a case as this;
Happy that people are, whose God the Lord Almighty is.


THee will I laud, my God and King, and blesse thy Name alwaies:
verse 2 Thee will I blesse each day, and will thy Name for ever praise.
verse 3 Great is the Lord, most worthy praise, his greatnesse none can reach:
verse 4 One race shall to another praise thy workes, and wonders teach.
verse 5 I of thy glorious majestie the honour will record;
And meditate upon thy workes most wonderfull, O Lord.
verse 6 Men of thine acts the might shall shew, thine acts that dreadfull are;
And I thy glory to advance, thy greatnesse will declare.
verse 7 The memory of thy goodnesse great men largely shall expresse;
With songs of praise they shall extoll thy perfect righteousnesse.
verse 8 The Lord is very gracious, in him compassions flow;
In mercy he is very great, and is to anger slow.
verse 9 Good unto all, and over all his workes his mercies be;
verse 10 Therfore just praises shall thy works returne, O Lord, to thee.
verse 11 Thy Saints shall blesse thee, and they shall thy Kingdomes glory shew:
verse 12 And shew thy power, that sons of men thy mighty acts may know.
verse 13 And may thy Kingdomes majestie and glory understand:
Thy Kingdome, Lord, a Kingdome is that shall for ever stand.
verse 14 And thy dominion through each age endures without decay:
The Lord upholdeth them that fall, their sliding he doth stay.

The second part.

verse 15 The eies of all do wait on thee, thou dost them all relieve;
And thou to each sufficient food in season due dost give.
verse 16 Thy hand thou openest liberally, and then thy bounty gives
Enough to satisfie the need of every thing that lives.
verse 17 The Lord is just in all his waies, his workes are holy all:
verse 18 Neere all he is that call on him, in truth that on him call.
verse 19 And the desires he will fulfill of those that do him feare:
Yea, he will surely save them all, for he their cry doth heare.
verse 20 The Lord all those preserveth safe, that love him with their heart;
But he all them that wicked are will utterly subvert.
verse 21 My mouth the praises of the Lord right gladly shall expresse:
Yèa, let all flesh his holy Name for ever praise and blesse.


PRaise ye the Lord, my soule him praise; to God that doth me save
verse 2 Will I sing praises all my daies, even while I being have.
verse 3 Trust not in worldly Princes then, though they abound in wealth:
[Page 306] Nor in the sons of mortall men, in whom there is no health.
verse 4 Because their breath doth soon depart, to earth anon they fall;
And then the counsells of their heart decay and perish all.
verse 5 O happy is that man and blest, whom Jacobs God doth aid;
Whose hope upon the Lord doth rest, and on his God is stai'd.
verse 6 Who made the earth and heavens hie, who made the swelling deep;
And all that in the sea doth lie, who truth doth ever keep.
verse 7 Who to th' opprest doth right afford, to those that hungry be
He giveth food; the gracious Lord doth set the prisoners free.
verse 8 The Lord doth send the blind their sight, the [...]ame to limbs restore;
The Lord doth in his Saints delight, and loves them evermore.
verse 9 The strangers shield, the widows stay, the orphans help is he;
But yet by him the sinners way turn'd up-side downe shall be.
verse 10 And raigne the Lord for ever shall; O Sion▪ thou shalt see
Thy God to raigne through ages all; the Lord still praised be.


PRaise ye the Lord, for it is good unto our God to sing;
For it is pleasant, and to praise it is a comely thing.
verse 2 The Lord his owne Jerusalem doth raise and build alone;
And the disperst of Israel doth gather into one.
verse 3 He heales the broken in their heart, their sores he up doth bind:
verse 4 He counts the number of the Stars, and names for all doth find.
verse 5 Great is the Lord, great is his power, his wisdome hath no bound:
verse 6 The Lord lifts up the meek, and casts the wicked to the ground.
verse 7 Sing with thanksgiving to the Lord, alwaies in him rejoyce:
In singing praises to our God joyne both the Harp and voice.
verse 8 Who on the heavens spreads the clouds, who for the earth below
[...]epareth raine, who makes the grasse on mountaines high to grow.
verse 9 He gives the beast his food; he feeds the Ravens young that crie:
verse 10 His pleasure not in strength of horse, nor in mans legs doth lie.
verse 11 But in all those that feare the Lord, and strive him to obey;
And on his mercy set their hope; ev'n his delight are they.

