THE HVMBLE REQVEST OF HIS MAIESTIES loyall Subjects, the Governour and the Company late gone for NEVV-ENGLAND; To the rest of their Brethren, in and of the Church of ENGLAND.

For the obtaining of their Prayers, and the removall of suspitions, and mis­constructions of their Intentions.

LONDON, Printed for IOHN BELLAMIE. 1630.

THE HVMBLE REQVEST OF HIS Majesties loyall Subjects, the Governour and the Company late gone for New England; to the rest of their Brethren in and of the Church of ENGLAND.


THE generall ru­mour of this so­lemne Enterprise, wherin our selves with others, through the pro­vidence of the Almightie, are ingaged, as it may spare us the [Page 2] labour of imparting our occa­sion unto you, so it gives us the more incouragement to strengthen our selves by the procurement of the prayers & blessings of the Lords faith­full Servants: For which end wee are bold to have recourse unto you, as those whom God hath placed nearest his throne of Mercy; which as it affords you the more opportunitie, so it imposeth the greater bond upon you to intercede for his people in all their straights, we beseech you therefore by the mercies of the LORD IESVS to consider us as your Brethren, standing in very great need of [Page 3] your helpe, and earnestly im­ploring it. And howsoever your charitie may have met with some occasion of discou­ragement through the misre­port of our intentions, or through the disaffection, or in­discretion, of some of us, or ra­ther, amongst us: for wee are not of those that dreame of perfection in this world; yet we desire you would be plea­sed to take notice of the prin­cipals, and body of our com­pany, as those who esteeme it our honour, to call the Church of England, from whence wee rise, our deare Mother, and cannot part from our native [Page 4] Country, where she specially resideth, without much sadnes of heart, and many teares in our eyes, ever acknowledging that such hope and part as wee have obtained in the common salvation, we have received in her bosome, and suckt it from her breasts: wee leave it not therfore, as loathing that milk wherewith we were nourish­ed there, but blessing God for the parentage and education, as members of the same body shall alwayes rejoyce in her good, and unfainedly grieve for any sorrow that shall ever betide her, and while we have breath, syncerely desire and [Page 5] indeavour the continuance & abundance of her welfare, with the inlargement of her bounds in the kingdome of CHRIST IESVS.

Be pleased therefore Reve­rend FATHERS & BRETHREN to helpe forward this worke now in hand; which if it pro­sper, you shall bee the more glorious, howsoever your judgment is with the LORD, and your reward with your GOD. It is an usuall and lau­dable exercise of your charity to commend to the prayers of your Congregations the ne­cessities and straights of your private neighbours; Doe the [Page 6] like for a Church springing cut of your owne bowels. VVe conceive much hope that this remembrance of us, if it be fre­quent and fervent, will bee a most prosperous gale in our sailes, and prouide such a pas­sage and welcome for us, from the GOD of the whole earth, as both we which shall finde it, and your selves, with the rest of our friends, who shal heare of it, shall be much inlarged to bring in such daily returnes of Thanks-givings, as the special­ties of his Providence and Goodnes may justly challenge at all our hands. You are not ignorant, that the Spirit of [Page 7] GOD stirred up the Apostle Paul to make continuall men­tion of the Church of Philip­pi (which was a Colonie from Rome) let the same Spirit, we beseech you, put you in mind, that are the Lords remem­brancers, to pray for us with­out ceasing (who are a weake Colony from your selves) ma­king continuall request for us to GOD in all your prayers.

What we intreat of you that are the Ministers of GOD, that we also crave at the hands of all the rest of our Brethren, that they would at no time for­get us in their private solicita­tions at the throne of Grace.

[Page 8]If any there be, who through want of cleare intelligence of our course, or tendernesse of affection towards us, cannot conceive so well of our way as we could desire, we would in­treat such not to despise us, nor to desert us in their prayers & affections, but to consider ra­ther, that they are so much the more bound to expresse the bowels of their compassion to­wards us, remembring alwaies that both Nature and Grace, doth ever binde us to relieve and rescue with our utmost & speediest power, such as are deare unto us, when wee con­ceive them to be running un­comfortable [Page 9] hazards.

VVhat goodnes you shall extend to us in this or any o­ther Christian kindnesse, wee your Brethren in CHRIST IESVS shall labour to repay in what dutie wee are or shall be able to performe, promising so farre as God shall enable us to give him no rest on your be­halfes, wishing our heads and hearts may be as fountaines of teares for your everlasting welfare, when wee shall be in our poore Cottages in the wil­dernesse, over-shadowed with the spirit of supplication, through the manifold necessi­ties and tribulations which [Page 10] may not altogether unexpe­ctedly, nor, we hope, unprofi­tably befall us. And so com­mending you to the grace of GOD in CHRIST, wee shall ever rest

Your assured Friends and Brethren,
  • Io: Winthrope Gov.
  • Charles Fines.
  • Rich: Saltonstall.
  • Isaac Iohnson.
  • Tho: Dudley.
  • George Philipps. &c.
  • William Coddington &c.

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