Soli Deo Gloria.

KNow all men by these present, that I Richard Kellicke Pro­fessor of Physicke and Chyrurgery, borne in England, and am now lately come from beyond the seas, hauing beene Trauellor for the space of eig [...]t yeares, where I haue con­tinu [...]lly for the sayd terme, practi [...]ed and studied with my best indeauors to find out the nature and property of many or most kind of Minerals, and other things vsefull for medi­cine, by the which practise I haue, and through the helpe of God, and my poore industry, done many great Cures, as by good Certificate from diuers Cities and Townes, and from the Lords Grace of Canterbury lisoned to pra­ctise in this prof [...]ssion for the good of the Common-wealth, as vnder his hand and seale, may and doth appeare, as namely the Falling sicknesse, Pal­sies, Goutes, Dropsies, Lamenesse in any of the limbs, Agues and Consump­tions, with a miraculous kind of curing of the disease called the French dis­ease, neuer cured by any that way. Also he draweth teeth with such faci­litie, that he putteth the patient to little or no paine. He h [...]lpeth the paine of the teeth without drawing, he maketh blacke teeth white i [...]stantly: Like­wise he cureth the stone, and fetcheth away the Grauell without any paine, or any other kind of disease whatsoeuer.

Also hee cureth blind in the space of halfe an hower, although they haue beene blind ten yeares.

Also he cureth dimnesse of sight, and sore eyes.

He cureth thicknesse or dulnesse of hearing in halfe an hower.

Hee cureth the haire or cloven lip.

Hee cureth the ruptors or broken people in a short time.

Hee taketh of VVeanes or warts.

Hee cureth mad people, or those that are melancholly in a short space.

Hee setteth wrie or crooked neckes straight in a quarter of an hower.

Hee setteth bones broken or out of joynt.

Also hee cureth Cankers, Fistulaes, or any old soare.

Hee cureth Pollipos Ozana, and Noli me tangeri.

Also hee cureth the red or [...]asflen face.

He cureth the wormes in Children, in a short space.

These are many other diseases, which are not heere spoken of, the Pro­fessor hereof cureth by the helpe of God.

The Professor hereof lodgeth

God saue the King.

AS Also I haue brought with me to sell to any that shall neede them, divers Balsums and Medicines ready made, which will doe and performe many strange cures. More especiall, one Venice Balsum, which will cure all diseases comming of coldnesse, eyther paines or aches in the head, deafnesse in the eares. The same Balsum being warmed, and annointing the place grieued, and a warme cloath applyed thereunto. And for the eares, to dip a little blacke woole in the sayd Balsum, and stop them therewith. This is also good for the grauell and paine in making Vrine, and the Collicke,) to take the same in a little mutton broth, to the quantity of a great beane, and drinke it euery morning fasting, and annoint the place aggrieued. Moreo­ver, for all cold Agues, drinke but halfe an ounce before the fi [...] commeth, in broath. Agayne, for paine in the Milt, and or the Mother, annoint the left side therewith well warmed: It cureth all aches in what place of the body so­euer with a cloath first well warmed, and then annoint it with the sayd Bal­sum being made [...]me, and binde the place with a warme cloth afterwards. It cureth also all lamenesse and shrinking of sinewes, and all greene wounds sudainly whatsoever.

The Wonderfull and extraordinary force and power of the green Salue, of Master Richard Kellicke.

FIrst, it hath pleased God to giue such powerfull operation to this Balsum for all manner of Burnings, whether it be by naturall fire, or any other casualty, or by Gun-powder Oyle, Water, or any other whereby men by mischiefe may burne themselues: tha [...] a plaster of this my salue spread vpon a peece of browne pa­per, or a linnen cloath, and layd presently to it, you shall see and feele a wonderfull force of this operation and curing.

Secondly, it is maruaillous good for the Wild-fire, a playster [...] made, and spread vpon a linnen cloath, or a peece of browne paper and sayd thereto, he [...]peth and cureth it in short space.

Thirdly, for the Scu [...]ffe wherewith children are commonly troubled in their heads, they being rubbed with this my salue vpon the sore, you shall see or [...]oure daies his vertue. And if there be any poore are troubled herewith, I will helpe them for Gods sake; and take no money of the rich till I haue cured them.

Fourthly, for the paine in Womens brests, there cannot be found a more soveraigne medicine, being spread vpon a cabbage lea [...]e, or linnen cloath, and said thereo [...] [...]ureth immediately.

Fiftly, for sore or kyb'd heeles which commeth of cold and frost, and to make that they come no more, rub them with this my Balsum or Oyle when you go [...] to bed.

Sixtly, for hands which are in winter swolne, chopt or c [...]ackt, it asswadeth the swel­ling▪ cureth the wounds, and makes the hands supple and soft in short space.

Seventhly, for the hot gout or Flericy, a plaster made and spreap vpon a c [...]bbage leafe or linnen cloath, and layd to the place affected. It is wonderfull good for the emro [...]ds in men or women, annointing the fundament therewith morning and evening, it cureth them without faile in short time.

Eightly, it is very precious salue for all burnings, scurffe, and all itchings in what part of the body soeuer: for it cureth and taketh them away in so short time, that the patient shall haue cause to prayse God for the wonderfull vertue which it hath pleased him to giue thereunto.

God Saue the King.

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