The second part.

verse 12 O praise the Lord, Jerusalem, thy God, O Sion, praise:
verse 13 For [...]e the bars hath framed strong, wherewith thy gates he stayes.
verse 14 Thy children he hath blest in thee, and in thy borders he
Doth settle peace, and with the flowre of wheat he filleth thee.
verse 15 And his commandment on the earth with power he forth doth send;
His word doth very swiftly run to his appointed end.
verse 16 Like wooll his snow, and his hoare frosts like scattered ashes were:
verse 17 Like morsels forth he casts his ice, and who his cold can beare?
verse 18 He sendeth forth his mighty word, and melteth them againe;
His wind he makes to blow, and then the waters flow amaine.
verse 19 The doctrin [...] of his holy word to Jacob doth he show;
His statutes and his judgements he gives Israel to know.
verse 20 He with no Nation thus hath dealt, his judgements and his word
Not any one of them hath knowne; praise ye the living Lord.


PRaise ye and blesse the Lord, his praise from heaven bring;
And in the heights above the world his glorious praises sing.
verse 2 Praise him his Angels all, praise him his hosts of war;
And praise ye him both Sun and Moon, and each bright shining Star.
verse 3 Praise him, ye heav'ns above, that heav'ns below containe;
Praise him, ye waters which above the heavens do remaine.
verse 4 Let all these praise the Name of our Almighty Lord:
For he commanded, and they were created by his word.
verse 5 And for all times to come he hath them settled sure;
He hath appointed them a law that [...] shall endure.
verse 6 And from the earth below, let praise to God ascend;
Ye depths and monsters of the sea, unto him praises send.
verse 7 Praise him, ye lesser hills, praise him, ye mountaines hie;
Ye fruitfull trees and cedars all, him praise and glorifie.
verse 8 Ye beasts and cattell all, and creeping things him praise;
And feathered fowle, that through the aire do swiftly cut your waies.
verse 9 Ye mighty Kings on earth, and people every where;
Ye Princes great, and Magistrates, the world that judge and heare.
verse 10 Young men, and maidens all, ev'n in your youth him praise▪
Old men and children, ye that have both most and least of daies.
verse 11 Let all these praise the Lord, and his most glorious Name;
His Name that only doth deserve all glory and all fame.
verse 12 Above both heav'n and earth extoll [...]d is his praise;
And of his Church the horne and power he doth exalt and raise.
verse 13 And praise to all his Saints, and glory he doth bring
To Israel his dearest flocke; therefore his praises sing.


SIng ye unto the Lord our God a new rejoycing song;
And let the praise of him be heard his holy Saints among.
verse 2 Let Israel in his Maker high rejoyce, and to him sing;
Let all that Sions children are be joyfull in their King.
verse 3 And let them in an holy dance praise his most holy Name;
[Page 311] Let them with Timbrell and with Harp sing praises to the same.
verse 4 For in his people whom he chose, the Lord doth pleasure take:
The meek with his salvation he beautifull will make.
verse 5 In him that grace and glory gives, let all the Saints rejoyce:
Let them to him upon their beds in songs lift up their voice.
verse 6 And let them with their mouth sound forth high praises of the Lord:
Yet let them hold within their hands a double-edged sword.
verse 7 To plague the heathen, and correct the people with their hands:
verse 8 To bind their stately Kings in chaines, their lords in iron bands.
verse 9 On them the judgement to performe found written in his word;
This honour great have all the Saints; ye therefore praise the Lord.


PRaise God within his Sanctuary, prais'd highly let him be;
And praise him in the s [...]ament, wherein his power we see.
verse 2 And praise him for his mighty acts, with praise his wonders tell;
His majesty and greatnesse praise, in which he doth excell.
verse 3 And with the Trumpets lofty sound advance his praise on hie;
Set forth his praises with the Harp, and with the Psalterie.
verse 4 Upon the Cymbals loud and cleare, with gladnesse give him praise;
And on the Cymbals sounding high, aloft his praises raise.
verse 5 Let every creature that hath breath, with one consent agree
To praise the Lord, that breath doth give, the Lord still praised be.

Of him, and through him, and to him are all things, to whom be glory for ever.


Psalmes of harder and lesse usuall Tunes corrected, and the Tunes not altered.

BEcause to sundry Congre­gations, Families, and Per­sons, the harder Tunes of divers Psalmes by custome or skill are easie and delightfull; which de­light, as it makes them desired, so it may also make the Psalmes themselves more used, and famili­ar: These Psalmes are now set forth corrected (whereof they had great need) that satisfaction be not wanting to a reasonablè desire, or a profitable delight.


MErcy, Lord, mercy grant to me
Of thy great goodnesse, and free grace:
And, as thy mercies many be,
Blot out my faults, my sins deface.
verse 2 Defil'd I am with spots of sin,
O throughly from them wash thou me;
Foule mine iniquities have bin,
From them let me be cleans'd by thee.
verse 3 For I with griefe, and sins deep sense
Acknowledge mine iniquities;
My loathsome sin, and mine offence
Do still appeare before mine eies.
verse 4 Against thee only sin'd have I,
And done this evill in thy sight;
Which doth thy sayings justifie,
And cleare thee in thy judgments right.
verse 5 Behold, thou know'st, and I confesse
My shape in sin I did receive;
And me defil'd with wickednesse
At first my mother did conceive.
verse 6 Behold, thou that dost search the heart,
Truth in the inward parts dost love;
And thou shalt in the hidden part
Make me know wisdome from above:
verse 7 With sprinkling hyssope purge thou me,
And clean I shall be in thy sight;
Wash me, and, being wash't by thee,
Above the snow I shall be white.
verse 8 Of joy and gladnesse make me heare
Within my soule the pleasant voice;
That so the bones which broken were,
Made whole by thee may now rejoyce [...]
verse 9 From my great sins O hide thy face,
And turne away thy purest eies;
And by thy free forgiving grace,
Blot out all mine iniquities.
verse 10 O Lord, create in me a heart
Clean and unspotted in thy sight;
Renew in my most inward part
A spirit firmly good and right.

The second part.

verse 11 Cast me not off, nor banish me
From thy sweet favour, and thy face;
And let me not forsaken be
Of thy most holy Spirit of grace.
verse 12 Thy heavenly joy againe to me
Of thy most deare salvation give;
Uphold me with thy Spirit free,
In stedfast holinesse to live.
verse 13 Freely then I, and constantly
Will teach transgressors thy right wa [...];
And sinners taught from sin to flye,
Shall turn to thee, and give thee praise.
verse 14 Deliver me from guilt of bloud,
O God, of my salvation God:
My tongue thy righteousnesse aloud
Shall then sing out, and shew abroad.
verse 15 My lips by sin that closed be,
Do thou, Lord, open graciously;
My mouth then opened thus by thee,
Shall speak thy praise abundantly.
verse 16 For sacrifice delights not thee,
Which willingly I would present;
Burnt-offrings, though they many be,
Yet will they not give thee content.
verse 17 A broken spirit is in Gods fight
A great and pleasing sacrifice;
A broken heart, and soule contrite,
O God, thou never wilt despise.
verse 18 In thy good pleasure graciously
Do good to Sion, blesse it still;
And of Jerusalem mightily
Build up the walls; with peace it sill.
verse 19 The sacrifice's of righteousnesse,
With offrings burnt shall then please thee,
And bullocks then with thankfulnesse
Shall on thine altar offred be.


WIth my whole heart will I
Give praise to the most Hie,
In meetings of th' upright.
verse 2 Great works the Lord hath wrought,
Of all out to be sought,
That in them do delight.
verse 3 His workes most glorious be,
His righteousnesse hath he
Por ever stable set.
verse 4 His wondrous works he would,
We still remember should,
His grace and love are great.
verse 5 The Lord for those doth care,
And food for them prepare,
That do him love and feare;
He them remember will,
For he his Covenant still
In faithfull mind doth beare.
verse 6 His workes of power and might,
Before his peoples sight
[Page] He plainly did make knowne.
The heritage and lands,
Then in the heathens hands,
To give unto his owne.
verse 7 Judgement and truth we see,
Workes of his hands to be;
His statutes all are sure.
verse 8 For ever fast they stand,
In truth was each command,
And uprightnesse most pure.
Redemption great he gave
His people deare to save:
verse 9 A Covenant ending never
He did command and frame;
Most reverend is his Name,
His Name is holy ever.
verse 10 The Lord to feare and dread,
Is wisdomes spring and head:
Those that obey the will
Of him that doth them save,
Good understanding have;
His praise endureth still.


THe man is blest that God doth feare,
And in his lawes doth much delight;
verse 2 Great shall his seed on earth appeare,
Blest is the race of the upright.
verse 3 Riches and wealth his house shall fill,
His righteousnesse endureth still.
verse 4 In darknes light shines to th' upright,
Who shines himselfe in graciousnesse;
And in compassion doth delight,
[Page] And leads his life in righteousnesse:
verse 5 A good man lends wth good affection,
And his affaires guides wth discretion.
verse 6 For ever mov'd he shall not be
Still lasts the memory of the just:
verse 7 Fearlesse of tidings ill is he,
His fixed heart in God doth trust.
verse 8 His stedfast heart feares not at all,
Untill he see his enemies fall.
verse 9 Gifts to the poore disperst hath he,
His righteousnesse shall ever live,
His horne with honour rais'd shall be:
The sinner shall this see, and grieve;
verse 10 And gnash his teeth, & melt, & quaile,
The wicked mans desire shall faile.


PRaise God; his servants give him praise,
To the Lords Name give praise alwaies;
His [...] for evermore be blest:
verse 3 From where the glorious Sun arose,
Unto the place where downe he goes,
His Names due praises be exprest.
verse 4 Above all Nations God is hie;
His glory and his majestie
Above the highest heavens are
verse 5 Upon his high-exalted throne,
Since the great God doth sit alone,
With our Lord God who may com­pare?
verse 6 Who humbleth yet himselfe so low,
As to look downe, behold, and know
Things that in earth and heaven be.
verse 7 The poor from dust to rise he makes,
[Page] And from the dunghill up he takes
The needy man of low degree;
verse 8 That he with Princes may him set,
And to high place with Princes great
Of his owne people may him raise.
verse 9 The barren he doth make to beare,
A mother glad of children deare:
Therefore unto the Lord give praise.


IN griefe and misery
I to the Lord did cry,
Who heard me graciously.
verse 2 Lord, save my soule from wrong
Of a deceitfull tongue,
And from the lips that lye.
verse 3 What shall be giv'n to thee?
What to thee done shall be,
Thou false tongue of the liar?
verse 4 Sharp arrowes thou dost cast,
Words that destroy and wast,
Like burning coales of fire.
verse 5 O wo is me that I
A sojourner must lye
In M [...]sechs land so long:
That I day after day
In banishment must stay
Black [...]edars tents among.
My soule (now weary) hath
Long dwelt with men of wrath,
Of peace that haters are:
verse 6 I am for peace, but when
[Page] I speak for peace, these men
Are then for cruell warre.


UNto the hills look up shall I,
From whence the help I have,
Which doth me keep and save.
verse 2 From the great Lord that mightily
Did both earth and heaven make,
I do help and succour take.
verse 3 Thy foot-so stedfast he shall make
By his might and his love,
That no power shall it move.
verse 4 Behold, he that doth undertake
His deare Israel to keep,
Shall not slumber, shall not sleep.
verse 5 Thy keeper is the Lord of might;
God as thy shade doth stand
Neare thee at thy right hand.
verse 6 The Sun by day thee shall not smite
With his beames of heat and light;
Nor the Moon thee hurt by night.
verse 7 Though evill compasse thee about,
The Lord preserve thee shall
Most safe from evills all.
verse 8 God shall preserve thy going out,
And thy coming in defend,
From henceforth till time do end.


I Was right glad when they
Thus unto me did say,
To the Lords House let us repaire.
verse 2 Our feet at such a call,
[Page] With joy within thy wall
Shall stand, Jerusalem most faire.
verse 3 Jerusalem know we,
Right strongly built to be,
Like to a city knit together.
verse 4 The Tribes up thither go,
And there assemble do;
Ev'n Gods beloved Tribes go thither.
Unto the Ark they passe,
Wherein Gods covenant was,
Thankes to the Name of God to bear.
verse 5 And there the thrones they see,
That set for judgement be;
The thrones of Davids house are there.
verse 6 Pray for Jerusalems peace,
That it may never cease;
They prosper shal that love thee well.
verse 7 Within thy walls be peace,
And in thy palaces
Prosperity for ever dwell.
verse 8 For my companions sake,
Whom I as brethren take,
I will say, Peace be in thee still.
verse 9 And for the house that is
Our Gods, the Lord of blisse,
Thy peace for ever seek I will.


If on our side the great Lord had not been,
Ev'n now his saved people Israel [...]y
Truly unto his praise coas [...] and [...]
verse 2 If on our side the Lord had not been then,
When up against us rose [...] men:
verse 3 In their great fury had they suddenly
Swallow'd us up alive, when the hot flame
Of their en [...]indled wrath against us came:
verse 4 Yea then the raging waters swelling hye,
Had overwhelm'd and drown'd us utterly.
verse 5 Over our soules the streames had surely past,
Over our soules had gone the lofty wa [...],
verse 6 But God be blessed who alone us saves,
And by his mercie, which doth ever last,
A prey unto their teeth us hath not cast.
verse 7 Ou [...] soule escaped is out of their hand,
Ev'n as a bird out of the Fowlers snare,
The snare is broken, we escaped are;
verse 8 In the Lords Name alone our help doth stand,
Who earth and heaven made by his command.


THose that do put their confidence
In God the Lord, and on him rest,
Seeking to him for their defence,
When they with dangers are distrest:
They shall be sure still to endure,
And shall not be remov'd away;
Like Sion hill abiding still,
Establish't they shall stand and stay.
verse 2 And as within the promis'd land,
Like bulwarks strong the mountains hye
About Jerusalem do stand,
The same to guard and fortifie:
So God that is a shield to his,
From dangers great them to deliver,
His people deare that do him feare,
Doth compass round hence forth for ever.
verse 3 And though the wise & gracious God,
Who chastens those whom he doth love,
[Page] Suffers the wicked by their rod
The righteous to afflict and prove:
Yet shall it not upon the lot
Of righteous men for ever rest,
Lest in distresse, to wickednesse
They put their hands, with grief opprest.
verse 4 To those that are good in thy sight,
Do good, O Lord, we humbly pray,
Ev'n to the men in heart upright.
verse 5 But those to their owne crooked way,
Aside that stray, and turne away,
With those that do work wickednesse,
The Lord & King them forth shal bring:
But he with peace shall Israel blesse.


WHen the good Lord made Sions sad captivitie
To turne againe, and us from bondage did set free,
To us appear'd this strange and wondrous libertie;
As i [...] [...] dreame or faigned thing beheld had we.
verse 2 Our mouthes then sill'd with laughter did rejoyce;
With singing then was sill'd our tongue and voice.
verse 3 The heathen then, when us they saw in freedome set,
Wondring thereat, among themselves this speech they had,
Great things for them
verse 4 [Page] The Lord hath done: Things very great glad.
Surely for us the Lord hath done, which make us
verse 5 Turne backe againe,
Lord, our captivity,
As in the South streames upon pastures dry.
verse 6 The gracious Lord in wisdome deep doth so dispose,
That they which sow sadly in sorrow, and with teares,
Shall reap with joy.
verse 7 And he that forth with mourning goes,
And precious seed with him in his sowing beares,
Shall with rejoycing doubtlesse come againe,
Bringing his sheaves with comfort, and with gaine.


EXcept the Lord the house do build,
The skilfull labour and the paine
Of builders, wholly are in vaine:
verse 2 Except the Lord do succour yeeld,
The city to defend and keep,
In vaine the watchman leave, his sleep.
verse 3 In vaine it is for you to rise
In mornings early, full of care;
In vaine all your late watchings are:
'Tis vain to think wealth must arise
By eating bread with sorrowes deep:
To his belov'd God giveth sleep.
verse 4 An heritage lo children be,
Which from the gift of God do come,
The fruit that springeth from the womb,
Is also his reward most free;
verse 5 Children growne up, like arrowes are
In th' [...] and of some strongman of war [...]e.
verse 6 And blessed from above is he,
Whose plenteous race doth so increase,
That full his quiver is of these;
That man ashamed shall not be,
But to his soes that do him hate,
He shall speak boldly in the gate.


FRom the depths of wo and griefe,
O Lord, I cry to thee;
Heare my voice, and [...]Wourd [...] [...],
O gracious God to me.
verse 2 Let thine hearkning eares attend
To my voice and cry,
When I supplications send
Unto thy Majesty.
verse 3 If thou, Lord, shouldst strictly s [...]an,
And marke iniquities;
T [...]n what [...] of mortall man
Can stand before thine eies?
verse 4 But we well do know and prove
Forgivenesse is with thee;
That when sins thou dost remove,
Fear'd with love thou maist be.
verse 5 Wa [...] I do still for the Lord,
My soule waits patiently;
[Page] And upon his faithfull Word
Hope do I stedfastly.
verse 6 My soule waits more earnestly
For the Lord, then doth he,
That the morning watch'th to spy,
That waits the morne to see.
verse 7 In the Lord let Israel
His hope for ever place;
For still with the Lord doth dwell
Rich mercy, and free grace.
verse 8 Large redemptions with him be,
Therein abounds he still;
And his Israel set free
From all their sins he will.


PRaise ye the Lord of might:
Him from the heavens praise;
Ev'n in the highest height
Praise ye the Lord alwaies.
verse 2 The Lord praise ye,
His Angels all,
Hosts spirituall,
His face that see.
verse 3 Praise him, bright-shining Sun,
And Moon, the lamp of night;
And while your race ye run,
Praise him all Stars of light.
verse 4 Heavens most hie,
The Lord praise ye;
And waters that be
Above the skie.
verse 5 Let all these praise the Name
Of the Almighty Lord,
Who did them make and frame
By his commanding word.
verse 6 These still to last,
Stablish't hath he;
And set a decree
Not to be past.
verse 7 And from the earth below,
Gods praise, ye Dragons, tell;
His praises speak and show,
All deeps that roare and swell.
verse 8 Ye vapors flying,
Fire, ha [...]e, and snow,
Fierce winds that blow,
His word obeying.
verse 9 Ye Hills and Mountaines all▪
And Trees that fruitfull are;
Ye Cedars great and tall,
His worthy praise declare:
verse 10 Cattell and beasts all,
Each creeping thing,
All birds of wing,
Both great and small.
verse 11 On earth Kings great in might,
All people that do live,
Princes, and ye that right
On earth by judging give.
verse 12 Both young men all,
And maides him praise;
Men full of daies,
And children small.
verse 13 Let all these praise present
Unto his glorious Name;
Because most excellent
Alone appe [...]res the same:
verse 14 His glory hie
And honour are,
Above earth fa [...]e;
Yea, above the skie.
verse 15 By him exalted be
His peoples horne and might;
Praise of his Saints is he,
Of Israel his delight;
A people that be
Unto him neare,
And very deare:
The Lord praise ye.

A Table how to find every Psalm in his right Page.

Psalme. A. Page.
  • 30 ALl laud and praise, with heart and voice. 50
  • 51 According to thy goodnesse great. 97
  • 78 Attend my people to my law. 152
  • 100 All people that on earth doe dwell. 203
  • 125 All those that trust in God. 278
Psalme. B. Page.
  • 57 BE mercifull to me, O Lord. 107
  • 119 Blessed are they that are sincere. 251
  • 128 Blessed art thou that fearest God. 280
  • 134 Behold, and have regard. 286
  • 144 Blest be the Lord my strength, that doth. 311
Psalme. E. Page.
  • 127 EXcept the Lord doe build the house. 280
Psalme. F. Page.
  • 37 FRet not thy self at wicked men. 66
  • 59 From all my cruell enemies. 110
Psalme. G. Page.
  • [Page]5 GIve eare unto my words, O Lord. 5
  • 29 Give, O ye mighty, to the Lord. 49
  • 46 God is our strength to whom we flye. 87
  • 48 Great is the Lord, and with great praise. 90
  • 82 God in the congregation. 167
  • 89 Gods mercies I will ever sing. 179
  • 107 Give thanks unto the Lord our God. 227
Psalme. H. Page.
  • 12 HElp, Lord, for good and godly men. 17
  • 13 How, Lord, shall I for ever thus. 18
  • 49 Heare this, all people, all give eare. 91
  • 56 Have mercy, Lord, on me I pray 105
  • 67 Have mercy on us, Lord. 123
  • 84 How lovely is thy dwelling place. 170
  • 133 How pleasant, and how good it is. 285
Psalme. I. Page.
  • 11 I Trust in God, then to my soule. 16
  • 20 In trouble and adversity. 32
  • 25 I lift mine heart to thee. 41
  • 34 I will at all times blesse the Lord. 58
  • 39 I said, that I would carefully. 74
  • 40 I waited long, and sought the Lord 76
  • 77 I with my voice to God did cry. 149
  • 91 In secret place of God most high. 188
  • [Page] 101 I mercy will & judgement sing. 203
  • 116 I love the Lord, because my voice. 245
  • 120 In my distresse unto the Lord. 273
  • 124 If on our side God had not been. 277
  • 142 In troubles great unto the Lord. 299
Psalme. L. Page.
  • 6 LOrd, though thine anger I de­serve. 7
  • 16 Lord, keep me, for I trust in thee. 21
  • 26 Lord, be my Iudge, and thou shalt see. 44
  • 31 Lord, let me never be asham'd. 51
  • 35 Lord, plead my cause against my foes. 61
  • 38 Lord, though thine anger I deserve. 71
  • 42 Like as the Hart doth pant and bray. 80
  • 54 Lord, by thy Name deliver me. 101
  • 60 Lord, thou of late us off hast cast. 112
  • 68 Let God arise, and let his foes. 124
  • 72 Lord, give thy judgments to the King. 137
  • 90 Lord, thou hast bin our dwelling place. 186
  • 102 Lord, hear my prayer, let my cry. 204
  • 123 Lord, from the earth below. 276
  • 140 Lord, save me from the evill man. 296
  • 143 Lord, heare my prayer, hear [...] my suit. 300
Psalme. M. Page.
  • [Page]22 MY God, my God, what is the cause. 35
  • 23 My shepherd is the living Lord. 39
  • 45 My heart doth utter forth. 85
  • 71 My Lord my God, in all distresse. 134
Psalme. N. Page.
  • 115 NOt unto us, Lord, not to us. 244
Psalme. O. Page.
  • 3 O Lord, how much doe they in­crease. 3
  • 4 O God that art my righteousnesse. 4
  • 7 O Lord my God, I put my trust. 8
  • 8 O God our Lord, how wonderfull. 10
  • 10 O Lord, why from thy servants sight. 14
  • 15 O Lord, within thy Tabernacle. 20
  • 17 O Lord, give eare to my just cause. 22
  • 18 O God, which art my rocke and strength. 24
  • 21 O Lord, how joyfull is the King. 33
  • 28 O Lord my rocke, to thee I cry. 47
  • 44 O God, we with our eares have heard. 82
  • 47 O clap your hands with one accord. 89
  • 52 O mighty man in wickednesse. 99
  • [Page] 55 O God give eare, and doe apply. 102
  • 63 O God my God, thou only art. 116
  • 64 O Lord, unto my voice give eare. 118
  • 65 On thee, Lord, who dost Sion save. 119
  • 69 O God, save and deliver me. 129
  • 70 O God, to me take heed. 133
  • 80 O Shepherd, by whose grace and might. 162
  • 83 O God, no longer silent stand. 168
  • 86 O Lord, to me bow downe thine eare. 174
  • 88 O Lord, who of salvation. 177
  • 94 O Lord God, to avenge all wrong. 193
  • 95 O come, let us lift up our voice. 196
  • 103 O blesse and praise the Lord, my soule. 208
  • 104 O praise and blesse the Lord, my soul. 210
  • 105 O give ye thankes unto the Lord. 215
  • 108 O God, my heart now fixed is. 232
  • 109 O thou the God of all my praise. 234
  • 117 O all ye Nations of the world. 247
  • 118 O give ye thanks unto the Lord. 248
  • 129 Oft they, now Israel may say. 281
  • 130 Out from the overflowing depths. 282
  • 131 O Lord, I am not [...] in mind. 283
  • 139 O Lord, thou hast me search't and knowne. 293
  • 141 O Lord, upon thee doe I call. 298
Psalme. P. Page.
  • [Page]106 PRaise yee the Lord, O give yee thankes. 221
  • 111 Praise ye the Lord, him will I praise. 239
  • 112 Praise ye the Lord: The man is blest. 240
  • 113 Praise ye the living Lord. 242
  • 135 Praise yee the Lord, and his great Name. 287
  • 136 Praise yee the Lord, for hee is good. 289
  • 146 Praise yee the Lord, my soule him praise. 305
  • 147 Praise yee the Lord, for it is good. 307
  • 148 Praise ye and blesse the Lord. 309
  • 150 Praise God within his Sanctuary. 311
Psalme. R. Page.
  • 61 REgard, O Lord, for I complaine. 114
  • 122 Right glad I was, when thus to mee. 275
  • 132 Remember Davids troubles, Lord 292
Psalme. S. Page.
  • 81 SIng unto God our strength and might. 165
  • 96 Sing yee with praise unto the Lord. 198
  • [Page] 98 Sing a new song to God most hye. 2 [...]
  • 149 Sing ye unto the Lord our God. 310
Psalme. T. Page.
  • 1 THe man is blessed. 1
  • 14 The foolish man within his heart. 19
  • 19 The glory of Almighty God. 31
  • 24 The earth is Gods, and wholly his. 40
  • 27 The Lord is both my health and light. 45
  • 32 The man is blessed, all whose sins. 54
  • 41 The man is blest that carefull is. 78
  • 50 The mighty God, the Lord. 94
  • 53 The foolish man within his heart. 100
  • 62 Truly my soule doth wait upon. 115
  • 73 Truly to Israel God is good. 140
  • 75 To thee, O Lord, we thankes doe give. 147
  • 76 The Lord is knowne in Iudah well. 148
  • 79 Thine heritage the heathen take. 161
  • 87 The groundworkes of Gods cities be. 176
  • 92 To give thankes to the Lord, it is. 190
  • 93 The Lord doth raigne, and cloth'd is he. 192
  • 97 The Lord doth raigne, whereat the earth. 199
  • 99 The Lord doth raigne, with trembling great. 202
  • 110 The Lord did say unto my Lord. 238
  • 145 Thee will I [...]d, my God and King. 303
Psalme. V. Page.
  • [Page]85 VNto thy land, our Lord our King. 172
  • 121 Vnto the mountaines high. 274
Psalme. W. Page.
  • 2 WHy did the Gentiles madly rage. 2
  • 9 With my whole heart to thee, O Lord. 11
  • 36 When I consider in mine heart. 65
  • 74 Why art thou, Lord, so long from us. 145
  • 114 When Israel from Egypt came. 243
  • 126 When Sions sad captivity. 279
  • 137 When captives we at Babylon. 291
  • 138 With my whole heart, O gracious Lord. 292
Psalme. Y. Page.
  • 33 YE righteous in the Lord, rejoyce. 56
  • 58 Ye Rulers, that are put in trust. 119
  • 66 Ye men on earth, in God rejoyce. 121

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